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  • Mechwarrior

    Alison lies awake in her bed.

    Probably due to jealousy over the wild sex she’s imagining her roommate having right now.

    • AshlaBoga

      Hmmm, cyborg x high level regenerative. The geek in me demands that I try and brainstorm what types of cybernetic enhancements would improve sexual performance. I guess cranial implants that cause the release of epinephrine, dopamine and oxytocin would be relevant. And if some sort of device akin to an electric foot massager to speed up the removal of lactic acids from your muscles…

      Then again, I’m assuming purely cybernetics. Paladin might have special toys that aren’t commercially available.

      Also, I shouldn’t be allowed to post online at 0130, my brain keeps going on bizarre tangents.

      • Oh, that’s not yet quite bizarre, because you’re focusing on the “cyber” rather than the “regenerative”. Now picture the possibilities if Feral starts going maso…

        • Merle

          You know, I’ve always thought Wolverine seems just a little too into pain for it to be as simple as “Eh, I can heal.”

          Dude seems to go out of his way to harm himself even when he doesn’t need to. Add that to the kind of women he really goes for, and I think he’s got a serious masochistic streak.

          • Arkone Axon

            Actually, yes. He’s got SERIOUS PTSD going on. One of the reasons why the classic X-Men gathered together (aside from being mutants) is that Xavier is not only a telepath, but also a trained psychologist and psychiatrist who is able to help with their many, many issues.

            (And part of why I despise Marvel comics and feel they murdered my favorite characters twenty years ago – and have been raping the corpses ever since – is their love of not only turning good characters evil, but making them retroactively evil. “Xavier was doing horrible stuff back in the 70s, and you just found out! He was ALWAYS evil! Hate him, hate the X-Men, stop caring about them so that Fox will give back the rights!”)

          • Mechwarrior

            Yeah, that was a retcon that made absolutely no sense.

          • Weatherheight


          • Arkone Axon

            I think the real problem is that the people creating the stories for Marvel are largely the fanboys from the 90s who never got over their adolescent attitudes. They’re basically the cliched comic book store employee with the misogynistic and homophobic attitudes and the focus on superficial trivialities. The ones who read the 90s comics that thought Alan Moore’s “Watchmen” succeeded not because of exploring deep issues while cramming huge amounts of details into each panel, but because “profanity and sex sells!”

            So instead of 1980s Wolverine who studied the path of Bushido, learned to master his rage and animalistic instincts with the iron will of a warrior, and could respectfully coexist with other strong men and even follow their orders, we have a Wolverine who acts like a fratboy douchebag, makes cheap homophobic, and makes everything into a dick measuring contest (which he always wins. I cannot imagine today’s Wolverine spending an entire issue cuddling a little girl to comfort her while her friend searches for the codes to defuse her because the little girl is an android stuffed full of explosives and built to murder the guy who insists on treating her like a real person.

            Of course, that’s not even touching on the kids he’s been given. I don’t even know who/what “Dakon” is supposed to be, but I know about X-23, and that’s just… wrong. Nevermind the “grown in a lab” stuff, I’m talking about the bit where her first job after escaping the lab was to become a street whore. The kid’s got all the powers of Wolverine and has been trained to be a lethal assassin… she couldn’t just walk up to ANY organization and get hired on the spot? They had to make her a prostitute? Would her father have turned tricks on a street corner?

            This sort of thing is why I’m convinced Disney considers Marvel to be a “loss leader.” They let Marvel piss money down the drain with stupid comics nobody likes, because it doesn’t matter if Marvel loses millions on comics if Disney is making BILLIONS on movies and TV.

          • AshlaBoga

            “cramming huge amounts of details into each panel”

            I still reread Watchmen just because I love the amount of detail Alan stuffs in his work.

          • Arkone Axon

            I can never stop thinking about one panel in particular that sums up… so much about politics, and even about opinions regarding characters in this comic. It’s the panel right after Rorschach has finished breaking a guy’s fingers in a bar while asking if anyone knows anything about who killed the Comedian, and the other patrons are whimpering, “C’mon man, he don’t know nothing…” Rorschach is stalking out of the bar thinking, “someday all the thieves and whores will scream up, “save us!” And I’ll whisper back, “no.”” And in the background you can see the bar, and the silhouettes of the patrons in the bar, rushing to help the man who most of them undoubtedly didn’t even know. All they knew was that he was someone who was tortured by Rorschach, and so they were helping him.

