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  • Usually an incredibly bad idea to date someone you’ve rescued … well, at least within the first few months of rescuing them … that sort of relationship is bound to end disastrously … actually, considering you can add Supers into the mix, expect some explosions on top of the disasters …

  • Ghostforge

    good for you Allison

  • Shjade

    Oh snap, so assertive she turned the air pink.

    Careful with all that TK passion, Alison! It clearly has as-yet uncategorized atmospheric effects!

  • Kid Chaos

    OMG, this is fantastic. Way to go Alison!

  • Abel Undercity

    Feet on the ground, and nobody’s fool. 🙂

  • Dean

    “Because my phone is currently a puddle of burning plastic.”

  • Rumble in the Tumble

    >asking a girl out while she’s working
    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s patriarchy.

    • Dartangn

      You know a huge number of spouse pairs originally met at work, right? And like the guy said, he’s kinda smitten, and she’s about to disapear. He hasn’t been sleazy, and he’s certainly not in control, what with everything that’s happened. She’s certainly not trapped behind a counter. Beyond that, Carpe Diem. The worst that can happen is she turns him down. Well, or rips his limbs off, but Allison’s not THAT flustered, surely.

      • Not Jack Handey

        One of the worst things you can do as an firefighter, I think, is to get asked out, and then get so flustered you start ripping limbs off the other firfighters.

    • ∫Clémens×ds

      Interactions as client / provider of service officially end once all four feet are on the ground.

  • fairportfan

    Poor Alison. SHE’S gonna catch fire in a minute…

    • Guy: You know you’re on fire, right?

      Allison: *glances at her arm engulfed in flame* Oh, woops *quietly pats it out at superspeed and emerges unharmed*

      • fairportfan

        I was thinking of her cheeks, actually.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    Alison, jeez.
    I know you’re trying to subvert social norms by reclaiming agency over the next step of this relationship, but in his eyes, you’re just putting him down. “Can you give me yours instead” is what girls say when they don’t plan on calling ever.

    What was that for even? If you’re trying to keep face, it’s a little too late considering you almost forgot him on a rooftop out of embarrassment.

    • Nightsbridge

      She’s a former superhero. Her personal information is probably worth a lot of money. It makes sense that she would want to protect it.

    • Mechwarrior

      His worst case scenario is that she doesn’t call him.

      Her worst case scenario is that he uses her number to perform a doxxing attack.

      Bit of a difference there.

      • ∫Clémens×ds

        Well, his worst case scenario is also that she would doxx him, but I get ya.

        • Random832

          There are limits of realism. Sure, she could do that, but she could also rip out his spine for presuming to ask. Neither is at all likely. Meanwhile, he’s someone she’s never met and knows nothing about, so she can’t assume it’s unlikely that he’s someone who would post or sell her phone number.

          • Tylikcat

            Well, and who would care if she did? She’s a high value target. He’s a random guy. There isn’t symmetry in doxxing here.

          • ∫Clémens×ds

            I don’t think you got me, that she would doxx him would certainly be unrealistic, but that he could think she would is… after all, as possible as him being the kind to doxx. His worst case scenario is definitely to be considered from his point of view.

        • MrSokar

          So using doxxing as a term for cram his face through an actual brick wall?

    • chaosvii

      Pretty sure she’s not in the know of social norms among civilians, especially the dating sub-cultures. And a lot of dudes wouldn’t take it the way you’re claiming he would.
      As for what’s it’s for, he’s being forward because he’s interested, and she’s asserting agency because she would rather claim it at this particular moment. What’s so baffling about that?

      • ∫Clémens×ds

        Socially inept Alison is my headcanon and there’s nothing you can do to stop me

        • Ian Osmond

          Pretty sure it’s canon-canon, too. Most American biodynamics, really — growing up either in a government program or as a criminal probably isn’t conducive to normal healthy emotional development.

        • chaosvii

          Why would I argue to the contrary to begin with?
          It’s like you are agreeing with the very claim I made and then defy me to disagree with that position in a humorous fashion. I get the joke man, but it falls flat in context.

