MICE was a great convention, thanks to everyone who came out! Next weekend (spilling over into the week, like the behemoth it is) we’re going to be at New York Comic Con, selling and signing copies of the graphic novel at the Top Shelf booth, #2238. We’ll be there from 12 – 3, Thursday through Saturday. Molly will also be on a panel at 7:15 on Thursday about Self Publishing, here’s the details. Hope to see you there!


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  • Ryan .

    “vrr chk chk”

    onomatopoeia needs more vowells

    • Keith

      Vwls r nt rly vry mprtnt n wrtng

    • Keith

      And “onomatopoeia” has plenty of vowels already 😉

  • dbmag9

    Kenneth is Australian, right?

  • I suppose that would give you an interesting perspective on things. Not to mention a few… quirks.

  • Dave

    Utilizing all of her mighty strength, Allison heroicly removes her foot from her mouth 🙂

  • Dave Van Domelen

    Hm, with Puppetmaster out there, I wonder why Menace gets the rap for mind controlling people? Perhaps Puppetmaster’s convincingly dead?

    • Keith

      My understanding is that there was one round of people receiving powers (as opposed to new supers popping up regularly) and that all the super-villains have pretty much been dealt with. Speculating, I’d say it’s because Menace’s power went well beyond mere domination, and he was smart enough to use it to get rich and build himself a crap-ton of infrastructure.

      • Timothy Craig

        It’s why Menace is my hero. Like, of COURSE you do that first. That way even if you lose you’re in prison for like, what, a day?

      • Liz

        They said 4 p 36 that they were the “first generation of biodynamic individuals ever to exist.” Not sure they’d say “first” unless there was some evidence that more were on the way.

        • Keith

          Fair enough. My point is simply that Puppetmaster is pretty certainly no longer out there.

    • Tsapki

      While being able to read a person’s ming does not give direct control over them, it does give you endless ways to manipulate them. Either sympathy as you know what mental issues they or dealing with or blackmail since you can learn all their embarassing, possibly illegal, secrets

      Pat explained this a chapter back I think.

      • Dave Van Domelen

        Yes, but the point being, since he doesn’t ACTUALLY have mind control, if there is a real mind-controller out there who’s still alive, they’d be more likely to get the rap for “Um, a supervillain mind-controlled me into doing that, honey” stuff.

        • Keith

          That does kind of present a challenge to the justice system, doesn’t it?

  • Emmy

    It seemed like everyone had a really strong reaction to comic!Ken’s first comments on the previous page, so it’s nice we get a little insight into how he might’ve gotten to be the way he is. Somehow, I get the feeling he hit the positive thinking books really hard after “six months as a mind-slave.”

    • Sabriel

      Yeah, I was pretty appalled, but I find him more sympathetic now. It makes me wonder how many people have similar stories.

      I’m also happy to see that Alison disapproves of killing minors. I mean, of course she does, but I’m still glad to see it.

  • Mass Debater

    Jeez this guys creepy,Well at least we have half a reason why he likely collects dead prostitutes in his basement now n.n;

  • TheGonzoMD .

    Well, that answers that question. But I have another.

    Why is Alison dressed like an old man?

    Also, that guy really needs to keep his ties ironed.

    • Sabriel

      Asking the important questions, lol!

      She is though, isn’t she? Slacks and a pastel polo? Hmm.

      • Khlovia

        Also, reminds me of Little Orphan Annie’s dress, only green.

        And there are the empty eyeballs in panel 5!

  • RobNiner

    I always used to think this quote was really pretentious,but I guess you do either die or see your become a villain.

  • motorfirebox

    …That is indeed both bonkers and bananas.

    It’s nice to show that having experienced a particular trauma doesn’t give one the controlling view on similar events. Different people come through the same experience differently.

    • Emmy

      I felt Alison’s “if only YOU’D experienced this” comment in this context came off a little rougher than the usual clearly well-meaning way she “problematizes” dominant narratives.

      Maybe it’s because she was upset, but it sounded like she was “supersplaining” how victims should feel. I sense a hint of how her worldview could lure her into tough situations in future.

  • KatherineMW

    Well, my guess about Ken was wrong, but this is an interesting direction to take things as well.

