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  • Sabriel

    Alison doing a face plant while failing to catch an invisible attacker.

    Yeah, that’s going to get a lot of hits on YouTube.

    • Jack Lostthenames Warren


      • Moddey Dhoo


        • Some guy

          (Misleading thumbnail implying nudity)

  • Shjade

    Later: Alison looking embarrassed at the hospital.

    “Well, I THOUGHT it wasn’t supposed to kill him!”

    Also can’t decide if Moonshadow was aiming for his crotch and just missed in her hasty retreat. Not that he’s guilty of anything (that she knows of) but hey, he is a FRIEND of the potential attempted-rapist, right? Gotta count for something!

  • phoebecam

    I just binge-read this entire series and now I’m ending on a page like this??? Please tell me this updates regularly.

  • David Nuttall

    That same cut on the inside of the leg would be an entirely different story. Femoral artery cuts are very problematic and often fatal.

  • Aile D’Ciel

    I think, she could’ve just tried to throw her boot at Moonshadow, especially while she was trying to use the door. Alison’s boot throwing technique was proven to instantly K.O. an enemy without enhanced physiology (like telekinesis-using Domino), which would be more than enough to knock out cold our Invisible Slasher as well… Through yeah, she probably didn’t have enough time to come up with this kind of solution

  • motorfirebox

    For a while there, I was kinda rooting for Moonshadow. But you can’t kill people for what they might have done, and you can’t go around stabbing random people anytime you want to run away.

    • TheGonzoMD .

      She you can. She just did it!

      • motorfirebox


    • Insanenoodlyguy

      The alignment shift was inevitable. Super heroes can’t just shift to neutral or even chaotic good, it’s always down to evil. It’s right in the manuel rules. Moonshadow shouldn’t have taken the hero class if she wasn’t ready for that.

      • Mystery girl

        But I like Chaotic Good…

  • Gus

    Moonshadow doesn’t miss when battling a platoon of heavily armed men trained to deal with biodynamics, I don’t think she missed 😉

    • Sabe Jones

      In that situation, she was in complete control of time, place, mood, etc. This looks to be rather more ad hoc, spur of the moment action, which could make her more prone to mistakes than when she’s got everything locked down.

    • Mechwarrior

      I’ve played enough D&D to know that in any combat situation, you always have a 5% chance of missing your target no matter how good your attack modifier is.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    It looks like lightning bolt shirt guy is pulling out a phone to take video instead of help. Anyone else getting that vibe?

    • Markus

      Klevin’s neutral twin is a dick.

    • Ian B

      He’s the guy that was on the phone calling in the emergency. He dropped the phone when he got sliced.

      • Keith

        Lightning bolt shirt guy is not the guy who called 911 and got sliced.

  • Some guy

    Moonshadow: Inaccurate Invisible Circumcisionist!

  • David Gottsegen

    In the foolishness of my youth, I challenged many vampires to find my ephemeral artery, thinking it safe in the Aether. I lost a lot of bets.

    • Markus

      I’m sure there’s a lot of awful Twilight fanfiction that involves the femoral artery.

      • Sabriel

        I’ve seen it in paranormal romance. So, not just awful fanfiction, but awful published fiction as well. 😛

        • StClair

          Well, Twilight was mentioned…

    • Dean

      Imaginary vampires actually prefer the ephemeral artery.

  • ophidimancer

    Welcome to the fandom! SFP updates Tuesdays and Fridays.

  • Ryan .

    He is more likely a friend of Allison

  • Moddey Dhoo

    Twice a week. It’s one of my favorites, too. If you still feel like binging on comics, I could recommend a few others…?

    • Sabriel

      Others, such as Gunnerkrigg Court? 😉

    • Insanenoodlyguy

      If you really got some time to kill, there’s always homestuck! 😛

      • Moddey Dhoo

        “I’ll see you all in ten weeks”

        • Insanenoodlyguy

          1 HOP3 YOU H4V3 FUN! >:]

    • Duodecimus

      I’m all for the sharing of awesome, longrunning webcomics.

