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I’ll be at TCAF this weekend in Toronto! I’m not tabling but will be signing and on various panels, here’s a full list of my appearances. TCAF is one of my favorite shows, come say hi!


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  • Zac Caslar

    Dun dun DUNNNNN!

    • Kid Chaos

      As a great man once said, “Ooooh, drams!” 😜

    • sammybaby

      I literally came down here to type “dun dun DUNNNNN” and now my life is devoid of meaning. So, you know, thanks for that.


      • Zac Caslar

        Room for new life’s purpose!

    • Izo

      Dangit I didnt see you wrote this. And I wrote it before I saw you wrote it.

      Now my Dun dun dunnnn is superfluous.

  • BadExampleMan
    • Kid Chaos

      You can just forget all that extra code and post the YouTube link by itself; Disqus will do the rest. The more you know… 😎

      • Eternal

        Since the name is BadExampleMan, this might be on purpose

        • Weatherheight

          Totally didn’t see that!

          ::tips his Fancy Hat™ in the general direction of Eternal and BadExampleMan::

          • AdamBombTV

            ::Steals Fancy Hat™ and places it on head::
            Now I’LL be the fancy one around here.

          • Weatherheight


            ::gingerly reaches into hammer space with his teeth and doffs an duplicate Fancy Hat™::

            We are both fancy!

          • Izo

            :: destroys all Fancy Hats™ because it’s part of Gurwara’s master plan ::

          • Weatherheight

            ::gingerly reaches into hammer space with his teeth and doffs yet another Fancy Hat™, this time with two pairs of goggles and the ostrich plume upgrade::

            ::gingerly reaches into hammer space with his teeth and deftly casts another Fancy Hat™ onto AdamBombTV’s left shoulder and mumbles something about flinching::

            ::gingerly reaches into hammer space with his teeth and adroitly coasts a third Fancy Hat™ onto Izo’s head, wiggling his ears happily at hitting a moving target on the first try::

            I said Fancy!

          • Izo

            I will not finish Gurwara’s fiendish anti-Fancy Hats™ plan because I really do like this hat. Danke.

    • Markus

      You tried your best, that’s what counts.

      • Izo

        He tried to hard and got so far. In the end, it doesn’t even matter.

  • scarvesandcelery

    Panel 2: That’s between the professor and Mrs Karapovsky.

  • thezzyzx

    I’ll be curious to see how he explains being off as to when the semester starts by such a wide margin.

    • DonSimpson

      “A couple weeks”? A starting date delay that was supposed to be announced, perhaps. I wonder what the sessions other than the first day were like.

      • thezzyzx

        A couple weeks could easily be a significant part of the semester. If they meant 3 or 4 and not literally 2, that’s 1/4 of the class.

        • Couple usually means two, though. I’ve never heard it used to refer to more than 2.9 ..

          • Tylikcat

            “I’ll just take a couple of these cookies…”

          • Weatherheight

            I’l just take a couple of these carrots…

          • palmvos

            ::injects a doubtful solution into some carrots::
            ::mixes them into carrot pile::

          • Ah, you see, in those cases the person speaking has taken *more* than a couple. The use of the word hasn’t changed – they just ran out of the willpower required to stick to it. 😉

            I don’t think the definition stretches to four. At the point three or more things are included it becomes “a few”.

          • Packy Anderson

            Yeah, while that may be the formal definition, it’s not the common usage I hear. “A couple X” is an indeterminate but small number of X.

          • Okay, I concede, it may be the formal definition but we tend to stretch it via informal usage. Still I’d be surprised if they’d missed more than three classes (over two-and-a-bit weeks).

    • Timothy McLean

      “My daughter was having a baby.”

  • Masala Nilsson

    Gurwara: Experimenting not just with creative Prisoner’s Dilemmas, but also with gullibility. Wow. I am impressed.

  • Markus

    It turns out that Alison was dead the whole time, Patrick was the ghost of an alien, Feral was calling from inside the house, and New York was actually a virtual reality designed to keep humans complacent while their brains were used for processing power.

