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  • AveryAves

    A dork of the highest dorkiness

    • Kid Chaos

      I think he’s sweet. 😍

      • AveryAves

        But the cheese is too much for my salty stale heart >.>

      • Izo

        The two are not mutually exclusive descriptions

  • Lostman

    Cute… So any bets when he gets killed?

    • Anarquistador

      I’m betting on him turning out to really be some kind of PUA.

      • deebles

        I’m hoping not. If anything, I wonder if this is one that Alison or the superhero world in general messes up. Dude has impending victimhood staring him in the face.

        • Elaine Lee

          But it might only be the victimhood of most any first love, in that he’ll be the practice relationship.

          • tygertyger

            Clevin’s safe from that, at least. Ali has already done Wrong Guy First.

        • Lostman

          Life a gamble, be lucky!

      • Tylikcat

        It’s kind of hard to fathom. Alison’s known Clevin for a long time now. She’s gotten to see his friends and his other interests.

      • Zinc

        I don’t see how this would make sense, as his early attempts at picking Alison up were very far from being “artistic”, and just plain shy/awkward.

      • FlashNeko


        If (AND I STRESS *IF*) Clevin reveals some kind of hidden jerk flaw, it’d probably be more in line with a Bernie Bro/Brony.

        IE: seemingly accepting of some socially progressive ideas while being almost violently regressive of others and still feeling entitled to have the entire experience shapped around them over anyone else.

        (Basically, never trust a movement that unironically uses “Bro” in its name.)

        I suppose in SFP world something like that would manifest in a form like we’ve seen him do all these nice things and act supportive of Allison because it’s “progressive~” but he also has a “Am I Still Special?” tee shirt tucked away for certain get togethers.

        • Zorae42

          I don’t know much about Bernie Bros, but Bronies are basically a specific subset of “Nice Guys”. And Clevin has proven not to be one of those since he accepted her picking Max over him maturely and was later okay with her not understanding her feelings about him.

          (Also, I hate how those guys ruined the word Brony. It used to just mean a fan of mlp. And now it has all these negative connotations because they are such asses).

          It’s funny, if you take your description a certain way, it already applies to Alison and Max. Since Alison wants to change the world with all sorts of social change, but if you refuse to help her achieve that she’ll use violence to make you. And Max is a Libertarian, with all the progressive and regressive beliefs that go with it, who appears to have little empathy for anyone not close to him.

        • Arkone Axon

          Um… okay.

          One: What exactly makes “Bernie Bros” so horrible, aside from the fact that they wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election and support his progressive policies and platform?

          Two: What exactly do “Bronies” believe that’s so horrible and regressive? What exactly is so “entitled” about them?

          • FlashNeko

            One part one: For all that they espoused being progressive, Bernie Bros could be shockingly sexist (and not just towards HRC) and Bernie himself has gone on record as saying he’d gladly throw a woman’s reproductive rights under the bus for the sake of his economic policies.

            One part two: When it was clear that Bernie couldn’t win the primaries, the Bros basically went out of their way to assist the Trump campaign by being as disruptive as possible, helping spread lies and misinformation and, unlike the PUMAs when Hillary lost the primaries to Obama, actually voted for Trump to “teach the Democrats a lesson for not pandering to us enough” and were one of the main factors for getting the US into the hole it’s currently in.

            Two: Bronies are… hooboy that’s a can of worms. The simplest way I can describe of what they do is that, sure they talk about how they love this show that is “supposed to be for girls so that makes them open to new things, man” but then they pretty much took over any element of the fandom they could to the point they’ve actually threatened the showrunner at conventions when she talked about plot elements (and even names for characters) they didn’t like.

            Basically, they both have the common theme of straight white males taking on the mantel of being “the forward thinking ones” and acting as if they were progressive for liking a thing while… still relying on mansplaning issues to women and also never really letting PoC meaningfully have their time to speak and express themselves.