            Those patrons, the “thieves and whores” that Rorschach was sneering about? This was a “den of villainy?” According to who? Who established this place as a den of thieves?

            Something to think about, whenever you hear someone talking contemptuously about the “sheeple” or the “common man” or the “average voter.”

          • Mechwarrior

            Moore always said that Rorschach wasn’t supposed to be someone the audience liked, or thought was right, or considered a hero. He was supposed to be someone who was a deluded misanthrope that projected his own self-loathing on everyone he met.

            Unfortunately, since he was the primary POV character who was responsible for actually doing things, he inadvertently became more identifiable than any of the other characters.

          • Mechwarrior

            I wouldn’t mind seeing a superhero who was a sex worker if Marvel could actually stop being so misogynistic about it. But instead they just use it to show that the world’s most lethal teenage girl is too traumatized to stand up for herself until Spider-Man and Wolverine come for her. Or something.

          • Dwight Williams

            Except that Laura has been getting help with that trauma/self-respect issue, or so it seems.

          • Arkone Axon

            The problem is that it was an issue in the first place. Also, I’ve seen their other work and their “original” ideas. And I just deleted a multi-paragraph rant about some of it… and I wasn’t even halfway finished. Suffice to say, Marvel’s writers make me think of a bunch of Martin Shrekli clones, high fiving each other over their “awesome” ideas and sneering at the fans who refuse to spend good money on such crap.

          • Mechwarrior

            It’s years later and it’s still associating sex work with trauma and lack of self-respect. I’d like to see a character who was a superhero and stripper or escort of whatever who didn’t have serious trauma, wasn’t molested as a child, wasn’t some poor beautiful woman who was sacrificing herself to provide for her children, whatever. Just someone who was comfortable in their body and sexuality and fine with taking their clothes off for money.

          • Izo

            Pretty sure that Amanda Conner made a comic book like that called “The Pro” but it was largely satirical. Also Catwoman had at one time been a sex worker as well, but thats DC Comics. The only person in Marvel that I csn think of who was a sex worker (other than X23 which is awful) is Mantis.

          • Mechwarrior

            There was a minor X-Men character named Stacy X who was a prostitute, but she wasn’t around long and the only reason she was associated with the X-Men was because anti-mutant extremists attacked the brothel she worked at.

            With Mantis, it’s kinda zigzagged since she’s really some sort of religious figure or something.

            As far as Catwoman goes, well, DC changes its canon so frequently that who can tell whether that’s true or not. There was also a member of Doom Patrol who was a former prostitute who got their powers from an alien STD, IIRC, but that was also satirical.

          • Izo

            Never heard of Stacy X – looked her up and it’s sorta cringeworthy. 🙂
            Pretty on point with the problems others have mentioned, though.
            Especially since she had a mutant power of pheremone control to induce bliss and skin-touch-based limited bodily control (nausea, disorientation, possibly paralysis and unconsciousness), and all she could think to do with that power was prostitution. Plus… you’d think if you can get someone to orgasm in blissful ecstasy by a touch, you wouldn’t really need to do the rest of what’s involved in prostitution. 🙂 Not to mention the power, as Marvel used it, seemed misogynistically (is that a word?) tailored to give an excuse to make her a prostitute (as long as she didn’t have a single original thought in her head of how to use her powers without getting undressed).

            Mantis, all I really know about her is she WAS a prostitute at some point in Vietnam.

            Catwoman’s history seems to have been that she was a prostitute in her teenage years throughout her New Earth history, and I think it carried through to New 52 but I’m not sure about the new reboot since I really don’t follow DC comics anymore. I sort of stopped after New Earth except for Supergirl.

          • Mechwarrior

            Yeah, Stacy X felt a lot like she was introduced because the X-Men was filled with women who were too badass to be credible helpless damsels that the menfolk could save. She did a great job demonstrating how lousy the writing team was when it came to thinking of ways to utilize characters who had powers that didn’t blow things up.