    • bta

      “That super strength thing? just a couple of strategically placed fragile props, plus a bunch of actors asked to flinch when you hit them. Your flight ability? A lot of very tiny wires. And your dog? Yeah, he’s not dead, he retired somewhere in California. Told me to say hi.”

      • Guilherme Carvalho

        Best part of this is the dog actually talking and sending his regards. This is canon now.

        • Arkone Axon

          Of course the dog talks. He’s the REAL mastermind behind it all!

          “It was me! That’s right! Now you’ll all pay for not sharing those damned table scraps! Muahahaha!”

          • Izo

            I thought the duck was supposed to be the real mastermind. Why have we forgotten about the duck?

            Was the duck actually a dog or something?

            Was there ever actually a duck? Is the duck Gurwara?

    • It’s the SFP version of Bobby Ewing walking out of Pam’s shower.

      (Dating myself with that one)

    • Izo

      “Patrick was the ghost of an alien”

      For a second, I read this and thought you’re trying to convert people to Scientology…

  • Vigil

    Damn – I must admit I rolled my eyes whenever I saw commenters talking about how Guwara was secretly a supervillain possibly planted by Patrick. Fair play, conspiracy theorists, you were right this time…

  • I had a professor in discursive theory who, on the first week, started seeding doubts about whether he was the actual teacher. “Some old guy just walked in here and started talking about the question of truth and acts of language and you’re all respecting him, listening closely as if to a wise master. If I say ‘it’s cold here’ someone promptly closes the window. You’re all giving me so much authority, and how do you even know I’m professor such-and-such? The campus is open, I’m old enough to be retired, I could just be a crazy, eccentric man who wants to preach his beliefs, standing here in the pedestal of truth.”

    Turns out he was the professor after all (…I think), but it’s fun to see that Gurwara actually pulled it off 🙂

    • bryan rasmussen

      I’m just wondering who this crazy old guy is pretending to be the professor and what has he done with Gurwara!

      • AdamBombTV

        QUICK! Tie him up so he can’t escape. We must keep him held hostage until he gives up the goods.

      • Nathanaël François

        It’s obviously Old Man Jenkins in a mask!

        • Finbar

          No it’s clearly Gurwara in a mask!

        • Weatherheight

          Old Man Jenkins is in trouble – there’s a lot of kids in that class and at least a few are meddlers, statistically speaking…

        • Izo

          And he got away with it because none of the kids were meddling.

    • Sean Cavanaugh

      First day of class (epistemology) for a new professor, and a DIFFERENT new philosophy professor showed up and pretended to be him for the first ten minutes. They were both fairly recent Ph.D.s in their first tenure track jobs. They were super proud of themselves.

    • If they’re able to give you a good education and are good enough fakers to successfully submit your grades to the university, does it actually matter? Why do YOU care whether they’re getting paid or not?

  • DonSimpson

    So, we can trust nothing about “Gurwara”, not name, appearance, or stated purpose; possibly nothing at all that he has said. His being in the park was no coincidence, which implies that, as several here have suggested, he was teaching the class purely because of Alison. If he’s good at slight of hand, he could have had both a black and a white stone to put down in the game at the park. Is he working for himself, the government, some other government, the mysterious killers of highly effective biodynamics that Patrick claims exist, Patrick, someone not obvious, someone new…? Things are getting unsettled.

    • Weatherheight

      We can trust nothing about this so-called “Professor Karapovsky”, who is actually a professional actor hired for one hour.

      “Today’s lecture is about Solipsism and how it affects matters of ethics.”

      Mwu ha ha!

      • DonSimpson

        Good point. What can we believe? A fake Karapovsky does seem like a very Gurwara thing to do. I doubt that things are as weird as Marcus describes, though.

      • Eternal

        If you are right, this is awesome

      • Lysiuj

        Turns out there are no professors at all. The New School relies purely on amateur actors, and proffessional pranksters, to come in on their own initiative and pretend to be teachers.

        • Merle

          What is this, the South Harmon Institute of Technology?

          • Weatherheight

            No, no, it’s the Stephenson Hall Intramural Team!

          • Weatherheight

            Sacred Heart Interdimensional Travel?

        • Christophe2314

          So The New School is an in-universe version of Trump University?