          You know what?! This is it. This is what makes me rant.
          The only thing I actually habitually take issue with in the statements you make is the style & form of snide joking that I wish was funny if not for some glaring flaws in the joke’s construction. I recognize that you have fun making largely insincere criticisms of Alison that exaggerate her less that optimal actions having absurd consequences or reflect an equally absurd uncouth motivation driving her towards inevitable ruin. That’s a great set-up with lots of material!
          But every so often these jokes fall so flat that they give off a vibe of the petty catty nonsense portrayed in high school dramas. I am a big fan of snark, and it is my love of snark that twists me into a compulsion to deconstruct & satirize most snark that I find lacking. I suppose that I just can’t abide this style of humor that I treasure go un-heckled when it falls flat. I’m not telling you to be ashamed of your weaker jokes, I’m saying that I have a selfish wish to inspire you to make stronger jokes more often.
          But the only way I enjoy making the attempt to inspire better snark is by heckling the weak jokes.

          • ∫Clémens×ds

            Admittedly, I can’t really remember I ever thought my previous comment was appropriate answer to your own. This one’s on me.

    • spriteless

      It’s purely so he doesn’t post her number on the 4chans or tumblrs. It’s a bummer when someone posts your contact information online, and you are also a celebrity.

      • ∫Clémens×ds

        Good point. However, I think it’s not something any amount of precaution on her part could prevent ever since she gave off her real name on television. Since the universe they live in isn’t one where the Green family home is bombarded with paparazzi, I’d almost be willing to assume nobody would care about her phone number.

        That’s not realistic, but so isn’t superpowers.

        But I’m just throwing ideas out there I don’t think have good standing anyway. It’s all fun, and I love to snark about Alison’s overall ineptitude each and every time.
        More importantly, I truly don’t think Alison’s idea in that last panel is about personal safety. The way the scene is constructed, I really think it’s about her trying to reclaim her agency.

        • MrSokar

          Al’s ineptitude is pretty endearing to me.

    • Tylikcat

      This guy is pushing pretty hard. Doxxing is a serious issue – but so is trying to figure out is he’s a pretty guy who’s being weird because he’s smitten – or because he’s a pretty guy who’s used to being able to get away with shit because of his looks. It’s step back and catch you breath time – and how he handles this request is part of the information. (I have had so many guys online request my phone number, and when I tell them no either ignore the no or whine and hector me about it. Way to turn a “no” into a “hell no”. I find it a useful filter criterion – if they don’t respect my boundaries that early in a conversation, and seriously, I’m often open to meeting for coffee, I just don’t give out my phone number, they’re almost certainly going to continue to ignore my boundaries and I’ve had altogether enough of that shit.)

      I mean, seriously, Alison could totally do the “I’m a professional” thing and have no information be exchanged. If he can, ahem, put his big boy panties on and deal with the fact that he doesn’t get to put her on the spot about contact at a later date, hey, maybe it’s worth pursuing.

      Otherwise, *plonk* (That’s the sound of his contact information hitting the bottom of Alison’s kill file.)

      • ∫Clémens×ds

        Ahem, why have the opinions turned against him so much compared to two days ago? I was the one to joke about his lousy ways and sexiest of inappropriate smiles but this was all for fun, and now that the only thing he did was ask for her phone number, he’s being weird and pushing it too hard?

        As presented in the scene, he’s asked, and repeated not for insistence but for a smitten Alison to make it clear that he’s serious and honest about this. Nothing he’s shown for now is indicative that he’d take rejection badly.

        And what I want to focus on is that the fact that he’s “safe” is pretty much everything the author has been trying to convey about this guy since the very beginning. So not only is he nice and charming, has seen in Alison’s awkwardness that she finds him nice and charming, but he’s actively approved by this universe’s de facto God(dess).

        But take the initiative and suddenly you’re a creep?

        I’m a guy so I admit to be quite clueless about these things, and if anything I don’t want to be. Say I’m this guy in this situation, what should have I done not to be deemed a creep before she flew away saving some other people and I never see her again?

        • Wizardblizzard

          Yes, I feel the same. Him asking for her number seems perfectly reasonable to me. (Embarrassing, but no more so than the rest of this situation.) The thing that seems slightly unnerving is how laid-back he is about having almost fallen to his death. I mean, that’s what made me think for a moment it was Patrick, that’s the kind of weird reaction Patrick does, not noticing that he ought to be upset about this until someone tells him. (Patrick reminds me of Inspector Clouseau at those times. “Now then, what do we know? One, that Professor Fassbinder and his
          daughter have been kidnapped. Two, that someone has kidnapped them.
          Three, that my hand is on fire. – Aaaargh!”) (Exactly what is the deal with Patrick’s brain is interesting to puzzle over, but hang on, I’m not supposed to be talking about Patrick.) Is there something fishy going on, did he know he wasn’t really in danger? Or is he a bit peculiar too, like Patrick? Or is that just [i]his[/i] way of being awkward?