          • Arkone Axon

            1.1: Shockingly sexist… no, never saw that. Nor did I ever hear Sanders say he’d “gladly throw a woman’s reproductive rights under the bus.” I HAVE heard him talk long and often about the need for universal health care, which is rather the opposite. I also notice how every time anyone said anything negative about Clinton (including quoting her word for word on her incredibly racist statements in the 90s about “superpredators”) it’s dismissed as “sexism.” Which is beyond ridiculous, given that 1: Sanders in particular was pretty much a gentleman (“I am sick of hearing about your damn e-mails!”), and 2: it was Clinton who was always first to resort to the mudslinging and attack ads (which was where she ran into a problem with Trump. The man is a pig. You can’t win a mudslinging contest with a pig. He wallows in it already. He squees and smiles and throws it back. He’s already at maximum “muddage”).

            1.2: Sanders supporters didn’t “disrupt” a damn thing. They spread the FACTS, they spread actual information (especially about how the DNC rigged the primary from the beginning and ignored their own constituents), and then there’s the big thing, the thing that did more to cost Clinton the election than anything else SHE did (because it’s all her fault. She wanted the power… that comes with the responsibility. “The buck stops here”). Simply put: no one is ENTITLED to someone else’s vote. Clinton was never entitled to anyone’s vote. Nor was Trump. Nor was Sanders. Nor was anyone else. She wanted those votes, she should have made certain to secure them. She did not. She ignored them, took them for granted. As a result, they did not vote for her. That’s not their fault, and it’s arrogant and insulting to tell someone “you need to vote according to MY conscience!”

            2: Actually, the reason the Bronies gravitated towards the show is simple: it was an opportunity to actually express their feelings and emotions. Because those straight males you so love to demonize suffer from a near epidemic of suicide rates, depression, and stress related illnesses. I’ve mentioned in another comment on the previous page about a man who fell off a ladder and refused to go to the hospital. That same man, a very good and decent man who is a role model and mentor to many, did one other thing that was closely related. At his mother’s funeral, he made a point of not letting anyone see him cry. He waited until he thought no one was looking, to have a private moment where he could cry without being seen doing the shameful thing of crying. At his MOTHER’S FUNERAL, and he was afraid to be seen doing something “unmanly’ like showing emotion or pain. So yes, a lot of straight men jumped at the opportunity to finally say “I can enjoy something without being shamed and having my sexuality and masculinity questioned.”

            Also, “mansplaining” is an incredibly offensive, insulting, and sexist term. You’re dismissing whatever’s being said purely on account of the gender of the person making the statement. Which… is sexist.

          • Zorae42

            Again, I don’t know much about all the die hard Bernie supporters. But your comment about not being “Entitled to someone’s vote” is kind of missing the point. If they really did support Bernie and the things he stood for, then they would’ve voted for Hilary as that’s what he said they should do. And he made it explicitly clear that he didn’t want people to vote for him because it would help out Trump. People that wrote in ‘Bernie Sanders’ as their vote thought that their feelings about the unfairness of the DNC (which was definitely unfair) mattered more than their principles and the wishes of the person they supported. *shrug* Kind of makes them assholes. Although since they were such a minority, they weren’t really a “main factor” (still assholes though lol).

            They weren’t saying men weren’t allowed to like the show. They were referring to a rather nasty minority of the Brony fandom that have tarnished the name for the other members. And most people’s problem with that minority isn’t that they like the show, it’s how they go about acting on it. By insistently trying to ‘convert others’, by bringing it up off topic everywhere and then getting super defensive when people ask them to stop derailing things, and (as stated above) by threatening the people running the show over things they didn’t like. Again, it’s a minority of them, but they were/are pretty freaking toxic.

            Also, the ‘fedora wearing, “nice guy” neckbeard’ stereotype has somehow also been associated with Bronies (despite only a small minority of them fitting that stereotype). This also adds to all the negativity associated with them and the idea of them being ‘progressive thinking’ while actually being quite the opposite.

