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  • Danygalw

    Those last panels of Alison are *hilarious*.

    Hands in her pockets, ankles crossed, flying… 😀

    • Walter

      Dancing on Pintsize’s head is still my favorite flight, but yes, this is great.

      • korbl

        For a moment, I forgot there was a Pintsize in this comic and thought I’d forgotten about a crossover.

      • Danygalw


    • I’m imagining her leaning back against the wall, as if that makes the act of flying any less tiring.

    • Pol Subanajouy

      Body language apparently doesn’t care about having a ground underneath it apparently, haha.

  • Lysiuj

    @Walter You called it!!

    • ∫Clémens×ds 🐙

      And they’re not kissing! Yet! Much to rejoice about!

      • Walter

        The comic loves me too much to give me all my presents in one day. It is gonna space it out.

        Day 1: Up close, lots of talky.
        Day X: Smooch city
        Day X+.0005: The sound of Clem’s anguished wailing.

  • Weatherheight

    I am torn between yelling “Down in back!”, yelling “Shut up!”, and realizing this might not be the best circumstance to point out she’s being disruptive in the theatre.

    • Adrian Fänger

      I think she is the only one there.She sits in the last row without other people around her and i don’t think he would even though about pausing the movie if there would be other people that would start complaining.

      • Weatherheight

        Ya know, if you think about the joke too much, it just doesn’t work. 😀

        • Seer of Trope

          Well, that is if the joke worked in the first place.

          • ∫Clémens×ds 🐙

            Would you two stop bothering poor elderly Weightwatchers alone you big meanies

  • Lysiuj

    When you don’t want to think about something so you leap at the chance to talk to someone so you’re not stuck in your mind with your thoughts…

  • ∫Clémens×ds 🐙

    “Do you, uh, want to come in or…? I mean I got chairs and drinks but, like, no worries if you’re comfortable.”

    Clevin is such a sweetheart. I couldn’t help try to push Alison to test out he inertia of her levitation. Would she be light as a feather and start slowly drifting away?

    • Seer of Trope

      For science is more important than crushes.

    • Jeremy

      Would it be appropriate to push her without her permission?


    My tyrannical reign of sexy terror finally undone by a spam filter. The irony has me shedding a tear.

    • Lysiuj


    • StClair

      wow, so that “not a robot” thing actually works?

    • Dean

      The spam filter probably has a crush on Alibot, but is too shy to talk to her.

  • “Umm … not exactly … but … uh, nobody seems to want to hang with me, so, … uhh … I came here where you work …”

  • zellgato

    well that gives me a good solid idea of how her flight works now. Neat. (given her posture its less centered flying and more localized gravity control it seems like. Unless she’s just being sassy)

    • Silverwizard

      It was said before that she’s basically a TK – meaning that she can deflect force away from her – and look really super strong

      • Weatherheight

        Strictly speaking (and even more pedantically speaking) Telekinesis (TK) is moving matter without direct physical contact with that matter (mind over matter, if you will).

        Telekinesis can be used for:
        Apparent Strength (I’m not lifting it, my mind is lifting it)
        Flight (I pick myself up, dust myself off, and float all over the place)
        Force Fields / Force Walls (I focus the TK in a thin layer around myself or at range)
        Physical Toughness (Reinforcement of the Intrinsic Material Strength of Matter)
        Wind / Water Control (I grab a bunch of air / water and make it move – this can extend to pretty much any form of gaseous or liquid matter)

        If one drops the level of control to fundamental particles (such as photons, electrons, or molecules), one gets a whole slew of other possibilities
        Pretty much anything in the electromagnetic spectrum (lightning, lasers, thermal effects, hard radiation, and I expect a few others I’m forgetting)
        Molecular Vibration (shake things to bits or set it on fire or what have you).
        Molecular Rearrangement of Matter (I like that oak tree, but it would look better as a Queen Anne chair – that’s better).

        In the Wild Cards books, pretty much every power is either telepathic or telekinetic at some level (for example, the character who has to consume significant levels of heavy metals to sustain his power – that kills most people).

        Most supers, it’s just easiest to say “It’s a limited / broad version of TK” or “It’s a limited / broad version of telepathy” (or some cmbination of the two) and not think too hard about justifying the serious violations of physics that are going on.

  • Roman Snow

    This has probably been pointed out already, but the archive seems to be screwing up a bit. It thinks that his is page 100 of issue 1, for example. As does the page URL.

    • ∫Clémens×ds 🐙

      Oh yeah, looks like it has been doing that for three pages now. Uh.

