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  • moriati

    This seems appropriate http://youtu.be/bW7Op86ox9g

    p.s. 7 year old daughter is loving the book.

  • Hrm, maybe *not* a budding Tony Stark, although if Templar was her company originally, it sounds like she shares Stark’s apparent inability to keep control of his companies. (There was a hilarious passage in the new-ish She-Hulk where the revolving-door nature of the various Stark corporate entities were used to shell-game legal liability for a particular IP theft down the memory hole by his ruthless house counsel.)

    Somehow I doubt her particular brand of AI, robotics, and miltech would mesh well with the patronage networks available through the New School, especially not if she were looking for DARPA grants. She seems like a better fit for Carnegie-Mellon.

    • Donald Simmons

      Regarding that She-Hulk issue, at least once she dragged the whole matter to Tony’s attention (which involved fighting robots of course) he did the right thing. She then kicked his butt a bit for outsourcing his personal responsibility.

    • Mechwarrior

      It sounds more like she was an employee of Templar than the owner.

  • Michael Corley

    There can’t be THAT many super robot scientists.

  • Axel_Celosar

    I honestly forgot, why is this suddenly a big twist?

    • Fansibubbles

      Because those robots used to smash up cities.

  • spriteless

    Were the Templar drones mentioned before?

    • motorfirebox

      They’re the robots Alison fought all the time. Remember the professor whose boyfriend was killed when Alison threw a robot into a building during a fight? That robot was a Templar drone.

      • Insanenoodlyguy

        I TOLD YOU HER ROBOTS WERE KILERS! I just… didn’t think it’d already happened. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • I don’t remember who/what Templar is. Can we get a dossier page, or a Secret Files & Origins? Or is there already a wiki?

    • Henry Cannon

      Templar was Nemesis’s company. In other words, the bad guys prior to everything going peaceful, the main enemy of the Guardians.
      Except things weren’t as simple as that and apparently there is another major villian group that kills off people who are even more powerful than Alison or Victor.

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        And apparently the gov couldn’t just dissolve the company so there has to be something more ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Ryan Thompson

          They were probably too big to fail.

          • Darkoneko Hellsing

            …this rarely bodes well, does it ?

      • Got it. Thanks Henry!

  • Ryan Thompson

    Templar was Menace’s evil organization before he “retired”. Now it’s just an ordinary evil corporation with someone else pulling the strings.

  • Ian Osmond

    Hey, remember when I said, “MENACE/MEGA GIRL/PALADIN TEAMUP?”

    Yeah, I hadn’t realized that the Menace/Paladin teamup already happened.

  • Jack Lostthenames Warren

    Ruh roh!!!

  • Sabriel

    Wait, how much influence does Patrick have with Templar right now? Did he retire completely?

  • tofusmith

    Huh, was wondering whether that was a coincidence.

  • IfThen

    I wonder if we’re getting a way of closing in on whoever’s jerking around Menace’s old network here?

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Oh, and re: Paladin’s attitude with the head worker earlier, along with the last panel here : one of her flaw is that she tend to think that what is obvious to her is obvious to everyone else.

    Happens to a lot of people, really, but it’s more pronounced in her case

    • Taylor

      I’m glad someone appreciates what I have to go through.

      • Mystery girl

        You try her terribly, Taylor. I am sorry…

  • JulietteF

    And here I was just starting to distrust Paladin…..
    Now I REALLY am convinced she’s going to ultimately reveal as the big bad / hatching an ill-guided and ultimately bad-for-social-justice plan.
    all the ingredients are in play: works in isolation/stays locked away from normal society; legion of AI drones that don’t exactly respect her authoritay and/or still need tinkering; interior and exterior (exoskel) cybernetic enhancements that might allow her to keep up with, or at least put up with, the strongest female on the planet; attempting to re-write history in her own image (first in murals, then…?); trope trademark opposite hair color from heroine; assumes others assumes what she does/can; and now… deepest of shady backgrounds All she needs now is a little sister that the hero accidently puts in a coma, and BAM !! — supervillainy-o-rama ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • theangelJean

      Maybe, but then you’d have the (only?) dark-skinned character being a villain to the heroic white girl. (Sorry for the clunky descriptor, there are other people of colour in the comic and I’m not assuming she’s African-American. That said, the most recently prominent person of colour has been Moonshadow, who looks like she has Asian heritage and has proven to be villainous if possibly misguided.) Now people of colour aren’t all good or nice, but having a single one of each and having them both villains would smack of letting the dominant narrative bleed in, if they went down that route. This comic being about social justice, I really hope that’s not what they’re going for.

      • Mystery girl

        What about Hector?

  • Khlovia

    Tangentially related:

    Entirely by coincidence, my husband checked out a library book the other day on miscellaneous medieval matters, and one of the topics was the Knights Templar. Reading the account, I realized: the Templars were the, erm, template for the Jedi. Warrior monks? Check. Simple white robes? Check. Mystic powers (allegedly)? Check. International (interstellar) NGO? Check. Saw themselves as the selfless, mission-endowed Good Guys? Check. Influenced international (interstellar) affairs at the highest levels? Check. Became so powerful they had to be squelched by government forces? Check.

    I’m not tuned in to the fandom much these days; am I the last person on Earth to notice that Jedi = Templar, or the first?

    • Some guy

      You’re neither the first or last, exactly. Lucas admitted in an interview that he was basically making the Jedi out of Samurai from some Samurai movies he really liked.

      Then again, he also thinks that Greedo shot first, so maybe they are retconned off of Knights Templar. But he forgot the interstellar banking thing, so maybe the Trade Federation is the new Knights Templar.

      • Khlovia

        Lol, and thanks.

    • Given the fanboy pseudo-Asian roots of Lucas’s inspiration for Star Wars, the Jedi are probably closer to the various Buddhist warrior-monk orders like the Shaolin and the yamabushi and sลhei of the Japanese Sengoku era. Templars are usually portrayed in literature as fanatic colonizers, slavers, or fabulously corrupt proto-capitalists, depending on which flavor of propaganda your artist has imbibed. I especially like the one that appears in Ivanhoe.

  • Keith

    Am I wrong in thinking the fact that she worked for menace was mentioned earlier? Because I swear I knew it already, but I’m not in a position to go back through to find it.