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  • AshlaBoga

    Oh. God.

    Alison, sweety? GO! TO! SLEEP! NOW!

    This is NOT how you start a relationship. But Clevin seems to be an understanding guy.

    Although someone suggested she might be texting Patrick.
    Now THAT would be “interesting*.”

    *Where interesting means BOOM.

    • Danygalw

      “I know the last time we interacted was not the most—”
      “Hey, long time no see!”

      I don’t remember her last interaction with Clevin. Probably fit both.

    • KatherineMW

      I’m guessing it’s Patrick.

  • zellgato

    Oh noes… freaking bug the shrinky dink guy to go to the movies or something! fly to antoher timezone for a movie idk..
    or go see knife fight

    well. this certainly shines that he’s been watching her at least somewhat. if not have a swemi permi connection to her

  • Kid Chaos

    Kickstarter! Yay! I’m getting a physical copy of Book 2, plus the PDFs. And I think Alison wants a significant other so bad that she’s thinking of texting a guy who hates her guts. Couldn’t she just go on Tinder? 😜

    • Tylikcat

      I’m all “I’m trying to avoid buying physical books, but those pins sound kind of sweet!” …I’ll work it out.

      (Which reminds me that I need to keep a variety of age appropriate stuff on my phone when running around with the youngers. The .pdfs of this are not something I’d want to hand over to my six year old adopted niece, I don’t think… this came up last time I was in town.)

  • Yes, Dear Reader. Yes she did.

  • Markus

    Who. Are. You. TEXTING?

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      What are you, my MOM ?

      • Kid Chaos

        YES! 😍

  • Markus

    Alison’s texting strategy is 62.5% dominated by ‘hey’ based openers.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    You know, if you set the KS ad as the last panel, it’d mean she exploded the appartement when the phone starled her 🙂

    • Timothy McLean

      Alison’s facial expressions in those panels match surprisingly well…

  • Tylikcat

    Pretty sure it’s Patrick. Remember how every time she was worried or upset about something she used to text Patrick? He was always her secret friend who totally understood her (major shortcut if you’re an involuntary telepath – also, their shared history of childhood super-stuff helped, even if from opposite ends.)

    Really, stuff with Clevin may have been a little tentative and unresolved, but they shared a fist kiss and everything was pretty good. I think things are fine with Clevin, other than Alison being a bit messed up. But Clevin is a stand up guy, and at least as far as we know, without experience of the darker realties of life. Would you go to Clevin with this? Especially if you had any interest in maybe dating him? Or would you go to the guy you wouldn’t even need to explain it to.

    (And, probably, I’m guessing by the texting, the guy she’s been missing, at least as a friend, a hell of a lot more than she’s been admitting. I mean, who the hell else did she have in her life that she could talk to about that kind of stuff? Seriously, the closest would be Daniel, and that’s not really a peer relationship.)

    Not to say that there aren’t downsides…

    • Lysiuj

      “Seriously, the closest would be Daniel, and that’s not really a peer relationship.”
      Also I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a cellphone 😛

    • I’m guessing Patrick too. Of course it’s possible the person just isn’t at the phone at first, or is busy, but more likely the not responding is deliberate, in which case it is Patrick’s manipulation; not something Clevin would do. Also, “Hey. Did you” is not a good start for something from Clevin. But I’d better not say how that’s going to continue since it will be too detailed a prediction to be true.

      • Tylikcat

        I’m pretty sure this is meant to represent Alison writing and then deleting a bunch of things, until she accidentally sends a partial text.

        • Cyrano111

          This seems clearly to be the right explanation of what is happening, and as to whom, I agree with you that it must be Patrick. Nothing else makes her hesitation, or the content of the attempted texts, likely.

        • Bobo Chimpan

          ahh, ok. I was reading that as her writing and deleting a bunch of texts and suddenly -getting- a text from whoever it was. A second look has the sent text the same color as her send button, so…

          • Stephanie Gertsch

            I was too, but the partial text makes more sense. I was actually wondering if he could somehow hear her agonizing over the phone long distance.