    So there are genuine mind-controllers out there, though Patrick isn’t one of them.

    • Ryan .

      Or maybe he was led to believe he was being mind controlled.

  • RaeRae

    I love this comic, Allison just sounds too much like a blog writer sometimes. I’ve never heard anyone use “full stop” in a dialogue diatribe before. It kind of takes me out of the story when I read stuff like that.

    Not harping on the comic at all though, because I do follow it religiously every Monday and Thursday :).

    • S.I. Rosenbaum

      on the contrary I think this is exactly the sort of phrase that comes out of the mouths of self-righteous college students with superpowers on a regular basis

      • RaeRae

        It’s possible! I’ll admit I don’t know any self-righteous college students with superpowers though. So my experience is limited!

    • Sabriel

      It’s the sort of thing I would say, although I fully admit to being a little… ERR.. melodramatic… sometimes. Why say something the normal way, when you can embellish and hyperbolize?

      • RaeRae

        Good point! I’m pretty hyperbolic on the internets, I’ll admit. But I try to restrain myself in real life.

    • TheGonzoMD .

      Well, Alison is basically a editorializing blog writer in personality, except the words come out of her mouth instead of being put on a web page.

  • Liz

    Considering that Moonshadow is not “dumb as hell,” anybody else starting to think she’s looking to commit suicide-by-superhero?

    • Mechwarrior

      Possibly, but her statements and actions suggest that she’s focused exclusively on punishing rapists and isn’t really considering broader ramifications of her actions.

      • Floweramon

        Maybe it’s both? Take out as many rapists as possible before she’s offed herself?

      • flame821

        Well, it does put her in an interesting position if she sticks solely to rapists. We all know the statistics, we know how few are even investigated, much less brought to trial and convicted. She wouldn’t have a long way to go to convince a large section of the population that since the legal system has failed the victims of sexual violence from top to bottom, it either needs to shape up or expect more and more people to deal with the matter outside of the legal system. I’m curious to see if she’d take on a less traditional rapist, say an older female preying on students, as that tends to not get the sort of press that forced penetration rape does. Or it she intends to stick with specifically violent rapists as that would garner her the most support from the public and other biodynamics.

    • Maybe she wants other superheroes to join her? Imagine the good they could do together, the lives they could take!

    • impishacid

      I would wager she isn’t LOOKING for it, and knows she’s probably not coming out of this arc alive, but she is driven to do what she’s doing regardless.
      Just getting to as many ‘starfish’ as she can, yknow. The light that snuffs twice as many starfish burns half as long, etc

  • Smartkittykhan

    Blank stare Allison always manages to get a smile out of me smile.

  • Donald Simmons

    I want to know more about Dr. Zero.

  • Ross Van Loan

    And that’s why I never ever want to live in a world with anything more super powered than mega adorable most cuddlesome Shar-Pei puppies!

  • Jack Lostthenames Warren

    It’s nice finally hearing the story of Mind-Slave #26. And he’s got nice facial hair, too!

    • Ben

      I had to look it up, especially since I’ve never seen that spelling and was worried it was a different word. Usually, I see it as “catawampus,” but it’s not exactly a common word.

      Do you think Ken got to pick an obscure awesome word for his cameo? Cause I totally would want to do that.

  • Dean

    I like to think that Alison’s reaction in panel 5 was because she always thought Dr. Zero was a huge jerk.

  • Enepttastic

    Was not expecting to have a laugh at a page during this arc at all. Good job with Ken, although I’m still wondering how the hell this became a topic of conversation to begin with.

  • Huh. Did NOT see that coming.

  • Guru

    I definitely get how somebody who’s been mind-controlled could support a serial killer who goes after rapists. If anyone’s gonna sympathize with victims who have been subjected to horrific violations of their personal agency and don’t have the power or influence to bring justice to the ones responsible on their own, it’s gonna be this guy.

    …and maybe most of Boston? How powerful WAS Puppetmaster anyway? Taking over a city is not small potatoes! I’m starting to get a feel for how our heroine may have saved the whole world a few times, if there’s biodynamics out there with that kind of power.

  • KatherineMW

    How could you be tricked into thinking you were mind-controlled for 6 months?