          • Weatherheight

            I have “The Pro”, somewhere – fun read but the ending was .. weaksauce.

          • Izo

            Yeah, but you have to read it from the standpoint of it all being satirical, ending and all. 🙂 It is a pretty good example of a not-so-heroic person sacrificing themselves to do something heroic for a supposedly selfish but understandable reason.

            Plus it’s Amanda Conner art, and she’s probably one of the best comic book artists around, especially when it comes to showing looks on character faces to let you know exactly what they’re thinking. Also she is really good at showing the ‘mundane’ side of superheroes in a humorous way. Love her Wednesday Comics for Supergirl especially – the one with the cat and dog aliens.

          • Zorae42

            Ooh ooh, don’t forget Nazis too!

            Did you hear about the latest Captain America where apparently the Nazi’s were supposed to win WW2 and it was through meddling that history got rewritten? So it’s not that Hydra tampered with the timeline to create the bs Hydra Captain America. It’s that he was always ‘supposed’ to be a Hydra agent. Always.

            That’s fucking disgusting.

          • Arkone Axon

            …So… Joe Quesada thinks history is something that only stupid people study. I’m fairly certain that any Russian comic fans will have PLENTY on the subject to say about this one… @[email protected]

            (Not to mention that Captain America was an American citizen from New York who volunteered for the experiment… which means he would have still been Captain America even if he’d fought for the losing side…)

          • Zorae42

            Apparently Hydra recruited him from New York as a child and then sent him back to be a sleeper agent/spy for them.

            Then the Allies used a reality warping device to alter history to make them win and change it so Cap. really was fighting Nazi’s (aka, Steve Rogers as he was originally written).

            And in recent comics Hydra has used their reality warping device to change him back into what has been retconned to be his ‘true’ self.

            Although the site I found that went into more detail pointed out that the new flashback is presented the same way as the other ones that Hydra induced, so it may be all a lie to really make him believe he’s Hydra. But it’s not made clear that it’s fake, and they still had the fucking gall to write this sort of garbage at all.

            As for the history, who knows. Maybe the D-Day plan would’ve been leaked and gotten stopped at the beach. Maybe Red Skull would’ve gotten tired of Hitler’s ego getting in the way of them winning and found a way to properly take care of England/apologize to Russia because fuck fighting those guys. Or used some super weapon thingy to make Russia not the embodiment of cold and despair and such a bitch to invade.

          • Izo

            I can’t stand what they did to Steve Rogers. It doesn’t even make any sense if you know anything about his well known origin story.

        • AshlaBoga

          I don’t really want to picture the possibilities of that though.

          I mean, sure scratching and spanking would wear off instantly, but anything past erotic asphyxiation is a bit too kinky for me.

      • Arkone Axon

        Check out Shadowrun as a setting. Especially their sourcebooks on augmentation. They go into this stuff in detail.

        I had a lot of fun with one character I whipped up named Mender. Whose name is indicative of their specialty. “I mend things. Broken vehicles, damaged bodies, scrapped drones, shattered psyches, faded relationships.” A combination rigger and street doc, living out of what used to be a bus before the front half became an mobile apartment and the back became a mobile chop shop/surgery/laboratory. Note the lack of gender specific pronouns; Mender had a tendency to set the surgical drones to “random” before going into VR to get some work done, looking forward to the surprise of tomorrow’s appearance and gender… :p

        • Weatherheight

          Seconded – the latest iteration of the rule set is pretty neat.

    • Lysiuj

      “So, what did you do while I was gone?”
      “Oh cool, me too! Yep… PAINTING OF DOGS PLAYING POKER all night…”
      “… I don’t think we’re referring to the same thing…”

    • Izo

      Thinking of how to justify torturing bird girl until she puts on a mask to fight crime or something 🙂

      • Mechwarrior

        Or just tying her to a chair and force-feeding her carbohydrates. :p

        • Arkone Axon

          “No… no… please, not my figure! Not my valuable, valuable figure!”

          • Izo

            I’m sure she doesn’t eat much. One might even say ‘eats like a bird.’