      Such as El Goonish Shive, or Dragon Doctors.

      • Moddey Dhoo

        Damn – you already know about EGS. Hm. Namesake is good. That’s a fantasy story about the characters in fairy tales. I also like Stand Still Stay Silent. It’s not especially old, but it updates five times a week, the way EGS wishes it did, and it’s a post-apocalyptic story set in Scandinavia. Another I like is Gunnerkrigg Court, a fantasy comic about a young girl attending an unusual school. It’s better than I just made it sound though. It updates three times a week and has been going for several years.

    • Ryan .
  • mc

    I’ve been holding back on commenting, mostly for the sake that I never comment on anything, ever, but I’m just TOO BUMMED by this latest plot turn with Moonshadow. The whole trope of ‘good feminist vs bad feminist’ (in this case Mega Girl vs hell-bent-on-revenge Moonshadow) is such a whompy way for it to go. I’m just really hoping Moonshadow is redeemed (Miles is actually connected to other sexual assaults, etc.)

  • Some guy

    Damnit Clevin, you are such a wiener. They may as well have named you Millhouse.

  • Classtoise

    I see your point, but I think it’s less “good feminist vs bad feminist” and more “Even people who are in the moral right can be extremist murderers”.

    This is supposed to put it starkly in view for Allison, who was more than willing to jack Miles up when he was preying on some poor drunk girl. The idea that “your powers don’t make it okay to hurt people even if you think they deserve it”.

    • David Mamet likes to say that there is no moral choice between good and evil (because one would always be ethically required to choose the good) but only between two or more competing evils. Good drama is inherently about moral choices.

  • Insanenoodlyguy

    I can see why you’d be sad if you were expecting something different, but, ultimately, SFP is still in the superhero genre, so this was kinda inevitable.

  • Insanenoodlyguy

    Nah, Allison has it right. She slashed a bystander knowing Allison would stop to help keep him from bleeding out.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Now, this is gonna be awkard to explain

    “Hey, they got attacked by some invisible girl I know. It wasn’t me. at all.”

  • Some guy

    Other than she’s a woman and her targets have theoretically all been rapists, what makes you think Moonshadow is a feminist?

    I’m not trying to be snarky here, but ‘Is a woman’ and ‘targets men that target women’ isn’t quite enough to qualify, and that’s basically all we really know about here at the moment.

    Would that really redeem her? Rape is a Big Deal, but Murder is still generally considered A Bigger Deal. A serial rapist might get what is functionally a life sentence, but it’s still not considered a capital offence. Whether it should be or not is open to debate, but you’d need a pretty loose definition of ‘redemption’ to apply it to any of her depicted actions.

    • mc

      I’m in the boat of rape survivors deciding what to do with their rapists, whatever that involves. Justice to rapists is one of my daydreams, and though its grisly, I don’t think murder is always inherently worse than rape. I don’t want to get too deep into it, which is worse than the other, but I do think that sometimes killing an oppressor is an understandable, even reasonable option.
      And I’m not assigning politics to either Mega Girl or Moonshadow, I do, however, consider this a feminist comic, I’d be surprised if the creators disagreed with me about their intentions in that. Looking through that lens, this becomes a story line that has been well worn, the ‘crazy’ feminist versus the ‘sane’ feminist, and, ‘look, someone has to put a stop to those radical politics that could hurt men who don’t deserve it!’

  • That same guy

    That’s generally why they don’t let survivors of sexual assault on juries for sex assault trials. Or any victims of any specific crime serve one juries for that specific crime, really. Killing the bad guy is convenient and satisfying, but it’s not really justice, and humanity is supposed to be ‘better’ than that. It’s a convenient source of moral ambiguity for this chapter, though.

