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  • Ganurath

    So, it appears that even if she suspected the Invisible Stalker, she wasn’t expecting her former teammate to be the culprit. I can see such an unfortunate wakeup call to be a distraction in a critical moment.

  • Ryan .

    He should probably tell 911 which college it is. Also, numbered streets usually run parallel to each other, not perpendicular.

    • AnnatarLotW

      I believe we’re in New York City, in which case he’s likely referring to the intersection of 12th St and 5th Ave. I would assume with a native New Yorker (I’m not) you could leave off the st/ave designation as long as you weren’t at say 3rd St and 6th Ave – if such an intersection even exists. I know the Avenues don’t really get higher than single digits and the streets go all the way up to hundreds, but I don’t know if they go down to single digits.

      • Alan_A

        Fifth Avenue and 12th Street in Manhattan is just around the corner from The New School, which is where Alison is enrolled. I don’t think the New School has dorms but we can stretch to that (or maybe they’re using NYU dorm space). In Manhattan, avenues do go into double digits (Eleventh and Twelfth) and streets go into single digits (Positively 4th Street) but mostly the shorthand works – am a native New Yorker and lived there for nearly 50 years, and “12th and 5th” makes sense to me. In Queens it gets much harder (did you mean 103rd Avenue or 103rd Street) and there are sometimes emergency dispatch problems because of that.

    • Yes, he technically should, but I’m pretty sure they know where he’s calling from anyway:I may be wrong, but I remember reading something about how emergency calls are automatically triangulated, in case the caller is incapacitated in some way before they can give an address.

  • dbmag9

    Moonshadow’s voice is presumably recognisable to at least some people in law enforcement after her Guardians days; calling up like this cuts off her chance to go back to how things were before (even without Alison showing up).

    • Sabriel

      I think the speech bubbles are Clevin.

  • Francisco

    I suppose who it was caught her more off guard than the attack.

  • Mr. After Dark

    Odd she seemed surprised to see her. Whom else would she be looking for by dusting the room?

    • Insanenoodlyguy

      Presumably Moonshadow isn’t the only biodynamic who has invisibility.

    • I guess she was checking for somebody invisible, but she didn’t think it was anyone she knew.

  • Subbak

    So Alison was really not excpecting Moonshadow. I hope she still has the time to catch her and Moonshadow’s power doesn’t allow her to escape someone’s grasp. She can cut Alison all she wants, that’s not going to work.

    • Insanenoodlyguy

      Might not even be able to cut her. By the looks of the last panel, her plan her is to knock Allison over and run for it.

  • Ross Van Loan

    If murder is your go-to hobby, you have:

    A) A psychosis
    B) Too much free time
    C) An evil, evil mentor
    D) All of the above
    E) Guam

    • Shino

      Psychotic people (schizofrenic, bipolar etc.) are actually LESS violent than general population. In fact, most of violent tendencies we DO have is caused by substance abuse (drugs, alcohol). Psychosis in itself definitely doesn’t make one dangerous, and definitely not prone to murder of all things (it’s a very compilcated crime requiring plenty of choices, concentration, and planning, all of those things being very hard when one suffers from psychosis)

      • Ross Van Loan

        I’m afraid that I can award zero marks for your essay answer to the multiple choice question. Please follow all test instructions.

  • Jacob

    Oh, those college pranks!

  • RobotAccomplice

    Beer bottle, ashtray, kleenex, lotion, looks like a guy’s dorm room!

  • danny in canada

    Mary’s strong enough to knock Alison over?

    • Insanenoodlyguy

      Alison’s powers don’t appear to increase her weight (she can land pretty soft after jumping from heights), so presumably she’s no harder to knock over then a normal girl of her height and weight if she hasn’t braced for it.

      • Markus

        Even if she has braced for it there’s a limit to the difficulty of toppling her over based on her center of balance. It seems like when super strength people brace for impact they do so by putting themselves between as much dense stuff and whatever’s going to hit them as possible.

        Also, Moonshadow’s invisible, so even if Alison had braced she could’ve just hit Alison from a different angle.

        • Ryan Thompson

          We’ve already seen that that limit doesn’t necessarily apply to Alison when she’s using her powers. Remember when she carried that giant machine for Lisa, picking it up by its corner?

          • Markus

            I thought the general consensus there was that that was an art error.

          • Or the standard Super Power of Touch TK, you can lift things with your mind, but you have to be touching them first.

    • Rod

      I was thinking the same thing….

    • He power’s a conscious thing, so I reckon she’s no more difficult to knock over than the average young adult if she’s startled by, say, the sudden appearance of an old friend, who’s apparently now a murderous vigilante. That usually makes people pretty easy to tip over.

      • tygertyger

        Bingo. She’s superhumanly strong, but not superhumanly massive; Alison has the same amount of inertia as does a normal woman her size. Catch her off guard and she goes down as easily as a norm would.