      • Margot

        OMG, it’s Patrick, and his message is “Hey, did you start texting me and change your mind a bunch of times? Your over-thinking is so loud I can hear it from the other side of town.”

        • Tylikcat

          I still hold that if he can hear everyone over all distances his head would have exploded by now.

          • bryan rasmussen

            well he just recently started being able to hear people over distances because he got his power hyped by some guy that wanted protection from mega-girl. Funny how things work out for Patrick.

          • Margot

            But maybe if they’re thinking about him really hard? Mostly I’m joking, though.

        • Nathanaël François

          Well, if so Al will be embarrassed enough by that that her cringing will provide free energy for the world for centuries.

    • Arkone Axon

      Considering what she did to Patrick… why would she contemplate sending texts that involve offers to kiss and cuddle? That would imply a truly monstrous level of self absorption and sociopathy. And I do not see Alison being anywhere near that bad.

      • pleasechangemymind

        I don’t think that involves ANY self-absorption or sociopathy. I think that involves confused, conflicted feelings, and feeling like a monster because of what she did to Max, which is something Patrick could relate to. She’s always had a crush on Patrick, and Patrick has royally screwed up on several occasions because a) he doesn’t know how to interact with people genuinely since he can just read their mind, and b) ALL the self-loathing and self-sabotage. They both fucked things up pretty bad the last time they talked. But I don’t think that negates their feelings for each other, or her need to talk to someone who understands.

        Also, it follows that of course she *deletes* the “wanna cuddle” texts because she would never say that to him. She writes it to get it out of her system, and immediately deletes it. Who hasn’t done that?

    • Zinc

      I think it’s more likely to be Clevin – for somewhat similar reasoning to yours:

      a) One of the texts specifically references “kissing [her] on the mouth”, which is exactly as far as she got physically with Clevin on their last encounter (holding each other close is arguably more intimate, but less physical). If I remember correctly she never reached that level of physicality with Patrick – I think 5-110* is the closest they were to kissing, and that was immediately followed by Patrick claiming it as a ruse and breaking her heart. Especially considering how she left him afterwards, even considering inviting him to come over and kiss her seems exceedingly strange (even if it is prefaced by “I’m a crazy person”).
      * http://strongfemaleprotagonist.com/issue-5/page-110/

      b) Your second and third paragraphs seem to imply she is currently pining for a friend, someone to share her feelings and secrets with, preferably without speaking, for which Patrick is a better fit than Clevin. I think she is at the moment explicitly looking for romance (or possibly just makeouts), not friendship or sharing. The previous two (or three) scenes confronted her with Feral’s budding romance with Paladin, and then with the cute happy couple on the street – and I think her reaction implies that all of these reminded her of her own yearnings for romance. A few of the message drafts also support this interpretation (the kissing, the cuddling, probably “U up”)

      c) Also, describing the last interaction between Alison and Patrick as “not the most” anything would be the understatement of the century.

      • Tylikcat

        I like your reasoning. How long has it been since she last interacted with Clevin? Like, a couple of days at most? The “Long time, no see” was part of my thought, but that’s often used facetiously, and yeah, between Lisa and Tara, and the cute couple underneath the window, I can see her just wanting someone to hold onto. I might be reading too much intimation of history into what she’s writing. …and lacking that, Clevin makes a lot of sense.

        • Zinc

          I think it’s been about 24 hours, give or take a few. It happened here:
          which took place at nighttime: http://strongfemaleprotagonist.com/issue-6/page-98-2/
          It was succeeded by Alison taking a stroll through the park at dawn, her discussion and breakfast (lunch? when she left she said “Have a good afternoon”) with Gurwara, her visit to Max’s house, coming home early and spending some time with Lisa. Having not slept at all since who knows when, she then fell asleep on the couch and it seems to be nighttime again. So, about a full day, assuming she hadn’t slept on the couch for over 24 hours (which is not too impossible).

          I agree that (if it’s Celvin) then “Long time, no see” is probably said jokingly, but on the other hand, considering what she went through since and her lack of sleep, it probably does feel like a long time to Alison, even if she knows it hasn’t actually been very long. Alternatively, she slept through the entire weekend 🙂

          I’d also note that “Long time, no see”, if written to Patrick, would also be kind of facetious, considering that after their last interaction she pretty much decided* to completely break contact with him until his two years were up (he hasn’t been helping with that, though).

