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  • Timothy Craig

    So besides follow orders (which isn’t much of an excuse, but to me it means that she should be going after whomever hired them NOT the mercenaries themselves), do we know what this guy did yet? Cause damn. That’s cold.

    • Murdered a family of five. I think it was implied that it was one of those racist “whoops I thought they were terrorists haha” sort of thing. But they don’t really explain it so it could have been worse.

      • flame821

        Either that or just indiscriminate killing because it was too much trouble to assess the situation. aka collateral damage. If they are basing this off of the group of soldiers (Army or Marine, can’t recall) that butchered a family after gang raping their teenage daughter there is a strong likelihood that there was no ‘whoops’ behind any of it.

    • impishacid

      you do realize you *literally just invoked the nuremburg defense,* right

      i’m not even remotely exaggerating that is literally what you said

      • Timothy Craig

        Except I specifically said which isn’t much of an excuse. But okay.

    • Cédric Bérubé Blanchette

      Actually, in warfare it is the duty of every combatant to actively disobey illegal orders which would include gunning down non-combatant (Which includes civilians as well as medics, chaplains and incapacitated combatants.) So following orders is not an excuse for any form of illegal action in time of war.

      But this assumes they did so as an order and did not kill the family by accident or any kind of bigotry.

      • Patrick Stier

        keeping in mind that if you step up and say no during war time your officer has the right to shot you… makes it a bit hard to say I would rather you shoot me then make me shoot them.

      • Timothy Craig

        It is the “duty” of every combatant, yes. It’s also a sure fire way to get dishonorably discharged and hated by your country for refusing to follow orders.

  • Samara2Q13

    First of all, way to make a grandparent parable terrifying.

    Secondly, when and if possible will you be in Seattle area?

    • strongfemaleprotagonist

      I’d love to make it to ECCC some year but missed the application deadline for 2015! Most of our shows right now are in a bus-ride radius from NYC.

      • Samara2Q13

        Well there’s a fair number of people who mention you on Wednesdays to the various shoppes I visit. So we’ll be waiting for when you make it out here.

      • joecrouse


  • Jesus. This is the same sort of catharsis sociopaths get out of torture. She’s just found a moral justification for it. Empathy can push you down just as toxic a path as the lack of it.

  • deebles

    Love the application of that story.

  • Rell

    At first I though that said DOD scum, which would have made sense.

  • Nom De Plume

    Twist on a classic. Love it.

  • motorfirebox

    Huh. It looks like she left him alive… and it looks like maybe she ripped his shirt open without touching it, in panel 3?

    • Sabriel

      It does look that way. Maybe she is supposed to have ripped his shirt with her knife?

      She hasn’t killed him yet but I don’t expect him to live.

      • flame821

        The only reason she would allow him to live is if she wanted to send a message to someone. Either a particular person such as Allison or Brad or if she wanted to send a general message to society such as “Good/Innocent people have nothing to fear from me, but beware evil do-ers”. If she doesn’t care about getting out a message, he’s dead as a door nail.

        • Sabriel

          I have been assuming that she doesn’t want the world to know that Moonshadow is behind the slasher murders, since that would force her to go on the run.

  • Sarah White

    Okay, I am definitely having Moonshadow nightmares now.

  • Arnaldo Iggi Roman

    Making a difference = Violence
    Hope your hero makes the big leap transcending all this crabs in a bucket mentality.

  • DerAmi

    Interestingly, “Schweinehund,” which literally translates as pig-dog, is how one says bastard in German.

  • Rob D.

    I am *delighting* in seeing this side of Alison’s influence.

  • TheGonzoMD .

    Ayup, exact same underlying logic as Feral. Well done.

  • Lysiuj

    Hi, I just started reading this comic like, two or three days ago, but it’s already struck me so much, and in so many ways. So, thank you.

  • Brosano

    Does that knife look like a bone to anybody else?

    • moriati

      It looks like a shard from Cleaver … something that can cut Alison’s skin, if not her bone.

      • Tsapki

        Would also explain why she cuts through bone and flesh like butter.

        • Brosano

          But doesn’t explain how she got an actual shard off Cleaver. It didn’t look like he could carve part of himself off, just give himself cuts.

          • deebles

            Maybe it broke off during a previous fight with Alison? In which case, it would be before he got tougher, and might not do her that much damage…

  • Insanenoodlyguy

    Is he a dog or a pig? MAKE UP YOUR MIND LADY!

  • …WOW. Just… Wow.

  • S.I. Rosenbaum

    D :

    Just D : forever

  • Elaine

    I love the different POVs of the many characters who believe they’ve found, or are searching for, the best way to make a difference; Alison, Feral, Pintsize, Moonshadow. Can’t wait to be introduced to more characters and their philosophies. And I’m really ready for some more Patrick/Menace. Love that character.

  • impishacid


  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    …Such pretty page *_*

  • Stephanie Gertsch

    Reading the starfish story in Rorschach’s voice for some reason. Of course you have to take out all the articles.

    The story always made me wonder if that can really happen, though. If the tide can kill that many starfish in one go, wouldn’t starfish evolve so that only the ones had the ability to stay in the ocean would pass down their genes?

    • Rens Houben

      1) Evolution doesn’t quite work that way.
      2) Most of the versions of the parable I’ve heard use ‘thousands’ or at most ‘tens of thousands’ as the number, which is significantly more plausible — a million starfish would easily cover the entire surface of the beach with no room to walk, after all.

      • Stephanie Gertsch

        Hehe Science is not my strong point. I was mostly thinking, “If that many starfish can be taken out by a single beach, how are there still any starfish in the world???”

        • KatherineMW

          In the Pacific Northwest (I’m in BC), there may not be any soon. There’s some kind of virus that’s killed off ~95% of them, a really nasty one that makes them dissolve into goo. When you go to places on the coast that used to be covered in starfish, there’s just none now. It’s sad.

    • It probably would only happen at very low tides.

  • Dan

    Ah, The Star Thrower by Loren Eisley, if I’m not mistaken.

  • William McCormick

    I have a real hard time condemning her as wrong here.

    • RobNiner

      You’re right, but it’s brutal, and it’s going down a path which leaves you no better than what you’re fighting.

  • Ryan

    You two are so amazing. This adds little to the discussion in the comments, but I have to once again re-iterate my thanks for putting this out. I look forward to getting the graphic novel!

  • Frances K R

    I just wanted to say I love your characters and characterization so damn much.

  • surplustorequirements

    the shadow knows!

    Moonshoadow’s attack reminds me of the opening scene Alec Baldwin’s The Shadow, especially the invisibility shimmer.

  • Arthur Frayn

    I like how instead of the ocean, in the picture she’s throwing the starfish into the flames.

  • That is the darkest use of that fable that I have ever seen.