            “Mansplaining” is when a man explains something (often in a condescending manner) to a women that she already knows/knows more than he does. It’s not “when a man says something to a women she doesn’t like”. You don’t use it to shut down what they’re saying. You use it to complain about a particularly annoying behavior that many (but not all) men exhibit due to the way our society socializes them.

          • Arkone Axon

            Regarding Bernie: The problem with being told they were expected to vote for Clinton is that it means “that crooked politician who took the nomination in a whirlwind of corruption, blatant dishonesty, and insulting chicanery? You have to vote for her because she’s presumably better than the orange faced pig in the bad toupee.” Clinton didn’t stand for ANYTHING. At the second of the Vegas conventions (which I was present for, along with the third) they had a speaker telling everyone how Clinton would fight for minorities and women and is so awesome. Then they had a speaker reminding everyone how Sanders has BEEN fighting for minorities and women for over half a century.

            One of the two marched with the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr, and the other was working at a law firm during that same period. One of them was supporting GLBT rights before it was considered the politically popular/viable position to hold. One of them was fighting for womens’ reproductive rights long before the other. Whereas the other… helped recreate slavery with her demonization of children as “superpredators” and happily collaborating with the corporations to create the for-profit prisons that now get paid taxpayer dollars to treat inmates (most of them being PoC) like crap and then force them to work creating cheap products (like the “made in America” stickers that then get put on products made in China. Hey, the stickers were made in America).

            And to say that Sanders supporters who chose to write-in their vote, or to vote for a third party (As I did because you can’t do write-ins on an electronic machine), are “assholes” for not swallowing all that crap and parroting “Clinton good, Clinton good, I’m with her, I’m with her?” That fully validates our choice. HOORAY! We destroyed Clinton! Yes, I’m HAPPY about that! Yay! I will sing and dance about it! It fills me with such joy to know we helped do that! A racist, sexist, horrible person who pretended to be the opposite of all that was destroyed because of us! Yay! πŸ˜€

            Regarding Bronies: You just said it yourself. A stereotype of “fedora wearing, nice guy neckbeards.”. Negative stereotypes like that are bad regardless of who’s being stereotyped. Prejudice, intolerance, and violent behavior don’t become morally correct just because it’s you doing it and not someone else. If you’re better than the other side, then you have to ACT like it. Don’t do those things – not because they “get” to behave badly and you don’t, but because you’re holding yourself to a higher standard. Be better than that.

            Regarding “Mansplaining”: I’ve seen that word “mansplaining” used quite a lot – usually by people wanting to shut down the speaker without addressing their arguments. It’s no different than saying “Just like a woman, blabbing away and not saying anything of substance.” Men often explain things in a condescending fashion. So do women. The proper word is not a gender-specific term that emphasizes “only men do this because women are superior.” The proper word is “pedantic.” Gender neutral and gets the point across.

    • tygertyger

      Bite thy tongue, sir!

      Unfortunately, that’s distressingly likely.

    • Skylar Green

      No bets on Clevin being a badass normal?

      • Lostman

        Possibly, you ether get smart, or die in these types universes.

    • Arkone Axon

      Before the end of next chapter, I’m guessing.

    • bryan rasmussen

      I think my bet is more on the narrative subverting the fridging of Clevin.

      • Tylikcat

        This is where I’d tend to lean. I’d be pretty disappointed by a fridging. It’s so passe.

        • Weatherheight

          Indeed. Gauche, even…

    • Fridging IS a possibility. But who is she currently opposed to whose methods include murder?

      • Lostman

        Moonshadow says hi.

        • …. oh.

        • Zorae42

          Well, she disagrees with Moonshadow’s methods, and isn’t really actively opposing her right now.

          And she only murders a specific type of person, which Clevin doesn’t appear to be.

          • Lostman

            Well… she has said that she not afraid to make mistakes for change, there a chance Clevin could be that mistake.