          • Dean

            If the wings are functional, flying would most likely consume a huge amount of energy. In which case, she would probably eat huge amounts but never gain a pound.

          • Izo

            You just killed my joke with logic, and for that I commend you.

          • Arkone Axon

            Maybe she and the Flash share tips on the best buffets?

      • Edward Philibin

        This reminds me of a thought I had when Alison first mentioned that the angel-girl never “put on the mask”, using the phrase as a euphemism for becoming a superhero. This is even more hilariously unlikely to be a useful tactic in protecting a “secret” identity as wearing a pair of glasses, at least when your power is HAVING A PAIR OF GIANT BIRD WINGS. Even presuming that her powers also allow her to fly, is anyone likely to see a woman with wings walking down the street and not at least suspect she’s “Angel Girl” regardless of how well-crafted her mask is?

        Not that Marvel didn’t try this gambit, back in the 1960s. Warren “Angel” Worthington III supposedly bound his giant bird wings down onto his back, well enough that they could not be detected under a blazer.

        Yeah. Right.

        So basically, even if she did become a superhero, she would have had no choice about going public immediately, with all the potential hazards that go with announcing to the bad guys where your friends and loved ones live. Obviously, some still went that route, Brad for example, but he’s the sort who probably felt a need to do SOMETHING to help anyway, and as a teen “beating up bad guys” seems like an effective strategy. Obviously Angelica never felt that way, and once she got past the stage of feeling like a “freak” she either realized or had pointed out to her that the wings were absolutely good for one thing: getting attention. Which was more valuable to her than becoming a “Cape.”

        Hmm, now that I think on it, that’s a second traditional superhero costume accessory that would serve Angelica badly. Masks—useless, capes—would get tied up in the wings, underwear on the outside—well, if she’s a Kardashian expy, it would be an open question whether she wears underwear on the INSIDE of her clothes. So basically, all existing clothing-based superhero tropes are, at best, inappliciable to her situation. And as a vapid reality-TV celebrity, the clothing-based tropes would be the only ones that mattered.

        • Izo

          Bird Girl, in a mask, comes in doing superheroics somehow despite having no real powers beyond possibly being able to fly, assuming the wings are not just for show.

          Mild reporter Bird Girlson comes in after Bird Girl has left, sporting a pair of big-ass wings. “What happened here?”

        • I’m presuming she likely wears underwear. If she does any flying at all, especially in a slit dress, it’s going to be more or less essential.

    • Lostman

      Most likely having thoughts on her three straight days of action; making friends, saving someone, torture a person, getting your first kiss, talking ethics of said torture can really taxing.

      • Mechwarrior

        Nope, it’s definitely imagining her roommate in some hot girl-on-girl action.

        • Arkone Axon

          Alison is straight… I’m pretty sure she’s not fantasizing about two female friends going at it. One of them is a friend she punched through a window (and broke her neck, IIRC, but it’s Feral so she got better) for kissing her unexpectedly.

          • Mechwarrior

            It’s a humorous take on Alison being in the situation where she’s the only single person she knows, with implied latent homosexual feelings on her part because as a lesbian it amuses me.

          • Arkone Axon

            …That… could have been part of the reason for her violent response to that kiss. Like the homophobes who are themselves in the closet. “Girl kissed me, the feeling is strange and confusing – must use kneejerk reaction of violence!”

          • Mechwarrior

            You are way overthinking my comment.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Nice of her to have paused it to stop the noise.

  • Abel Undercity

    “Gone to chase a motorcycle. Back eventually. – XOXO”

  • cphoenix

    The paused scene is very reminiscent of the ending of her last date with Max.
    Woman who can fly, being harsh to guy, surrounded by greenery, near expensive-looking building.

    Does anyone recognize this scene from a movie or TV show?

  • zarawesome

    Super cute sleeper indeed.

  • “Wait, I left the stove on.”

  • JohnTomato

    That glass of water is going to leave a ring.

    • Dean

      Use a coaster Alison, you’re not an animal.

    • No coaster on the bathroom sink either. Oh the humanity.

      • … coaster? On a sink? How does a sink get water stains?