          * I seem to be basing this solely on the fact that she blocked him from her phone after he gave her Mary’s address… Might not be accurate.

          • Tylikcat

            I’m pretty willing to be converted. I tend to forget how shy people get early in their dating years. (I, um, mostly wasn’t. I was more “Contact my lover’s last three girlfriends and ask for references.” When I was fifteen. I am not joking when I say I was a menace.)

          • Tylikcat

            Also, that was my read on the breaking all contact – but this is desperate late night texting that she maybe doesn’t really intend to send. I mean, this is only one step away from drunk-texting your ex, right? (Okay, I’ve never done that, but it’s a thing people do.)

          • Zinc

            Hmm, I’m not with you on the “doesn’t really intend to send”. The vibe I’m getting from this page is that she really wants to send a text, but is being neurotic about the specific content. Which is fairly understandable, seeing as she is still very inexperienced, and doesn’t want to mess anything up. Definitely been there… I think it also points to Clevin a bit more than it does to Patrick. considering that the relationship with Clevin is still fresh and fragile, whereas the one with Patrick is mature and already broken – there isn’t really any reason for her to walk on eggs, practically anything that she’ll write would be an improvement on their last interaction.

            I do agree that she is definitely in drunk-texting mode (due to lack of sleep), but a person may drunk-text anyone, doesn’t have to be an ex. And for Alison to consider texting Patrick in this manner might require something significantly stronger than lack of sleep…

          • Tylikcat

            Yeah, not necessarily wanting to send a given text. Wanting to send something.

            And I will definitely give you that before she could communicate usefully with Patrick, she’d have to deal with the phenomenal betrayal of their last meeting. (Which I think she has more or less figured out, intellectually, but damn. Dude, sending $25 million doesn’t get you past that.)

    • Elaine Lee

      Re: The Clevin vs. Patrick choice. I had a choice between two high school boyfriends, one I really liked and one who really liked me. I chose the one who really liked me as my first experience and have never regretted it. After 48 years, we are still close friends. While Patrick is one of my two favorite SFP characters (the other being Feral), it makes sense for Alison to choose Clevin, at this point. Caring for Patrick, in his current state, would be a job. Nothing wrong with a little tenderness.

      • Tylikcat

        I don’t disagree – I was thinking more in terms of textual cues as well. If she wants to just cuddle? Clevin.

        …but if she wants someone who can understand her fucked up life? Patrick. (Who, after all, has made his own fuckwitted attempt at reaching out to her. I am not exactly saying it’s a good idea – certainly not before she catches up on sleep.)

        • Elaine Lee

          I agree with you about Patrick. Down the road, with time to get himself straightened out, he may be a better longterm choice for her. But she’s young, inexperienced, and hasn’t straightened herself out yet. Plus, she’s sad. For now, cuddles are good.

          • Tylikcat

            Long term choice sounds, um, a lot more involved than anything I’d think reasonable for the moment. So. Many. Issues. To. Resolve.

            Maybe coffee and a chat?

  • Kifre

    “U up?” Yesss. Classic opening line for a booty-text, Al. If it’s Patrick you’re reaching (I have my doubts) you could probably dispense with the phone if you just think hard enough!

    • Danygalw

      If it’s Patrick, maybe he just did.

  • Tylikcat

    Today’s episode of existential comics struck me as both hilarious and apropos to this comic in general, if not to today’s page in particular. Perhaps I should have resisted, but I did not even try.


    • Weatherheight

      Thank you for yet another webcomic I need to read… 😀

      • Tylikcat

        I wouldn’t want you burdened by all those empty hours…!

        (Says she who should absolutely be writing now.)

  • Apromor

    “Long time no see” It’s not Clevin unless she’s trying to make a joke.

  • Ben Posin

    My text game is pretty weak. Am I right in reading this as Alison hitting send by mistake mid-text?

    • Bakkonator

      There are TWO text bubbles that have no “blanked text” bubble afterwards. They are also the most frank.