          • Leo Orionis

            But there really is a college called The New School in New York. See newschool.edu. I looked it up when I started reading this comic, because I’d never heard of it.

          • Weatherheight

            I like that website – bold design. 😀

          • Ray Radlein

            It’s where Tim Gunn teaches and “Project Runway” is filmed, among other things.


          • help im a bug

            and there’s no prof gurwara OR karapovsky listed on the faculty page!!


  • Weatherheight

    Next page – Arjun walks in, pulls a revolver, shoots “Professor Karapovsky”, who then collapses to the floor. Arjun then faces the class and asks them, “How do we know what we know? Can we be sure…?”

    Final panel, we see “Professor Karapovsky” crawling ever so stealthily out the door while Arjun holds the rapt attention of the class…

    • 21stCenturyPeon

      “Prop guns? Jeff, what do you have in mind?”
      “A little demonstration for the Dean on the dangers of trying to educate me.”

  • Shjade

    I’d blame this on Allison’s sleep deprivation if it weren’t the same hallucination for the entire class.

    So I suppose the main question – for me, at least – at this point is: where was this guy the last few weeks while Gurwara was teaching his class without him knowing he had a sub?

    • David Forrest

      Yes. “Firstly,…” should explain why he’s handing out the syllabus and taking attendance a couple weeks late. Fourthly, who wrote “Karapovsky” on the board?

    • Deliverance

      Week. Has more than one week passed since that first lesson?

      • Deliverance

        Right, “weeks”. Stated in the text itself. Don’t I feel like a silly bugger now. 🙂

        • Izo

          I’m still confused though. Why would it have been weeks? Gurwara taught ONE class. And Alison was wondering why everyone was bothering to come in when they all had automatic A’s after the first class, when this is the SECOND class.

    • Freemage

      Wait, the way his text is worded (note: He’s handing out the syllabus), he thinks this is the first day of class. So apparently, he’s lost time and hasn’t realized it, or believed the start of classes was later in the year than it actually was? I smell hijinks! Maybe even… shenanigans….

    • SteveD

      Professor Karapovsky’s mind has been tampered with. He thinks this is the first day of class.

      • Tylikcat

        Or he thinks that everyone was informed that the start of class was delayed?

        • Cartheon

          You would think at least a few of the students would have gotten and read the email from administration.

  • RantGirlRants

    I have to call shenanigans! Gurwara pretty much has to be the real professor since Karapovsky doesn’t bother to explain why he decided to skip the first “couple of weeks” of class and only now is getting started? These kids shouldn’t be that gullible, not given the way this class has been going.

    • Tylikcat

      …or it will turn out they were roommates back in uni, and Karapovsky set this up knowing his old buddy was in town.

      • Guilherme Carvalho

        Agreed. Whatever the actual side of this is “true”, I’d be very surprised if the two weren’t in cahoots from the start.

        • Jason Ling

          Karapovsky is either the doctor, or Gurwara’s friend from his story. and whoever he winds up being, That individual never actually died. calling it now. they are both in on it.

    • Ben Posin

      I suspect we’re going to find out that Karapovsky is very confused about what day it is, and why he has no memory of the last several weeks. Not sure if he was drugged or the victim of some super power, but I think he’s been on ice for a while. Though the fact that he has a family who would (presumably) miss him weighs against that theory.

    • I can see ways to rig it. Set up a guest lecturer gig in Europe or somewhere to get him out of town, then convince him the department knows and approves and is shifting the start of his classes, which is easily done if he’s offsite between semesters and isn’t going to be bumping into anyone to blow the story.

  • Rugains Fleuridor

    Well, whatever’s really happened, elaborate disguise or not, I’m excited to hear Mr. K’s lesson, and how differently he teaches.

    • Weatherheight

      I upvote this in the hope that Brennan and Molly add a couple of pages to the story arc just to fulfill this wish.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    …what the.

  • Tim F

    Um, if ‘Gurwara’ had been wearing a wire, someone could string together a pretty damning confession from their conversation in the park. One could argue that the whole scenario set her up to do something she’d later regret (fot the greater good) and then confess it to the guy who inspired her. Weird that she happened to run into him in the park that day. Aaaand Menace was pretty helpful with that dossier. Aaaaaand if Alison’s powers are evolving then Menace might have learned mind control, which would explain professor viagra’s bafflement.