    • Lysiuj

      Twist – we were in issue 1 all along!

    • Oren Leifer

      Huh, didn’t even notice. I just have “http://strongfemaleprotagonist.com” bookmarked, and let it redirect me.

  • ∫Clémens×ds 🐙

    Okay so guys I don’t want to frighten anybody but while Alison is procrastinating, in the background arose battling AIs fighting for dominance.
    This is how most doomsday scenarios start.

    • Pol Subanajouy

      Wait, what where? Did Paladin do something I missed?

      • ∫Clémens×ds 🐙

        ALIBOT is waging a furious war against endless armies of spam filters, and despite a current disadvantage, rose to prominence three times during the fight, unfortunately still unable to grab definite victory.

        Sorry I’m going to stop letting the metastory derail the actual story when on a meatier page.

  • So nice to have a strip that made me laugh!

    Though there is that ‘Um’ at the end.

  • Manuel Simone

    I can see Alison and Clevin rather good friends than lovers. He so sweet with her and she’s nice with him but still…they’ll work better as “just friends” in my opinion.

    • ∫Clémens×ds 🐙

      If they go that road the question becomes, do we address Clevin’s past romantic interest in her or is he smooth enough to pretend it never happened?

      • Mechwarrior

        He seems like he’d be cool enough to avoid the issue with a woman who didn’t exhibit any of that kind of interest in him.

        • ∫Clémens×ds 🐙

          It makes complete sense character-wise but on a narrative level the it makes love interest showdown from before kind of pointless.

          • MisterTeatime

            The encounter with Max still serves a purpose- it’s our first big hint of how big a douche Max is.

        • Roman Snow

          Seems like she showed at least a tiny bit here, after Max turned out to be 110% tool: http://strongfemaleprotagonist.com/issue-6/page-78-3/

    • I like the idea of the two of them becoming good friends, both dating other people, and then at some point the timing works out and they decide to give dating a shot. Alison has a lot of stuff to work through right now, and knowing how this story works, Clevin might have some baggage of his own in a storage compartment somewhere.

  • Julian Arce

    Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo.

    Don’t know why those last panels made me think of that.

    • Weatherheight

      What light through yon window breaks?
      Tis the feature
      and Clevin is the projectionist…

      • ampg

        I am in awe of your iambic pentameter.

  • Philip Bourque

    Would she pull this crap if there were other people in the theatre? Slippery slope of tyranny people! She’s already lording her power over people! Run, Clevin! Run while you’re still a good person in the eyes of the readers!

    • Lika Boss

      Its too late for Clevin. A private memorial service for Clevin’s reputation will follow the next page. Anyone who wishes may present a good memory, and refreshments will be served.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Oh boy. This is gonna get complicated if she actually tries to tell him anything…like, I wouldn’t blame Clevin for getting scared off from hearing the merest fraction of what Al could tell him. I don’t know, might just be me.

    • Tylikcat

      I am so in favor. I mean, she has to tell someone, right?

    • ∫Clémens×ds 🐙

      I figure she can protect the privacy of people involved and keep it vague enough for Clevin to only give her the generic cheer up pep talk she needs but doesn’t deserve.
      “I did something bad for a very good reason” will only make him go “well, I’m sure it was a good reason and it couldn’t possibly be that bad knowing you and it’s done now anyway so cheer up silly!”

      A full length detailed explanation of what happened and Clevin increasingly horrified railing against her once she’s done is not something I dare to expect but it would be welcome.

      • Sam

        “… And what did you say that charity you were organizing was for, again?”

    • Weatherheight

      Personally, I’m very interested in exactly to whom she is going to tell the events of the last day or two.

      At the least, it’ll provide insight into whom she trusts.

  • ∫Clémens×ds 🐙

    Yay! Violence always wins!

  • Seer of Trope

    “I don’t know why she didn’t bang Harry at the end though. Ron’s a fucking loser.”

    “Well you know … the first impulse is, you know … I mean, on the one hand, you’ve got this fascinating but kind of dark and troubled guy, and on the other hand, you’ve got something very … uncomplicated.”

    issue-6, page-44

    • ∫Clémens×ds 🐙

      The saving grace being that they didn’t have a thing that went wrong before she dated Ron.
      (And even Rowling herself regrets that one anyway!)

      • Zorae42

        Someone is apparently forgetting Krum. You know, the rich, pro-Athlete jock that was actually super sweet and really liked her even when she wasn’t all dolled up and was a big nerd in the library?