        • How *doesn’t* a sink get water stains?

        • Edward Philibin

          Iron can stain porcelain, so it would be possible if the city water has a high enough iron concentration that Magneto could water-bend with it.

          Or, whoever designed that bathroom could have used all water-permiable surfaces.

      • JohnTomato

        I can only hope that ring doesn’t have a deeper psychological meaning. Truly disturbing.

      • Izo

        There is no end to Alisons evil acts

  • Walter

    Get some sleep, Alison. Stuff seems better with 8 hours.

    • Izo

      Yes, whenever I torture and threaten another person who is totally helpless against me, compromising my supposed morals and making an enemy of a totally-justified-to-get-revenge well-connected Congresswoman in the process, I too feel that a good eight hours of sleep is just the thing to make things feel better.

  • MedinaSidonia

    Hmmmm… Alison brushes her teeth…

    Is that merely a habit she’s maintained? Or are her teeth and gums vulnerable to bacteria? I suspect this has been covered within the text, but I’ve forgotten it.

    • Merle

      Vulnerable to bacteria, probably not. Vulnerable to bad breath, almost certainly.

      Bacteria don’t need to harm your health for them to grow, thrive, and make stinky waste that hangs around in your mouth.

      • MedinaSidonia

        Right, I was thinking about that as I posted. Of course the smell would be much worse if there were tooth decay and inflamed gums, but I guess the majority of bad breath smell just comes from the bacteria acting on the substrate of the food, huh?

      • Izo

        Definitely not to prevent cavities

        • Thewizardguy

          Presumably the best solution would be to wash her mouth with acid. It would dissolve the offending spinach while leaving her mouth unharmed.The perks of nigh-invulnerability.

          • Izo

            This whole conversation reminds me of the one on the Big Bang Theory about how Superman gets sweat stains (assuming he ever sweats) out of his clothes or scents off of his skin. I believe one of them says he just flies into the sun which burns off any particulates which are not him or his costume. 🙂

    • Walter

      She threw up one time, so it seems like her biology can get out of whack. Wouldn’t be shocked to find out that she can get cavities.

      • bta

        Ironic if the sole part of her body that’s vulnerable is her tooth enamel.

        • Loranna

          *Is now imagining a biodynamic villani whose power basically makes him a Cavity Creep from the old Crest commercials*


          Well, Paladin could surely whip up a superhero-sized toothpaste gun, right?



          • Lysiuj

            And mount it on a motorcycle, yes.

          • Izo

            Great, now I want to see this happen….

          • Weatherheight

            “I am the insidious Doctor Amoeba!”

            Full marks to anyone who even comes close to where this came from.

          • RobNiner ♫

            It’d be one of those superhero fights no-one ever talks about after it happens.

            “Do you remember the time when that lady attacked Alison’s tee-”


        • Izo


      • Izo

        That was nervous vomit tho, not sickness vomit

  • ClockworkDawn

    Thinking deep thoughts in that last panel.

  • Damon

    It looks like the same (or similar) shirt that she was wearing the last time we saw her, but then she was wearing black leggings and now she has green shorts. Also, the wording of the note suggests it is early in the week (maybe Monday or Tuesday). I wonder how much time has passed since the scene with Paladin.

    • Weatherheight

      I’m hoping it’s not too much later – the take-out boxes are still in the same place. It looks like a little clean-up happened though, so you could be right.

  • Zechariah Val Judy

    Does she really need to brush her teeth? for bad breath, I suppose.

    • Izo

      Same reason for showering

  • Stephanie Gertsch

    Feral has now redeemed herself on the count of disturbing sleeping people.

  • RobNiner ♫

    I want to watch The High Life so badly. I don’t even like soaps, but the thought of a winged woman overreacting to simple life problems and getting in silly situations really appeals to me.

    Heh, maybe I could write a fan fic about it.

  • Weatherheight

    Okay, the pinks are gone, now we’re in the blues (or maybe the teals….).