  • That’s .. so adorable. Gah, heartstrings pulled.
    My now-husband used to walk me home after dates in town, all the way up the enormous 35 degree mile-long hill to campus. I didn’t realise until perhaps the third time that he was just planning to walk straight back down again – plus the other near-mile back to his shared house across town. When I realised it was all done just for me my face matched Alison’s face in that last panel..

    • Izo

      Despite how much I dislike Alison because of her tyrranical, hypocritical actions, and despite how stupid Clevin’s heart shaped glasses were, at least Clevin is a sweet guy.

      He is obviously doomed. And I dont mean another slice to the hamstring by Moonshadow doomed.

      • Balthazar

        I hate the fact that I keep thinking either Clevins going to die, or he’s a sleeper agent for some evil organization or he has a terrible character flaw that will doom the relationship.

        Damn it, why can’t I just wish fictional characters happy enedings. ._.

        • Stephanie Gertsch

          I get you. We don’t see a lot of happy endings to relationships, particularly in the super hero genre. Probably because drama is a lot easier to write than the day-to-day challenges of long term relationships. πŸ˜›

          • Weatherheight

            Can I get an “Amen”?

          • Stephanie Gertsch
          • Stephanie Gertsch
          • Zorae42

            That’s true for almost all genres honestly.

            I’ve lost count of how many tv shows I’ve seen that focus on a “will they or won’t they” plot for ages. They either end before they actually resolve it, get them together and then break them up, or suffer a severe drop in quality after they get together (and then break them up or end the show :P). Only a handful manage to keep going after they’re together for a while without suffering quality wise.

          • Well, ours is still going quite happily indeed. Perhaps we just aren’t focusing on the right TV characters; all of the older, married couples tend to be relegated to background or secondary cast and mainly provide assistance to the doomed, star-crossed primary protagonists. That doesn’t have to be the case..

          • Stephanie Gertsch

            This is why some fans of the show Friends have argued that Chandler and Monica, not Ross and Rachel, are the glue that holds the show together.

            Monica makes Chandler be serious and take responsibility, while Chandler tones Monica down when she’s getting too intense and brings out her softer side. They both compensate for the other person’s fault and bring out the best in the other person.

            My cynical side says in order to write strong relationships you have to know what those are and how they work. And most people are still figuring that out.

          • Cyrano111

            One of the things that I liked about Community was that they toyed with the “will they or won’t they” plot line for a while in the first season, then at some point offhandedly revealed “oh yeah, they did a while ago” and then just dropped it.

          • Izo

            That show sort of went downhill after the 3rd or 4th season, when characters started dropping out of it each year. I really barely paid attention to the attempts at the shipping question because the other plots were so much more interesting and fun.

          • Cyrano111

            What I’m talking about happened in season one. I’m told they had a different writer for season four, which is universally regarded as terrible. In season five, I’m told, the original writer was back, and they jokingly explain away season four as due to a gas leak on campus.

          • Izo

            There were only a few episodes in the last 3 seasons that I liked, like the one where they were all GI Joe cartoon characters.

          • Shweta Narayan

            Slow changes aren’t a tv scriptwriter’s friend, sadly. Cliffhangers and shocks keep shows from being canceled. Which might be why funny shows often end up with the best character/relationship development — the humor keeps people watching, instead of gratuitous tacked-on drama, so things don’t have to be as grimdark as possible all the time, and there’s room to develop characters/relationships.

          • Eric Schissel

            Hrm, I’d put in a word for the -really- good sustained detective show (not the solve a single case each episode kind – though I can enjoy those too- but ones where the mystery, and the character interaction, develops at least over one season. “The Bridge” (I only know the American/Mexican version, so far, but plan to watch the two earlier ones) is a recent favorite. (Though some single-episode series, like the BBC Dalziel & Pascoe, itself based on an excellent book series – which does have considerable humor and as mysteries go, not very concerned about “genre rules”…, come close. My opinion and seriously offtopic- sorry! )

          • Shweta Narayan

            Though if any superhero comic will tackle it & deal with it well, I think it’s this one.