    • Tylikcat

      Do you think that without the priming of the in-class interactions she would have behaved differently?

      • Tim F

        Yes I do. He forced her to specify an axiom by which she lives and then defend it against pretty fierce criticism. The natural next thing you want to do is to go prove him wrong. Find an opportunity to get people to work together to make things better for everyone. But the guy didn’t want to work together. But on the other hand things would get a LOT better if the guy would just agree. And he was such an a$$hole. She was set up to prove ‘Gurwara’ wrong, but in overcommitting to it (because 1. really committed to the mission, 2. really attached to Feral and 3. screw this entitled knob) she proved him right.

        • Arkone Axon

          If you look at her previous behavior, it’s not inconsistent for her to resort to casual violence like that. It’s just that the previous incidents have mostly been justifiable and/or commendable. It makes me think of the athletes who end up charged with serious crimes after a lifetime of being forgiven all manner of crassness and excess, and their explanation, “nobody ever told me I couldn’t.”

          • Except it was Alison’s job to hit people. If you’re going with that example, cops and soldiers who exceed their legal limits are closer than athletes.

          • Arkone Axon

            Yes, those are also good examples. I reference athletes because of the general entitlement that athletes receive. “You can get away with anything because you’re good at sports!”

            I speak as someone who was tasked with filling the heavyweight slot for the varsity wrestling team. The kind of crap that athletes are permitted to get away with, and the self-reinforcing subculture (I was extremely unpopular because I was different, and because I didn’t go along with the general mindset. They would have treated me even worse, except… well, heavyweight. Nobody had the guts to actually do something directly to the “weird guy” twice their size), is why I was thinking of them. Cops and soldiers may exceed their legal limits, but they don’t go around thinking they can get away with it because of crowds of fans telling them that they can.

          • cphoenix

            A parallel example to your example would be celebrities. We can see that in Trump’s “Grab them by the pussy” speech.

  • Lostman

    Bloodily reality warpers.

  • Sam

    Sufficiently advanced pranks are indistinguishable from higher education.

    • Markus

      I need to work on my pranks more then.

    • Arthur Frayn

      See: MIT.

      • AshlaBoga

        Ooh, can I have some example of MIT pranks?

  • Walter

    Hee hee! Way back in the day I was like “what if he’s not her prof, and he’s in the Conspiracy, and this is villain foreplay”. Can’t wait to see where this is going.

  • bryan rasmussen

    time travelling patrick strikes again!

  • Merle

    Every student in this class would be justified in going “wait, we need to talk to the administrators RIGHT NOW before we trust you to be the actual professor”.

    Either they’ve BEEN fooled, or they are BEING fooled, and either way this moves outside the context of the classroom.

    • A Concerned Equestrian

      But…. how do we know the administrators are really the administrators!

      How deep does the rabbithole go~

      • Christophe2314

        How do the students know they’re the real students?

        • Mechwarrior

          What, you think they might be unimportant background characters in a work of fiction or something?

          • Christophe2314

            “My God… I’m an NPC!”

          • Weatherheight

            We have a phrase in my gaming group – “You don’t get to come along with the party just because you have the light of PCdom in your eyes.”

            Wm. Mark Simmons touched on this awareness of the difference between NPCs and PCs by the NPC AIs in his Dreamland Chronicles books; PCs were called True Spirits when they were inhabiting their avatars and the NPC AI’s were aware when the PC was “in residence”.

          • AdamBombTV

            Wait, if they’re not real… am I real?
            What if I’m the main character of MY book, and you’re all the background characters?

          • Mechwarrior


            I’m obviously the main character.

          • AdamBombTV

            Thats EXACTLY what a background character would say.

          • Dave M

            And that’s exactly the sort of argument two background characters would have just to pad the story a bit. 🙂

      • How deep’s the rabbit hole?

        Well, you can probably start as “Cogito, ergo sum” and check everything from there on up.