    “I’ve hade the blues, the reds, and the pinks
    One thing for sure…”

  • Philip Petrunak

    Interesting characters debate ethics = Fun to read
    melancholy characters laying in bed and brushing teeth = not fun to read

    • Izo

      The toothpaste was made by a company that is causing massive deforestation, and Alison is now thinking about if she should use her powers to kill the entire Board of Directors, all of whom are rich white men. All while wondering if she has contributed to their Captain Planet villain-esque schemes by purchasing the toothpaste.

      Fun! Discuss.

      • Tsapki

        Is it the production of the toothpaste specifically that is causing the deforestation or does the parent company simply have one or more other products or services which contribute?

        • Izo

          The toothpaste company grinds up the happy woodland creatures from the trees it destroys, which is then used as the secret base for their paste, and the wood from the trees is used to create copies of The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand as its secondary business.

          Plus, in keeping with the recent news that milk is racist because it’s white, the toothpaste is also racist because it’s white.


          • Arkone Axon

            And she probably bought it from the local Stuffer Shack. Stuffer Shack, a proud subsidiary of Aztechnology. Aztechnology: the way to a better tomorrow!


          • Tsapki

            Ahh, I thought Aztechnology sounded familiar. Hmm, the SFP world needs more dragons come to think of it…

          • Tsapki

            Hmm, is happy woodland creature a vernacular term, or does the happiness of the creature in question affect the properties of the toothpaste base? From what I understand, the general health and care given to cattle affects the quality of the beef, so I could see the requirement for ‘happy minimums’ to keep quality up on the toothpaste. I’m also a bit curious on if all the creatures are ground up together or if there is any sort of typing or grouping (squirrels in one pile, deer in another, bears in another, etc), but I imagine that is a whole other kettle of fish….damn it, now I’m wondering what they use the fish for.

            Wait…toothpaste is white? Damn, I’ve been using blue toothpaste all this time. Must be some knock-off brand.

          • Izo

            “Hmm, is happy woodland creature a vernacular term, or does the happiness of the creature in question affect the properties of the toothpaste base?”

            Yes, the happiness of the creature in question affects how sparkly clean it will leave your teeth feeling. Bunnies, squirrels, chipmunks, and Bambi-esque deer tend to give the most fresh-scent feeling. This is science.

            “From what I understand, the general health and care given to cattle affects the quality of the beef, so I could see the requirement for ‘happy minimums’ to keep quality up on the toothpaste.”

            The happiest woodland creatures are turned into paste for the wealthiest one percent. While the rest have to make do with lesser happy creatures, like gophers and naked mole rats.

            “I’m also a bit curious on if all the creatures are ground up together or if there is any sort of typing or grouping (squirrels in one pile, deer in another, bears in another, etc)”

            They’re ground up in terms of how much suffering is caused by having little six year olds watch the process. The amount of tears in the children’s eyes per minute determines which pile. The tears are then collected as an emulsifier agent. Except for the tears of immigrant children, who are bottled and sold to the Trump administration for parties.

            “but I imagine that is a whole other kettle of fish….damn it, now I’m wondering what they use the fish for.”
            Fish oil pills. To lower cholesterol.

            “Wait…toothpaste is white?”
            Well, the best brands are, according to Richard Spencer.

            “Damn, I’ve been using blue toothpaste all this time. Must be some knock-off brand.”

            Stop appropriating other cultures. Unless you’re one of them blues. In which case go crazy on that toothpaste when not singing for Eiffel 65.

          • Tsapki

            Good to know on all counts, thank you!

            Hmm, guess I got to find some sort of blend of white/cinnanom red/ tree bark brown toothpaste. I know each of those are a type but not sure if they blend them yet.

            To the Internet!

      • Zorae42

        Alison considers it. But then remembers that biodynamics whose power is plant growth exist and are employed by such companies; making deforestation a thing of the past.

        (Plant growth seems like a pretty likely power to exist given the powers that have been shown)

        • Arkone Axon

          Wouldn’t such a biodynamic have been quietly killed already, along with the others who were deemed “too likely to actually save the world?”

          • Zorae42

            Putting an end to deforestation isn’t really “saving the world”. It helps the world a bunch, but it’s not like it causes major socio-political shifts.

            Plus it gets logging companies super rich.