  • Samara2Q13

    The jig is up! Let the chase commence! I’ve been drinking…

  • Some guy

    I still think it would have been better if it was all:

    “Who the hell are you?”
    “We were on the same team for years!!!”

    • Banana



      “-Finally, took you long enou-”



      • Dean

        “Did you use to be a Chinese guy?”

        • tofusmith


  • Markus

    Interestingly, this page implies that it’s possible Mary can’t see while invisible. Because being invisible refracts light around you, the corneas of the eye need to be at least somewhat visible for a person to see. Science!

    • DeusExCeteri

      She could also have the power to see on non-visible wavelengths, like infrared. Predator vision!
      Though certainly, her being unable to see and using her other heightened senses to kill would make her quite an adversary.

    • Keith

      Or as has been suggested elsewhere, her power is primarily a psionic one. She doesn’t disappear, she makes you think you can’t see her. String enough evidence to the contrary made her start to appear.
      Or it was just dramatic.

      • Ryan Thompson

        I’m actually really liking this theory. The wibbly-wobbly stuff is your brain trying imperfectly to fill in the blank space left by not seeing her.

        • Iarei

          Or it’s the effect of light being bent around an irregular non-transparent object. Or a bit of both, which would be my guess since she’s not been caught out on any surveillance cameras.

          • Ryan Thompson

            Ah yes, there’s always technology to rain on the psionic parade.

        • Caravelle

          That makes sense, but would the plaster powder trick work then ?

          • motorfirebox

            Could go either way. Her original power seems to have been being hard to notice, which is why I thought it was psionic. The power then expanded to making others not able to see her or anything on her. Being able to spot the absence of dust could indicate that I was wrong, and it’s a physical power, or it could just be that her power hasn’t expanded to the point of being able to fully create the illusion that she’s not there.

          • Ryan Thompson

            ….No, it likely would not, now that you mention it.

        • tygertyger

          It’s pretty strongly implied that she’s using a psionic “you don’t see me” effect. I think Keith’s theory that enough suspicion of her presence weakens the illusion is dead on. There’s also the possibility that Moonshadow’s old teammate has had opportunity to develop some resistance.

      • moriati

        In the 3rd panel the outline of MoonShadow is visible by the absence of dust. Like the dust that has settled on her has become invisible – still musing on what this suggests about the nature of her ‘invisibility’.

    • Mechwarrior

      I’m wondering about why she wasn’t affected by that dust getting in her eyes.

  • Sabriel

    Lotion and Kleenex.

    Yeah, I’m sure he probably just has dry skin and the sniffles.

    • Ganurath

      I don’t want to know why he was “treating dry skin and the sniffles” by his window.

      • Dean

        That’s where airborne pollen blows in, of course.

  • Zac Caslar

    a) does her friend survive this encounter and
    b) was this confrontation accidental or deliberate?

  • GaryFarber

    I’m Starlord, man.

    Never mind.

    • John Smith

      Yes, because you’re not Starlord…I am!

      • moriati

        I’m Starlord.

        • motorfirebox

          Guys, if we keep this up, the Space-Romans are just gonna crucify ALL of us.

          • John Smith

            I’m Spartacus!

        • Timothy O’Brien

          Whatever happened to everyone wanting to be Batman? Kids today…

          • Kid Chaos

            I’m Batman.

          • Timothy O’Brien

            You can’t be Batman, you’re Kid Chaos! Batman is an Agent of Order. So…there…I guess…

  • David Nuttall

    So now Alison knows who the invisible killer is.

  • GaryFarber

    So will Pint Size come help Alison fight Mary? Or will he pout? I figure he’ll come.

    But Mary really isn’t a major threat on her own. Are there others she could team up with? Say, Cleaver? Furnace?

    • John Smith

      Pintsize will come if Alison asks him, and given the situation…yeah, she’ll ask him.

  • Khlovia

    I know it always knocks *me* for a loop.

  • Lord Pickle Fruit

    I’m guessing her powers are completely psyonic as she can leave after images at will, also her power covers her clothes as well. Surprise attack, physically and mentally, Allison just learned that her former partner is the mass rapist murderer.

  • Lostman

    Why do I have a feeling Moonshadow could end forming a group in the same style of The Elite

    • Shino

      Actually more supeheroes following Moonshadow’s track and becoming violent avengers/vigilantes would be interesting development, and a huge hit for comic’s status quo.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Holy damn did she just know *Mega Girl* off her boots ?

  • Observer

    Complete shock does wonders against Mega’s strength.

  • Mystery girl

    Maybe a bit like the Silence?

  • Arthur Frayn

    Mary revealing her eyes had the effect, perhaps deliberate, of surprising Alison and letting her be taken off balance. Catching her is not going to be easy now.

  • Is she really getting everywhere by bus?