        Unless everything’s just reflections on the wall of a cave.

    • Zinc

      Well, to be fair, this guy seems a lot more trustworthy than Gurwara. For one, he’s actually claiming to be the professor who is supposed to teach this class, unlike Gurwara; and more importantly, he composed a syllabus for distribution, which is way beyond what any reasonable impostor would be willing to do.

      • UnsettlingIdeologies

        “which is way beyond what any reasonable impostor would be willing to do.”
        Challenge accepted!

  • Well this IS ostensibly a superhero setting, so she probably stumbled into an alternate universe. You know, the go-to excuse when Marvel or DC wants to change up one of their near-centagenarian characters or settings.

  • JohnTomato

    Karapovsky… if that is your real name.

    It’s one of the down sides of going to an urban school; lack of handy body disposal points.

    • Lots of cheap restaurants, food trucks, and the like…
      “It’s priest — try a little priest — is it good sir? It’s too good, at least…”

      • Weatherheight

        Well, then, if you’re British and loyal,
        You might enjoy Royal Marine!
        Anyway, it’s clean.
        Though of course, it tastes of wherever it’s been!

        Since marine doesn’t appeal to you, ‘ow about… rear admiral?
        Too salty. I prefer general.
        With, or without his privates? “With” is extra.

  • Tylikcat

    Part of me wants to see everyone pull out flasks and take a swig.

    • JohnTomato

      How ‘you’ doing?

    • Ray Radlein

      …and then do a coordinated spit-take

  • Burke

    “Then where have you been the last couple weeks?”

    • Izo

      Just curious… how has it been a couple of weeks? It’s been a couple of days actually. Why are people saying weeks?

  • Lheticus Videre

    Man…a LOT of people freaking called THIS! I hope we get to find out who this guy REALLY is!

  • Tripper

    “Then what is the date sir?”

    • Weatherheight

      When was your last date, sir?

      • palmvos

        I suspect that would not be well received. but a where have you been is in order. however… I’ll calling for another Jump cut to obfuscate the professor’s excuse for his absence.

        • Weatherheight

          “Will you care for some dates, sir?”

          • palmvos

            ::looks at the dead monkey::
            bad dates.
            would you like a jelly-baby?

  • AshlaBoga

    I’m betting that he and Prof G. are in cahoots.

  • Timothy McLean

    The thing is, I can’t completely discount the possibility that Gurwara got Parakovsky to say that to mess with/teach a lesson to the class. I’m not sure what to think about that.

  • Anarquistador

    Wow, so it was all a dream…

  • Alexander Glass

    Actually, I blame Dan Millman and the peaceful warrior.

  • Steele

    … it’s the same guy, minus a wig and some scar makeup.

    • martynW

      It would be a pretty damn good makeup job. Most people don’t actually change their ears.

      • Steele

        Eeeh, dang it, I think you’re right! Ah well…

  • elysdir

    It’s obvious what’s going on: some supervillain has got ahold of a Cosmic Cube and is rewriting reality.

    • Weatherheight

      I just found out about that this week – that makes the plot make SO much more sense.
      Which, frankly, wasn’t that high a hurdle to jump, but still…

      • Eric Schissel

        Tangent: say what one will about Marvel’s latest whatever, it would have been even worse if they’d invented the/a Cosmic Cube for this purpose– but the first one in Marvel Comics appeared before my time (1966, three years before I was born, according to the unofficial Wikia article on Kubik.) So the _Cubes_ aren’t new…

        • Weatherheight

          Well, as I recall, having also been far too young to read it in it’s first incarnation (I was born the year before its first appearance), the first Cosmic Cube was an accident that yielded vast power. The idea that the last 50 years and change was devoted to attempting to reproduce that accident to get a second cosmic cube so Hydra could rewrite history is kind of boss. I like stories that take existing continuity and reframe it in a way that honors the original story.

          There was a Doctor Strange story in the mid 90’s (I think) that took the one seriously ridiculous element of the first encounter of the FF with Kang The Conquerer/Pharoah Rama-Tut/Scarlet Centurion/Nathaniel Richards/My Left Foot and reconciled it it a rather charming way. Any story by John Byrne involving the history of the FF was usually very respectful in its reframing of “what came before”.