          But asking for Alison’s number before she flies off? Especially when if he has any coherent thought left at all he must have noticed that that side of the situation has occurred to her, too? Nah. Doesn’t seem to me to demand any explanation at all.

          • Gene Wirchenko

            About the laidbackness, he did not realise it at first, and the rest of it may come as a delayed reaction after the immediacy of the situation is gone. “Oh, my! I nearly died tonight.”

        • Tylikcat

          Earlier I was reserving judgement, and said so.

          But it’s not that he just asked for a phone number – it’s that he preceded it with the butt touching comment, which had the framing that Alison was doing something inappropriate but that hey, he was down with it. If one reads him as confident rather than smitten and dorky, it comes across as aimed at having Alison feel more uncomfortable with what was already a necessarily uncomfortable situation. I mean, seriously – he asks to be flown down, then he chides her for touching her butt in a way that implies that it was another plus of the evening. It brought sexual innuendo into everything.

          And then he asks for her phone number.

          Of course, to a certain extent, what matter’s most to me is Alison’s reaction – that’s when it goes from “He’s kind of coming across as smooth and pushy, but maybe it’s meant to bit smitten and dorky?” But when he asks for her number, her immediate reaction is discomfort – which is is useful in deciding which of my previous readings to go with, but even more to the point, means that I cheer when she goes with “Yeah, I think I’ll go with my gut and ask for his number instead.”

          Going with the confident and pushy reading, sure, in any physical conflict, she massively outpowers him*. But in terms of social interactions, he probably has an edge, and he can play on that by messing with Alison (this is particular effective in the long term case if he can confuse the issue.)

          * Though there may be edge cases, especially involving sneak attacks, and him being an unknown biodynamic. But I’m going with the obvious case.

    • Wizardblizzard

      I thought it was a rather neat way of making it clear that no, she totally is NOT finding him a nuisance.

      …And as other people have pointed out, Alison doesn’t have a clue that that’s what girls say when they don’t plan on calling; she’s barely known any. (I think it was mentioned near the beginning that Violet was the first non-super friend she’d found since all this blew up.)

  • GreatWyrmGold

    Who’s the #1?
    Actually, who’s who outside her city?

    • MisterTeatime

      Alison is, according to him. (Though it is easy to misread that speech bubble as containing “second most powerful” instead of “second” and “most powerful” on separate lines…)
      And I think the Guardians are still a really big deal pretty much nationwide. They had that summer blockbuster, and Alison mentioned in chapter 1 or 2 (the interview where she unmasked) that they’d been her primary source of travel outside her hometown of Westchester.

  • Matthew McMahon

    It’s that moment in every young superhero’s life…


    (I had to share the pain… really, really sorry.)

  • Hey, Allison, ASK HIM HIS NAME TOO.

    • FionnaCake

      It’s Brois Lane! #ManCanon

      • Markus

        [Insert euphemism about Brois Lane’s man cannon here]

        • *whispers* By which we mean his *punched out by the mods before I can finish the sentence.*

    • It’s Absy McGorgeous

  • sammybaby

    Get some, girl. 🙂

    (In other news: if you were carrying someone from above, like Alison is carrying this guy, you would basically have to grab his butt, or he’d have to work really hard to keep his legs and lower back from angling downward. It’d be uncomfortable has hell.)

    • bryan rasmussen

      I figured the most efficient way was if he wrapped his lags around her hips, sort of like if one is carrying a 5 year old

      • sammybaby

        I predict that won’t be for at least another three pages yet. 😉

      • no back support from that angle.

  • MrSing

    “My phone is currently a pile of molten electronics.”

  • Daniel Vogelsong

    Can I get yo number? Can I get it? Can I?

  • d4t4

    I thought the kids exchanged snapchat handles these days…

    • I am a “kid” myself and I still have yet to figure out what the heck Snapchat is.

      • pendraco

        da hell is snapchat?

  • Liz

    She touched the butt.

  • William Lancaster

    You know, I’m starting to really dislike Blois here. He’s coming across as rather creepy and possessive. Might be his expressions.

    Good comeback from Alison’s part though.

    • dragonus45

      Creep and possessive…wat?

      • Johan

        OMGOSH guys he asked for her number!!! That’s like totally rude and intrusive and stuff!! Kick his ass Alison !!!!