          • Arkone Axon

            Technically deforestation wouldn’t have been ended, just made more renewable. Also, there’s another question: what if the biodynamic didn’t WANT to use their powers to regrow cut forests? What if they just want to create pretty gardens or do bonsai or not even that?

        • Izo

          But that biodynamic does not want to use her (or his since it makes it easier to justify torture) powers to undo the deforestation since she (or he) is agoraphobic, so Alison must torture and threaten that biodynamic as well.

    • Stephanie Gertsch

      I’m actually a fan of pages that tell a story by use of lighting, blocking, expression, and body language. It’s a visual medium after all.

    • MartynW

      You’re handicapped by only getting a page a day on a web comic. In a real paper comic, this page would be a nice pacing touch, and very well done.

  • Stephanie Gertsch

    I know it’s not clear how much higher education Feral got, so the text in the note is actually interesting to me. This could be a chance to show Feral lacks written communication skills, but it doesn’t come off that way. She mostly leaves out the punctuation, which many adults might do in a hand written note. Several problem words (“there,” “sometime,” and “week”) are spelled correctly. She even capitalizes “Thursday.” Overall impression: with writing at least she’s as confident as most people around 20.

    • I was fully fluent as a writer by age nine, so I consider it not altogether unsurprising that someone who potentially left school without a GED would still be able to communicate effectively and without spelling mistakes. Most of this competency was not obtained from direct schooling. If you’re relatively bright and well-read you can pick up on this sort of thing without direct tutelage, especially since we’re only dealing with spelling and naturalistic dialogue here rather than something grammatically complex.

      Feral definitely gives off an earthy vibe rather than anything academic, but she’s been repeatedly shown as possessing of more intelligence and wisdom than she or anyone else around her realises. She’s also had a wealth of life experience which may go some way to making up for educational deficiencies.

      • OmnipotentEntity

        It’s really not a given. For instance, my mother, a high school dropout (who much later went back for a GED and an associate’s degree), frequently misspells simple words when writing notes.

        When dealing with people growing up in the south without many opportunities, it’s hard to overstate how severe a problem marginal literacy can be. Especially if you haven’t had much reason to exercise that skill in the course of your career (waitress in her case.)

        • No, I didn’t say it was a given, not in either direction. “You can” in the manner I used it above was supposed to read as “it is possible”, not, “it is easy” or “it’s expectable” or “it’s their fault if they fail”. I’m simply trying to say that while education level and literacy correlate strongly they do not correlate exactly due to various other factors such as innate intelligence, home and local reading resources, introversion, support from family for the pastime (or alternatively a family situation which needs escaping from).. there’s at least some variation all along the axis. I’m therefore not all that surprised that Feral was able to instruct herself enough with a moderate amount of schooling. She’s definitely somewhere above the average outcome, having done so, but it isn’t an unthinkable or character-breaking achievement.

  • Danygalw

    She sleeps! 😀

  • Hiram

    A cockatoo threw a cockatail.

  • Ahh yes, the old “sleepless night staring into the dark and wondering how it will feel to die”.

    Or she could just be thinking about Feral or any of the very heavy moral issues she’s dealt with in the past day I guess.

    • MartynW

      When it comes down to it, she basically wrenched a guy’s arm to save a friend from permanent torture and millions of people’s lives in the long run. I hope that’s the worst moral issue I ever have to deal with.

      Sure as anything, given her power, it isn’t going to be the worst moral issue she ever has to deal with.

      • Morality is mostly just a way to pass the time, most people tend to just act in the heat of the moment and lash out anyway.

      • Arkone Axon

        When it comes down to it, she committed multiple felonies against someone she didn’t like in order to save one friend from heroic self-martyrdom plus the thousands of people she was prepared to see dead if it got her friend off the table.

        Sure as anything, torture and murder threats in order to force someone to act in spite of their clearly legitimate fears of… people like you, is undeniably the worst thing she has done in the comic, and it is going to have a lot of lasting consequences for her. Look at Patrick with his broken face because she threw a mug, look at her former professor’s dead husband, look at the many many times she’s failed to learn the lesson, “once you break it, you can’t unbreak it. And in YOUR case, you don’t even know how to fix it, so why are you still acting like a human wrecking ball?”