          I also submit that the vast majority of comic writers are more interested in tooting their own horns and showing how their plot is so vastly superior that they do more the re-frame the earlier plot, they invalidate it. I am now looking forward to “The Secret Empire” if only to see which side of the line this plot will fall.

  • Eva Smiljanić

    Oh. Oh damn. I honestly did not see this coming 2 pages ago.

  • Jac

    I’m laughing so much right now. God I love Gurwara

    • Izo

      I’m getting dizzy from the roller coaster ride of hating then liking then hating then liking Gurwara.

  • jandesf

    Oh shiiiiii

  • Balthazar

    The willy Professor, a elaborate prankster or something… much more sinester. Both are equally possible in the Twilight Zone.

    • Weatherheight

      Nicely done – I actually heard Rod Serling in my head…

  • DaktariD

    Wait? What was that sound? Did a SHOE just drop?

    • If a shoe drops in the forest and there’s no one to hear it….

      • Weatherheight

        Or if it happens to loo like a herring…

  • scrubjay


    • Weatherheight

      ::hands scrubjay a can of compressed gas cleaner::

  • Mouser


    • Weatherheight

      That would be AWESOME!

  • bryan rasmussen

    Ok I think the least obvious idea here would be that Gurwara is actually the teacher and messing with them, the most obvious is that this guy is actually the professor but the most obvious runs into a problem – where was he last week. I mean everyone showed up for class – was it cancelled what happened. I guess we find that out friday, I guess Allison is going to visit Patrick though.

  • bryan rasmussen

    hey wait a second – why are all those people with the automatic A’s even attending this class, as students don’t they have something better to do?

    • Zorae42

      Maybe they’re afraid he’ll do another game that’ll revoke their A’s? So they show up just to make sure it doesn’t happen.

    • They figured out Gurwara’s worth the entertainment value/want to see if he can break Alison/are there for John.

      • Tylikcat

        …oh, now they’re there for John.

    • cphoenix

      If I were a student, and a philosophy teacher said I got an A because of an object lesson like that, there’s no way I’d believe it to be the literal you-can-skip-class truth.

  • Moi

    It’d be hilarious if he pulled the same “black rock/white rock” stunt, and everybody sided with Allison this time.

  • Oracle

    Karapovsky, you magnificent bastard…

    • Mechwarrior

      You’re not allowed to call someone a magnificent bastard unless you read their book.

  • Preacher John

    Clues were planted: “Gurwara” is awfully close to Gurdwara, which is what Sikh temples are called but the literal etymology is from Punjabi gurduārā, from Sanskrit guru ‘teacher’ + dvāra ‘door’.
    Always watch out for those punny aliases 😉

  • oyieth

    Chaotic Neutral.

  • zellgato


  • martynW


  • Amanda

    Whoever Gurwara is, I still love him

  • Jim Storrie

    so, hey, Allison told some mysterious stranger all about vulnerable, valuable, weaponizable Max, huh?

    • Arkone Axon

      AND confirmed that Max is justifiably terrified of the ultraviolent superpowered woman who has gone full on Khmer Rogue with him. “Everything I do is acceptable because it’s for the greater good, and you are a HORRIBLE person for not following MY personal beliefs!”

      “So… he can permanently upgrade biodynamics AND he’s ready to do anything to protect himself from the biodynamic formerly known as “Mega Girl?” Excellent…”

    • Tylikcat

      At least in general terms. It seemed that she was taking some care to obscure some of the information specific to him? But we didn’t see that part, so how much and how effectively is conjecture.

  • So, lots of Gurwara as agent of various threats conspiracy theories.

    How about a positive one: Gurwara’s actually Alison’s guardian angel/future self/roving guru delivering a needed lesson?

  • UnsettlingIdeologies

    I told y’all Gurwara wasn’t a good teacher! Turns out he wasn’t a teacher at all!

  • “S’is Rabbit, she lay low and don’t say nothin’,” Our Alison learnt her lesson the first day of class.

    • Weatherheight

      She does have a bit of an “I’ve been duped!” look on her face in panel four, doesn’t she?