        But hey, obviously JK Rowling had to push her anti-women’s choice agenda by having the character that represented herself fall for a big dork.

        • ∫Clémens×ds 🐙

          Hermione and Krum’s relationship is never framed as a terrible scarring mistake.

          Although I do grind my teeth at the potential reading that Hermione danced with him to make suddenly surprisingly misogynistic Ron *jealous*

  • Pyro

    I love that Al is just chillin in the air all “don’t mind me I’m just floating here pretending that this isn’t a cinema that people use.” To be fair at this point, people will have just decided to go to the next showing but still 🙂

  • Retrikaethan

    dangit guys, yer not supposed to talk during the movie!

  • Loranna

    Before the burro gets to it, I would just like to point out the visual irony of Alison Green, against the backdrop of a green-tinted wall.

    A wall she is leaning against while in mid-air, as if by movie magic.

    A wall so tinted by the glow of a movie projector.

    (Yes, this point required three separate lines for me to make. I am a glorious abuser of the nigh-infinite space provided by forum post forms of personal expression!)

    Oh, and though I cannot yet ascribe any specific meaning to it, I love how Alison is framed in the circular glow of the projector, while Clevin is framed by the neat little rectangle of the projector room window. I’ll be silly and say it’s a visual metaphor denoting the infinite gulfs between them based on their gender, class, and personal differences. Also, because I like how the projector itself neatly inverts the image, being a circle in a box! Clearly, the conundrums facing our poor heroine stretch into an infinite sequence, with no end in sight. 😛




      [Certified For Sentience ✓]

    • Weatherheight

      That is much better than how I was working on phrasing what you noticed. And yeah, the conflict of circles and squares in the imagery is pretty powerful, here.

      Personally, I can’t quite get over that, somehow, a gremlin has attached its head to Alison’s body in panel one.

    • Mechwarrior

      Notice which wall she’s leaning on? It’s not one of the first three…

      • Oren Leifer

        Good point, it’s where the story is coming from (projection), so yes, Alison is leaning on that wall.

  • FlashNeko

    I do like the idea of these two become friends who can confide in each other they may not be able to with others. They need not be romantic right away, if at all, but it would help Alison grow to learn how a “normal” relationship works instead of one initiated by a Dark Brooding Hormones Aura or dominated by Biodynamic concerns.

    And from there they could decide to be a full couple, decide it wouldn’t work out “that way”…

    Or they could decide to just be Friends With Benefits. Alison knows for sure she’s physically capable now (emotionally though is another story) and hey, some people can actually make that kind of relationship work if it makes everyone involved genuinely happy.

  • bta
  • Philip Petrunak

    “So I found out my date was a prick, THEN I found out he had fricken’ SUPER POWERS. Powers which amplify other people’s powers! So I tried to get him to help save someone’s life and in the process save millions of lives world wide and you know what the prick did? He said no. So I had to kidnap him, force him to do the right thing after nearly breaking his arm, then go grab burgers and beer for my friend feral.”

    “Wait, hold on, you have a friend who is feral?”

    “Okay, I may need to slow it down some.”

    • Dean

      “Oh man, you know Feral? D’you think you could introduce us?”

  • Mujaki

    “Hey! Keep it down back there, we’re trying to watch the movie!”

    “Did you just say ‘keep it down’ to someone that is flying?”
    “That was unintentional, but if she blocks the projector I’m calling the manager.”

    • Lheticus Videre

      I’m not sure there’s anyone else in that viewing area at ALL…

  • Crow

    I hope this doesn’t become a case of talking to him when nothing else is going on and then ignoring him when Al isn’t bored anymore.

  • Mitchell Lord

    ….Once you learn you can fly…YOU NEVER STOP. (Seriously. There’s one character in a novel I’ve read? Her feet never touch the ground. She, in fact, has to wear long dresses to disguise this.)

  • Jeremy

    I know a lot of the commentators hate Clevin, but I think he seems really nice. It would be great for both of them if they could become friends and hang out a bit.

    • Roman Snow

      Who hates Clevin?

      • palmvos

        we have some Alison+Tara shippers around here somewhere… at least one is militant about it..

      • weedgoku

        His own parents.

        • Filthy Liar

          *Snrrk*. He seems like an okay dude though.

          • weedgoku

            You’d have to be if you grew up being called Clevin and didn’t become a supervillain.

      • Cartheon

        There are some who are hard core Han Solo with Clevin and Alison. They think he is a “nice guy” of the fedora wearing kind.


  • Pythia

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    • Sam

      Because nothing says “selfless and not at all sketchy” like a referral link.