    You sorta did assign politics to Moonshadow via implication with your original trope comparison. ‘Feminist’ comic or not, it’s reasonable to assume that not every named female character is feminist by default, or at least not to the degree you would need to consider this conflict ‘Good Feminist vs. Bad Feminist’.

    With the little Moonshadow has actually said in this chapter it’s fairly obvious that she’s unhinged and probably traumatized, but any feminist ideals she has may as well just be footnotes rather than defining traits. She’s probably anti-slavery as well but you could hardly call her an emancipationist.

    This isn’t to say you don’t have a point though, as hamfisted tropes like that are why most webcomics are insufferable, I’m merely stating that I don’t believe that is what’s happening here. A much simpler explanation is that a hero got a taste for killing, became a psycopathic freelance murderer, and our Strong Female Protagonist is now involved (which would have had to happen eventually, as she’s the star of the show).

    • Mechwarrior

      The other issue regarding executions is that just because someone is suspected of a crime doesn’t mean that they’re guilty of it. At least 4% of death row inmates are believed to be innocent of the crimes for which they’ve been convicted, and that number is considered to be most likely on the low side. If you imprison someone, even for a long time, you can still let them free and give them a part of their life back if you find out that they’re not the person who actually committed the crime. If you executed them?

    • Velox Mortis

      I fail to see how it’s not justice, or how/why humanity should be
      “above” it. Certainly it would keep that rapist from raping again,
      unlike all the repeat offenders we have. I mean seriously, sex offenders
      get less of a sentence than someone caught with some pot. Rape is
      tantamount to torture. I’ve known people that live the aftereffects, and
      more power to them, but personally I don’t think I could; I’d rather a swift
      pain-free death.

      • Still that same guy

        At least you admit it’s a failure on your part :V

        Seriously though, “Justice” is supposed to be logical and dispassionate, with no preconceptions or prejudices, as when it becomes personal to someone directly or indirectly, it usually becomes “revenge”. Having been on juries for sexual assault cases, I can say pretty confidently that neither the judge, prosecution, or defense want anyone with strong personal feelings on the issue getting past vior dire.

        It’s not justice because the rape survivor by definition survives the encounter, whereas the person executed did not. The punishment is disproportionate to the crime. The survivor might be glad the attacker is dead, but they aren’t made whole by it. With the lengthy appeals process (that are at least theoretically in place to protect the innocent), it’s usually more expensive to execute someone than it is to hold them in prison for life.

        The only remaining positives for execution are the idea that it’s more humane to the criminal than life imprisonment (which you don’t seem concerned with in this case, and is also a huge black mark against the U.S. prison system), and the complete impossibility of recidivism.

        Life without parole (or even until they are too old to effectively re-offend) takes care of the recidivism angle pretty well, preserves alive the hypothetical wrongfully convicted, and most importantly keeps society from lowering the bar for what qualifies as an executable offence.

        There’s also the idea that maybe you actually can rehabilitate someone, and it’s pretty important to society to not lose that idea.

  • EgilGB

    Doesn’t “EXIT” doors usually open outwards?

    • Subbak

      Especially since it’s got a pushing handle. I’d guess it’s a mistake.

  • EgilGB

    I was just wondering if it is going to turn out that it wasn’t Moonshadow. That WOULD be an interesting twist.

  • Sabriel

    Nobody has mentioned Nimona or Darths and Droids!



    Gaia is also pretty good, although I fell behind on it when I unsubscribed from Manga Magazine (it’s also available for free, but more slowly.)


    Sarah Ellerton does pretty stuff



  • Subbak

    Yeah, the rehabilitation bit is pretty important. People can make mistake. Sometimes the mistakes are so dire and their consequences so adverse to a peaceful society that they get sent to prison for a very long time, even if they see the errors of their way before the end of their sentence. But I think it’s fundamental that each person has a chance at redemption.

  • She is so going to be blamed for this. The police will probably be too chicken to take her in, but her social life is going to be hell.
    I actually want them to take her in for questioning, because that’s how the police should work. Due process, everyone’s equal under the law and all that.