  • Sterling Ericsson

    Hmm…if it was indeed Patrick as many of us suspect, then I think he was lying about his mental power capabilities.

  • Joe in Australia

    So John wrote his essay for nothing?

  • Kifre

    Wait, so what the hell was supposed to be happening for those weeks between the scheduled start of the class (which presumably was on the course catalogue and lined up with official registration dates and the timeline for other classes) and now? The class has been meeting at this time and place regularly….what gives?

    Prof. Guwara may just be an adjunct that Karapovsky just doesn’t know yet.

    • Mechwarrior

      Yeah, that doesn’t jive at all.

      • Filthy Liar

        Time powers. They’re all about to find out it’s the first day of class.

        • Izo

          …. I like this scenario.

    • Izo

      Why is everyone saying weeks? Didn’t Gurwara just teach the class ONCE? Wouldn’t that be more like days, not weeks?

      • Zorae42

        Because that’s what was said in the comic. “A couple of weeks”.

        • Izo

          But what were they DOING for a couple of weeks? It doesn’t seem like time has bothered to pass in respect to the class. They had ONE class with Gurwara in it, then immediately after, the next day, Alison did what she did to Max. THEN the day after that, she had the ‘talk’ with Gurwara. And now they’re in class again. So there’s something really weird with the timeline if in five weeks, they’ve had ONE class.

          • Zorae42

            After the class she went on a date with Max, then after an indeterminate amount of time went to Brad’s support group and broke up with Max, and then after another indeterminate amount of time she forced Max to boost Feral, the day after she met Klevin at the movies, and then the next day she had her talk with Guwara. Depending on what day of the week that was and what day of the week Guwara’s next class started on, there’s potentially a few days between that talk and now.

            There could very well be five weeks worth of time in there.

          • Izo

            For a superhero, she doesn’t do a whole lot in a week if between this class and last class was FIVE weeks. Especially since I know that a lot of what she did was one immediately after the other. Which would mean she did all that stuf within one week (or a few days) then did absolutely nothing for the following 4+ weeks. Remember how for the past few months RL, everyone in the comments forum (not sure if you as well, but a LOT of people were saying this, including Alison apologists) was saying how ‘Alison needs to get some sleep’ since all of this stuff was happening one after the other without any pause? So what… did she sleep for four weeks straight after doing all that stuff?

  • Pyro

    Half expect him to peel off his face and it’s gurwara underneath and then he spouts some deep seated and highly confusing philosophy.

  • Guancyto

    You know, a lot of posters _did_ mention that Gurwara talked like an amateur actor instead of a professor…

    (…and then jumped to the wrong conclusion that this was a character flaw of his, or to the conclusion that it was authorial error. HAH.)

  • Magma Sam

    I admit I love Alison’s expression here. It’s a little confused, but more angry than anything. I wonder what she’s thinking here.

    • Izo

      “Uh… who did I just confess my crime to?”

    • Arkone Axon

      Uh oh… Alison angry is cause for concern. Alison does bad things when she’s angry…

  • Izo

    Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  • Filthy Liar

    Gurwara, wherever you are, you’re the best. I hope your scars were just carefully applied makeup.

  • Daryl McCullough

    This reminds me of an actual philosophy class at Northwestern. It was the first day of class, and the students were all seated waiting for the professor. In walks a man much younger than they expected. He looks around at the class and then says: “First off, I want you each to write a 5-page essay on the topic of the meaning of ‘authenticity’.” Then he sits at the desk and starts to read a book. The students pull out pen and paper and start writing. After about 5 minutes, a much older gentleman walks in, and the young man at the desk grabs his book and darts to take a seat at the back of the classroom.

  • Jbark


    Seriously though, what’s going on?

    • Danygalw

      Why was Karapovsky absent last lecture?

  • AshlaBoga

    Note: A couple means two.

    So Prof. G was there for 2 weeks.

  • BGB

    Gurwara was actually a Templar robot. He knew how to push Allison’s buttons so easily because he contained a device that extends Patrick’s telepathy, allowing Patrick to remotely read Allison’s mind and control Gurwara.