        • Izo

          Admittedly ‘terrible character flaw’ for Alison could mean ‘believes in freedom of choice and doesn’t agree with Alison on something she wants.’ But yeah, probably has some sort of character flaw or will die. I don’t think he’s a sleeper agent.

          Best result, and most unlikely, is that he would find out what Alison did to Max and have some sort moral compass to think what she did was wrong and make him think differently about her (which I’d consider an interesting twist, if Clevin is truly a good guy which he seems to be). But it’s more likely that, if he did find out, he’d be accepting of what she did because he’s head over heels for her. So….. in order to make this tragic, he’s going to probably die either as a result of something Alison has done, or as a pawn to get to Alison, or ‘just because’ Alison can’t have nice things.

          Then again I don’t particularly think Alison deserves a happy ending, but I also think Clevin’s someone who shouldn’t need to be written as ‘doomed’ – so conflicted now πŸ™‚

          • Incendax

            Yeah, or Jacob from Mass Effect.

            Perfectly normal and well adjusted people are great for real people who are actually looking for a stable and supportive relationship. Those are the real people we should be looking to have romance with.

            But we get incredibly bored with normal well adjusted people in our television / video game romances. We want them broken as hell.

          • Arkone Axon

            Personally, I rather liked Jacob. He was the least… whiny, of the team in ME2. The others were all angsty and emo and dramatic to varying degrees. Jacob didn’t fall apart even after finding out his father betrayed everyone and everything to make brain damaged sex slaves out of his female crew members while the males became brain damaged monsters. Even Garrus, as much as I loved him, would have gotten moody and dark and spent more time staring through his rifle’s scope at things.

            Then again, I also liked Preston from Fallout 4. Of course he’s telling you about settlements needing help – you’re the General of the Minutemen. But you’re the first commanding officer in American history to have never, ever had to do a bit of paperwork. Preston handles the record keeping, the logistics, the post-mission reports, all of it. All you have to do is what you were going to do anyway – run around killing things.

          • Incendax

            Exactly! Jacob is the kind of person that would be great in real life because he is level headed and reliable. But the majority of people find him incredibly dull and uninteresting as a source of entertainment as a result of that. Healthy relationships just don’t tickle our fancy in media.


          • Izo

            Then there’s a game like Oblivion,where you can be the head of the Thieves Guild, Assassins Guild, the head gladiator and running the Fighters Guild AND Archmage all at the same time. Which is especially funny since it’s quite possible that a person might hire a fighter to protect someone against a possible assassination, which you’d be in charge of as well. All while just doing what you’d be normally doing, but getting extra money.

          • Arkone Axon

            Yes, but in Oblivion that makes perfect sense – after all, you also (canonically, I mean) become the god of madness and insanity.

            In Skyrim you get away with your multiple hats because you’re the Dovahkin. You’re not only a messianic figure to the Nords, you’re also a soul devouring eldritch horror with the power of the dragons you’ve consumed. Dovahkin does whatever Dovahkin want (much like a certain female protagonist). If you want to join the Companions and then use Illusion spells to trick your enemies into killing each other, no one’s going to complain because you aren’t whacking them with skyforged steel like a Nord. (And I love that the Master and Expert trainers in one-handed are an Orc, and the Dunmer Companion who tries not to let the Nord bigotry get to him)

            Morrowind was actually the best of the games, in this regard. You could join multiple orders, but doing so was likely to piss off others – you could only join some factions, not all of them.

            Daggerfall let you join groups, but not lead them… and Arena preceded the ability to join groups. Not that it mattered, because Arena was the game that kicked everything off, where you played the nameless hero who wandered all the provinces of Tamriel in order to find the pieces of the staff that could return the Emperor from his otherworldly prison. And yes, I’ve been a fan of Bethesda’s games for that long… :p

        • Shweta Narayan

          …I’m pretty sure that even if all those are false, Al can doom this relationship pretty well XD

        • Shweta Narayan

          Isn’t the person Clevin had a couple dates with the same person who kicked Al out of her previous apartment? Or am I getting two of her not-actually-friends confused?