      • Ben Posin

        When I look at this the impression I get is that the only message actually sent by anyone was the one with the green background at the end. What I’m trying to figure out but is was that sent to or from Allison, and is that the complete text of what was sent. My read is that she by mistake sent the words “hey you” to whoever she’s been thinking of writing to.

    • Kifre

      That’s what I think. I think she sent “Hey. Did…” by mistake, hence it coming up in the colored bubble, which is generally for things you have sent when working on an iPhone.
      Also, elipsis of doom are in the grey bubble which means that a response is forthcoming….

  • Walter

    That list bit…the ‘Hey, Did you’.. what I’m getting from that is that the green text is the other party texting Alison, amidst all of her furious composing and deleting of texts. A buddy who read this suggested, instead, that that was Alison accidentally sending a partially composed text.

    What do y’all think?

    • Carla

      That’s what I thought too, though we seem to be the minority.

    • Ben Posin

      That’s where I came down, though I’ve posted a plea for help as I’m not sure.

    • Bobo Chimpan

      As I posted above, that was my theory at first.

      However on second glance, Alison’s send button in all the previous panels is the same green color as the text that got sent, and most of them also begin with “Hey.” So I revised my theory.

      • Danygalw

        But Alison’s ones are all hey, comma. The sent one is hey. Full stop. Which… might not mean anything.

    • motorfirebox

      At first I thought she accidentally sent a text. Now I’m not sure.

  • shink

    I think it’s Clevin. She doesn’t seem to want to talk, she wants a booty call.

  • Arklyte

    It’s not Patrick, people, calm down. It can’t be him…

    • Arkone Axon

      Yeah… that would be incredibly psychotic if she were to send THOSE sorts of texts to him, after what she did to him…

      “Want to come where I live and kiss me on the mouth?” With what, the lips you damaged when you threw his gift at him?

      • Kifre

        I mean…She did start that text with “Hi! I’m a crazy person.”

      • Walter

        I mean, he sent her millions of dollars. Like, he’d probably come when called.

  • bryan rasmussen

    Clevin: Hey, did you beat up your last boyfriend in order to make him do something you wanted done?

    Patrick: Hey, did you beat up that guy I sent you to beat up so I could bring my dastardly plans to fruition. Psych – totally know you did.

  • Pyro

    “Hold each other close as time rockets us into the terror of the unknown?”
    Oh Al.
    Ohhhhhh Al.

  • Lostman

    I’m sure if I should find this funny, or sad.

  • zopponde

    Tag yourself, I’m “Hi! I’m a crazy person! Want to come to where I live and kiss me on the mouth?”

    • Walter

      “U up?”

  • pleasechangemymind

    While I really want her to have a nice, healthy, happy relationship with Clevin… I honestly can’t see their relationship as being terribly healthy at all. He has her on a pedestal, and the moment he learns about the horrible shit she’s done things are gonna start falling apart, either because he is horrified, or because he isn’t and Alison gets angry about that (like “why are you letting me get away with this, why do you still think I’m a good person, wtf is wrong with you”).

    I want her to have normal. I want her to be with Clevin. But I don’t see that working out. =(

  • Robbie X Pierce

    Someone clarify for me, please? I’m bad at nonverbals. Did she send the “Hey. Did you” or did she receive it?

    • Kifre

      I think she sent it, ’cause it’s in the colored text bubble. Which usually means it is something sent from the phone that you’re looking at (if you’re using an iphone).

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Did Al over think her late night text to Patrick so HARD that he heard it all the way from across town?

  • Crow

    “… Two years.”

    Check the age of the comments.

  • Weatherheight

    I’m old enough to have done exactly this sort of dithering – but with a telephone.
    Not a cell phone – a land line.
    With a cord attached to the handset.
    With a rotary dial.

    I can’t imagine how folks who are my parent’s age feel – from the dawn of the radio age and silent films to CGI and Cell phones – and I’ve probably got another 30-40years to go…

  • Sonny

    Guys, look carefully at panel five. There is no new message box after the “Hi! I’m a crazy person…” message. I think she accidentally sent that one instead of erasing it like the rest….