        Yes, I am kidding. Don’t kick his ass Alison XD

    • ∫Clémens×ds

      …because he, as nicely as he possibly could, tried to take the initiative?

    • he has a good point that this is a pretty amazing situation. At least he’s not shrieking and squeeing and drooling like I would probably be doing

  • Valerie Cardona

    Nice recovery, Al. Girl may yet have game.

    I must say, I dig this guy’s sass. 🙂

  • john

    Talk about a smooth landing. You go girl!

  • Arthur Frayn

    Yeah, Alison! Put *him* on the spot.

  • Kevin Flynn

    I’d very surprised if he can remember his phone number after that…and do either of them have a pen to write with? Superhero Problems they don’t mention…

    • MisterTeatime

      You don’t need a pen if you have a touchscreen, and I’m guessing Alison has her phone somewhere handy.

  • Insanenoodlyguy

    That cute fireman should have asked for a ride while he had the chance.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    That works too !

  • Philip Bourque

    I wonder if that would have been less awkward if she had carried him princess style.

    • bridal style is actually one of the worst ways to hold someone in a situation where there is risk of strain to the back or neck. I know this from my ambulance corp training.

      • Philip Bourque

        What’s the best way?

        • Inbetweenbooks

          well, spinal board is pretty safe… just not comfy

  • Some guy

    That was almost a smooth recovery! And almost smooth recoveries are pretty endearing!

  • lizasweetling

    yay Allison!
    GO! Fight! Win!
    and call me when you get back darling I enjoy these visits.

  • Dartangn

    Surprised this hasn’t happened to her a bunch of times before. Although that would explain the number thing, it seems like she just came up with it. Guess she was harder to get in contact with during her Guardians days than I thought.

  • Joshua Taylor

    This is so cute and good stuff to Alison for going for it. Man, things are going so well for her…almost too well….*side-eyes*

    • ∫Clémens×ds

      Well, considering. She’s still losing her father and abandoned by her ‘friends’, plus the slow and agonizing realization that the superhero team that constituted her childhood is now comprised of a serial murderer.

      • Wizardblizzard

        Hey, that ain’t so. Both the other two members, Pintsize and Sonar, are still right where she left them, and I’ve only just noticed that they appear on the cover of this issue. Does that mean they’re going to be in it at some point? I hope so, I like those guys. (And Pintsize’s powers are always interesting or at least comic to see in action, something needs to happen to make him stop sitting feeling sorry for himself and show them off for us again. 🙂 )

  • Tylikcat

    …hope he still has a phone. In his boxers.

    • JohnTomato

      He’s just very happy to see her.

      Of course the “How long to first call” “Call or not call at all” “This is getting border line creepy” all falls on Alison now. Plus planning (at least having ideas of what to do) fall on Al’s plate. How many decent guy/boy friends has she had? Ahhh…. zero? No pressure Alison. 😉

  • Unillustrated

    Because my house just burned down?

    • Jared Rosenberg

      We can only hope he has a cell phone. I’m sure his land-line is out-of-service.

  • Thunder

    Sounds like the smarter idea here. She knows he’s interested, she’s just not sure that she is. This gives her the chance to accept or refuse without other potential problems arising.

    • Mechwarrior

      And gives her a chance to avoid having her phone number spread all over.

    • ∫Clémens×ds

      It’s definitely smart but it certainly throw off the vibe that she’s trying to avoid him, even if that’s not her intention.
      It’d be a shame if that’s how he got her and she once again was unlucky in love.

      • 3-I

        Okay, but, like, it is pretty clear the dude does not have a pen.

      • Thunder

        I’m not getting that vibe. What I’m getting is that he’s put her in an awkward situation, and this is her way of gaining a little bit of breathing room. This is a guy she’s literally known for two minutes at most, and I suspect that this will be the first time (or at least very close to) someone has done this in person to her.

  • Stephanie Gertsch

    Okay, this guy just went from cute to creepy. I strongly suspect he’s part of a plot to discredit Allison and kill the biodynamics. I’m not sure how that works out, but something about his eyes ain’t right.

    • Elaine Lee

      Oh, no! Just because he asked for her phone number?
      (Then again, I’m old. We used to do that.)

      • StClair

        Not just that. This whole thing has been pinging my “this is a set-up” sense from pretty much the first strip where he talked (quite calmly, for a supposed civilian just rescued from a fire and/or falling to his death).