          Cause if I’m remembering right then I suspect she’s going to be the wrench in the works. That feels a lot more in keeping with the nuance in SFP.

    • RobNiner β™«

      *Wistful sigh*

  • Weatherheight

    Unbeknownst to fandom, Clevin took the Billy Dee Williams’ Smoothβ„’ correspondence course after getting slammed by Max.

    Looks and sounds like a good investment…

    • Balthazar

      That’s a thing?! Why didn’t anyone inform me?!

      • Weatherheight

        Oh how I wish it were so…

  • Dwight Williams

    “And I would walk five hundred miles…”

    • Alex Hollins

      Well, he said take a flight, so he’s not THAT dedicated.

    • Daniel MacFarlane

      As a Scottish person, I am honour bound to post this.

      • Weatherheight

        As well you should!
        Doesn’t seem to want to play where I am in the US though…
        Well, let’s just fix that little red wagon!


        I have no idea why, but I love this song.
        Please accept me anyway. πŸ˜€

        • Loranna


          Because that song is just that awesome, and I love the moment when the cast of a great story take a bow ^_^

          ::leaves carrots::


          • Weatherheight

            ::mumbles something about proclaimers getting more airtime today than in the last year while crunching some carrots::

          • Superfrick

            FUN FACT. The length of this song almost exactly matches the orbital speed of the ISS, which at the end of the song would have travelled 1,000 miles (or as I like to say: 500 miles and 500 more) XD

          • Izo

            This IS a fun fact!

          • Izo

            I wonder if ‘Big Cheese’ is an actual title. I’d like that title.

  • Dean

    Clevin’s just happy that he has an opportunity to wear his favorite scarf. Lookin’ sharp!

  • zellgato

    I don’t know how to feel..
    I have said.. avery similar line..

    but seeing it from the outside it looks soo.. …

    • Urthman

      I think most relationships have precious moments that would seem totally cringe-worthy in a work of fiction.

      • Weatherheight

        Those moments aren’t meant for public consumption.
        Those moments are meant to be a close-held instance between two people who are the only ones who really get the meaning generated.

        • Shweta Narayan

          One of the hardest thing about writing a positive relationship, right there. How do you manage to engage readers to the point where they’re not annoyed at the emotional voyeurism?

          For me, this page works rly well, both because it’s much-needed release after a pretty terrible few days for Al and year for us, and because we only get the very end of the conversation. They’ve probably been sounding like that for hours now after all, but the montage spared us.

          …Well! Also because Clevin’s the second most adorable dork ever to dork (after my spouse obv) and I love him.

          • Weatherheight

            Yet another great name for a band – The Montage Spared Us.

          • Shweta Narayan

            omggg or a TMBG song

  • Timothy McLean

    That’s a sweet sentiment, but seriously impractical.

    • Tylikcat

      …I don’t know if spending time with people is really about being practical?

      • Rugains Fleuridor

        In fact, I’d say messing up your schedule for them is what makes it meaningful.

        • Tylikcat

          *sigh* This is a surprisingly common opinion, and I can’t exactly disagree, and yet I have dumped so many people who pressured me to blow things off to spend time with them to prove how much I cared. (I suppose the answer is some mix of “Not that much!” with “I hate pressure!”) Love me, love my crazy schedule, and I will try.

          • Weatherheight

            There’s a fine and blurry line between “helping heal someone else’s insecurity” and “enabling someone else’s issues”. I totally get where you’re coming from. Accommodation is, like so many other things, a two-way street.

          • Tylikcat

            There were a lot of levels of mismatch over the years.

          • Jon

            I think the whole point of the meaningfulness of the sacrifice is that you do it voluntarily. I think trying to pressure someone to do it is going to lead to exactly what happened in your relationships in most cases.

            Romantic gestures have to be freely given or what’s the point? This is why i never make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day – everyone knows your expected to then, so doing it is more virtue signalling than actual affection.

          • Tylikcat

            I’m not sure that “voluntary” is quite the term I’d use – I don’t have a lot of tolerance for duress in my personal relationships – but certainly the construction “Do this particular this or else I’m going to know that you don’t love me,” reads as a power play to me.

            “I am feeling sad and lonely and I’m afraid you put X, Y and Z as higher priorities in your life than our relationship,” is going to get a warmer reception – using words! being honest about emotions! And it’s a great place to start a conversation from. (Though alas, even using words like a grownup isn’t a guaranteed ticket to getting exactly what you want. There have been some embarrassingly dreadful temper tantrums on this point.)

      • Timothy McLean

        Well, no, but it needs to sit alongside practical concerns.

  • Wood

    Clevin, you adorable dork!
    (please don’t turn out to be a jerk)

    • Arkone Axon

      …It’s quite likely that the moment things sour and she becomes physically abusive, a number of commentators will rush to call him exactly that.

      • Incendax

        She probably won’t become physically abusive. Much more likely that she just botches things up the normal way. She hasn’t really been in good relationships, so she’s going to make most of the newbie mistakes we all did when we first started dating.

        Or he gets killed/crippled by an actual villain.

        • Eric Meyer

          Or he’s too supportive, and manages to actively guide her down the path to true tyranny.

          • Incendax

            It’s possible! But I don’t think we’re reading a tragedy.
            A story with tragedy, sure. But not an actual tragedy.

          • Haven

            I’m just imagining “Oh, honey, you sound stressed. You should let off some steam by throwing the stock market into the sun, I know that always cheers you up.”

  • Jesus christ thats corny

    • JohnTomato

      Young lust is usually very corny.

      • RobNiner β™«

        What’s it like when you’re a bit older?

        • JohnTomato

          Twenty versus forty?

          • RobNiner β™«


        • Shweta Narayan

          Just as corny. Possibly more right now, cause we old codgers grew up with the 70s and 80s as examples so we are suuuper good at corny.

          …but some of us don’t like to admit that

          • RobNiner β™«

            Hehe, nice.

  • tygertyger

    And now we see that Clevin’s superpower is smoothness.

  • Walter

    Good guy Clevin.

  • Anondod

    The real question is “Why didn’t Alison fly them in?”

    As for smoothness the plane thing was a bit over the top IMO, but then I’m old and single.

    • Arthur Frayn

      Because she likes acting like a “normal” young person, and walking instead of flying is a way she can do that.

      • Tsapki

        I also expect that long term flying with another person in tow might have some possible problems especially if the flyer is basically invulnerable.

    • Weatherheight

      Over the top can be a good thing in a relationship sometimes, especially compliments.
      A lesson I learned far, far too late in life. πŸ˜€

  • Philip Bourque

    Isn’t he adorable? Like a puppy.

  • ampg

    Oh, Clevin. You’re in way too deep already. This is going to end so badly for you. I just hope you remember it fondly as a “formative experience,” and not “the point where it all went wrong.”

  • Kifre

    Uuuuuuuuggghhhh that’s uncomfortable.

    • Stephanie

      Yeah, it reminds me of when I tried to be in a relationship before I figured out I’m aromantic. Statements like that made me deeply uncomfortable because I couldn’t reciprocate that degree of emotional investment and it made me feel like something was wrong with me. Alison seems okay with it though.

  • E S M

    Just a little bit creepy there, bro. You’ve known her for like a week.

    • Izo

      Uh no? He has been going to school with her for a while

    • ampg

      They met at least a semester ago.

  • DaktariD

    Clevin for the win!