        I keep thinking of Dollhouse, where an FBI agent’s perfectly ordinary and sweet neighbor turned out to be a programmed sleeper agent for the conspiracy he was investigating, placed there to keep tabs on him.

        • Stephanie Gertsch

          Yeah, that’s the feeling I was getting too. This is The Most Amazing Thing that happened to him? Not laying it on thick at all.

          But mostly Frozen has clued me in to the fact that “guy being obviously attracted to some chick right away” is writing shorthand for “guy is creepy stalker who can’t possibly be sincere.” (Make of that what you will.) 😛 If the two of them start singing about Love Is an Open Door, I’m outta here.

    • Dartangn

      His eyes? He looks smitten, hopeful, and then sad and disapointed. Nothing wrong with asking for your hero’s number. She’s not exactly stuck behind a counter here, getting hit on by some sleazy guy. Allison literally swept him off his feet and saved his life. Carpe Diem. And she’s probably never going to see him again otherwise. Guy’s got to work fast if he wants to see this (at the moment, anyway) amazing girl again. What’s the worst she could do? She’s PROBABLY not going to rip his arms off and beat him to death with them.

      • oh, you of little imagination. You think that’s the worst she could do to him? If she got sufficiently mad at him, she could pound every bone in his body into jagged gravel

    • ∫Clémens×ds

      So he wasn’t creepy before when he used the lamest of excuses for getting a hug and his butt touched? All rooftops have a fire exit this is just common sense

      • Carla

        Not all roofs are easy to get off of. I have to be careful to leave the door propped open on my roof when I go up, because if the door closes it locks and there isn’t another way down.

    • MrSokar

      There was that whole near death thing. All in all he just looks a little embarrassed that he actual went through and asked a superhero on a date.

  • Yay for regained confidence turnarounds! 😀

  • ophidimancer

    Yay Alison! You go!

  • Iarei

    Carpe Gluteus.

    • Kid Chaos

      Carpe Feel.

  • dragon

    establishing dominance early I see.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    “Well, you know, I’m pretty sure my phone is actively on fire at this very moment. And not on top of my list of things to reaquire in priority. If you’re curious, the first indent on that list is Pants, the second is A house, and the third is A girlfriend who can bear my unending cynicism. Can you dance?

    Also my name is Patrick I hope this isn’t coincidentally inconvenient”

    • Mystery girl

      This. So much this.

  • MrSing

    “While you’re at it, give me your wallet too, pall. No one will ever believe you.”

    • yes, they would. The media has not been kind to her recently.

    • MisterTeatime

      I definitely don’t believe it. There’s no way he has a wallet in those boxers. 😛

  • Carla

    Everyone keeps acting as though he is creepy for asking, which I don’t really get. I mean, if I had just had a near-death experience only to be saved by a Super Hottie, you bet your life I’d be all “Fuck it, I’m going to die someday. Would you like to go out sometime?”

    • that would be me after hyperventilating myself into unconsciousness from a mixture of terror and almost religious awe.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    Which is kind of uncalled for when she can literally crush him to the size of a pea if she wanted to. That should not work to put him at ease, considering the thought going through his head right now is “if this works and I make her angry for whatever reason, she can literally remove my spine with her pinkie.”

  • Zmm

    You are making huge waves, potentially having another supers team.. sure you are set on a specific relatively small world problem.. but you are a blip on the radar again.. you and your whole team are. “They” aren’t sure if you might even expand into other things..

    This is a justice league cartoon situation my dear. Go watch some cartoons my dear.

  • Roman Snow

    I hope he doesn’t turn out to be a synthodrone.

  • Anna

    And then he turned out to be evil.

  • Wait, I just realized that Allison has tactile telekinesis that allows her to carry a large object from one corner without it breaking under it’s own weight when she lifts it. Does she even have to worry about proper methods of carrying the potentially injured, or will her powers provide automatic neck and back support? Because that would be pretty sweet.

    • MrSokar

      I was thinking that when all the conversations of proper catching and carrying came up before. If she can carry massive machines by a corner there’s no reason she can’t snatch someone mid-air harmlessly.

  • No comment.

  • MrSokar

    Isn’t it canon that Superman can have any power?

    • No. It’s that the powers he does have are op. He has a lot of powers (flight, heat vision, freeze breath, super strength, super speed, super durability, super intelligence, telescopic vision, microscopic vision, super hearing, super reflexes, solar energy blast and a form of kryptonian martial ărts meant to be used against psychic openstax ), but not all of them.