  • Pyro

    D’awwwww :3

  • Rugains Fleuridor


  • scrubjay

    i have never been to new york so i have no idea how big of a deal it is to go from brooklyn to manhattan BUT this is cute

    • Weatherheight

      Well, Lower Manhattan is just north of Brooklyn, separated by the East River, looks like about … three quarters of a mile, maybe a bit less, on Google maps (somewhere between 1000′ and 1500′). The Brooklyn Bridge is roughly 1.1 miles / 1.8 klicks, so we’re talking easily 10 minutes of walking just to get across the river. The Manhattan Bridge is quite a bit shorter (about 1500 feet / 450 meters), so that’s quite a bit shorter walk (and a bit less scenic, from the Google Images view – I like the lady in the pink jacket taking a picture of the Google Image camera taking pictures of the bridge).

      Assuming at least another mile on either side of the bridge, we’re talking 45 minutes to an hour, at least, one way, walking. Probably more, as I can’t recall walking briskly when snuggling when I was young. πŸ˜€

      • They didn’t walk, they took the subway. We can see them on the train in the bottom panel of the previous comic.

        The New School has a bunch of buildings scattered across lower Manhattan, mostly clustered in the Greenwich Village area. That’s a region with pretty good subway access — lots of lines, and lots of stations. If Clevin takes the subway a lot (which he probably does), then he’s probably got an unlimited MetroCard, so it doesn’t cost him anything to take an extra trip.

        I don’t think we know what part of Brooklyn he lives in. My guess is he lives in Williamsburg, so about 30 minutes. If it’s someplace like Brooklyn Heights, he could be home in 20 minutes. If he lives near Alison, it’s more like 30-45 minutes. Sheepshead Bay could take 90 minutes.

        • Weatherheight

          Locals rock!

        • So, in storytelling terms, it is above “totally trivial”, but probably below “I’m a creepy obsessive stalker”. Especially since, other than at rush hour, you can do useful stuff on the train.

      • scrubjay

        that’s really helpful context! thank you for helping me out to understand πŸ™‚

        • Weatherheight

          Avram Grumer’s answer is much better. πŸ˜€

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    As a public safety measure, please get checked for Diabetes after reading this page.

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  • Sage Catharsis

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  • Sage Catharsis

    Again, what is ther female flavoring here? How is this different than, say, a fay boy in this scene? Ever since Wanda chatted with Captin Gold TOoth she’s been wearing i aint got no shape figure clothes. I come here for a strong female protagonist not a potato. blah blah blah strangers and their expectations. Thanks for making a free comic, I enjoyed it and still do mostly yeah. Smile.s

    • Stephanie

      What exactly is the issue? Tell me you’re not trying to say “she’s not performing femininity well enough to be sexually appealing to me, and this is a problem.”

      • Tylikcat

        There’s a great bit on how women are usually drawn in comics in the Indelible Alison Bechdel, one of the most frequent variants being that they are drawn as they bizarrely hypersexualized other species. (Or, exactly the same as the men, except with a bunch of things to indicate gender – think Smurfette. Then think about how none of the other Smurfs, other than Papa, have anything that indicates gender in particular.)

        Apparently drawing women no more differently from how they look than men are drawn is a revolutionary act.

        • Frankly, I find happy Allison, thoroughly clad, far more attractive than a pneumatic Escher girl….

          • Weatherheight

            Also a good name for a band
            Pneumatic Escher Girl.

        • Mechwarrior

          The Smurfs are considered gender-neutral?

          • Tylikcat

            I think I will embrace this head-cannon.

        • Weatherheight

          Join the Blue Revolution!
          Smurf proudly and often!

          • Tylikcat

            I wonder if I have the intestinal fortitude to respond to all gender essentialist nonsense with sentences where some portion of the nouns and verbs have been replaced by smurf. “Aw! That totally smurfs me in the smurf!”

    • … how do you dress in the autumn?

    • Beroli

      The “female flavoring” is that the character is female. That you apparently read the word “female” in the comic title as a promise of softcore porn is entirely on you.

  • Philip Petrunak

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