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  • Frances K R


    (Which is to say, nicely done.)

  • Timothy Craig

    Again with her face getting all blurry. They best be about to explain wtf is going on here, real talk.

  • Kid Chaos

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. 🙁

  • Natsumeg

    “I do it for free”…. Uh that’s—usually worse, not better, sweetie.

  • adamsbja

    “Superhero” is pronounced “sociopath.”

  • Timothy Craig

    *Drops mic*

  • Timothy Craig

    Hopefully they’re gonna explain what’s up with the face blurring. I want to knooooooooooow

  • Moldawgz

    Thoughts, feel free to help me elaborate:
    To Mary she thinks that as long as she’s killing the ‘right’ people, she’s fine.
    However I feel that there’s going to be a breaking point with Mary, either before or During the inevitable fight between her and Alison. That’s when she’s going to really crack and show her true colours.
    I have a really bad feeling that Hector is going to come into Mary’s plan, wether he knows it or not.

  • Noni

    “’cause, you know, it’s just the money that makes it bad. Life’s cheap. And you are inferior lifeforms.” Inner logic safe.

  • Mr. After Dark

    “But I do it for free.”
    Which is super villain territory, no? Si.
    Me gusta.

  • RobNiner

    Er, well, when you put it like that…

    Is Moonshadow losing control of her powers here?

    Also I choose to believe by that last speech bubble (“so do you”) he was already dead. And the reason it doesn’t have a tail is because she’s hallucinating it.

  • kaberett

    ♥_♥ I — oh Moonshadow, you are so fucked up; I feel fanfic coming on about how very wrong the inside of her head is. (I say with great love as someone w/ PTSD…)

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    *points finger and tries to say something*

  • Jack Lostthenames Warren

    “My glasses!! I can’t see anything without my glasses!!!”

  • Zac Caslar

    Girl is hardcore.
    It occurs to me that a thing to be worried about is if she starts climbing up the social ladder for targets. Moonshadow’s not too far from being a damn good amateur ninja, and if she carves up a few Senators the anti-Supers backlash could be the kind of thing that ends worlds for poor schmucks like Sonar.
    I have to say I’m having a hard time not rooting for her, even as I recognize that the #1 victim of her rampage is herself. And I wonder what her plans are for Allison. She has to know she can’t harm her directly…

    • X

      Wouldn’t the most sensible plan for Allison be “Avoid interaction with?”
      Alice is not making the world a worse place, which seems to be Mary’s criteria; and doing indirect harm is kind of defeating the point.

      • Insanenoodlyguy

        She hates Allison. She’s gone kinda murdery. Sense is rapidly exiting the building.

    • TheGonzoMD .

      The trick isn’t to kill the senators. The trick is to kill key people in their support/campaign staff to cripple their careers. People will freak out less if the headline is “Some random pencil pusher no one has never heard of killed by superhuman”.

      Beside,s if she’s going to start going after movers and shakers, she’d be better off going the Low Chaos Corvo route. Which is frankly nastier than just killing them, but shoves their corruption in everyone’s face.

    • Nick Pittman

      She knows she can’t take Allison directly, but Allison can’t protect everyone she cares about all the time.

      What if Moonshadow decides to go after people that Allison cares for, but have past sins that are judged to be worthy of execution? How would Allison cope knowing her part in Moonshadow’s spiral. What good is Allison’s body if Moonshadow can manage to break her mind?

  • Liz

    “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” — The Joker

    • John Smith

      Yeah, but he was crazy and…um…nevermind. 🙂

  • Rhoter

    Even I’m getting a crush on this girl at this rate.

  • idonotlikepeas

    PIctured: the moral high ground.

  • Jonas

    With all the talk of Moonshadow fighting Alison: I’m not so sure this’ll happen at all. I can see them arguing (pointlessly), and I can totally picture Moonshadow being branded a supervillain – and Pintsize told to overcome her. Now, *that* might be an interesting fight.

    • Sabriel

      Oh my god! That would be amazing, because it would be Hector’s worst nightmare. He was so obsessed with keeping the team together, and he took it so personally whenever anybody on the team didn’t get along.

      Just, ahh! If they don’t write it, I might have to.

  • cma

    it’s the precursor to becoming invisible. it’s the same distortion you can see in the air around her when she’s fully invisible.

  • I saw this page last night (about 4 am, who needs sleep?) and I was stunned. Came back to it this morning, still stunned.

    Holy. Hell.

    This comic just went WAY up my list. I love character growth and real people that burst from the page.

    And Moonshadow bursts. Hopefully not toward me, because she’s scary as hell.

  • Adam McKinney Souza

    Holy Crap…did she just claw out Asshole #4’s eye?

  • Sabriel

    Something that struck me is the parallel between his bloody eye and her blurry one, in the context of him saying, “so do you.” It visually ties them together, and Moonshadow is the one responsible for making that connection.

    /not actually that deep, I know. 😛

  • Sabriel

    It seems like a good time to transition to a different point of view. Wanna place bets on who’s next?

    I’m hoping it will be Patrick, but it will probably be Alison. Doing what? Dealing with her roommate? She left the party with that girl, and then went straight to visit Hector. It’s getting to be very late and she must be exhausted. Time to go home and… have an argument. Fun times.

    The very next page will probably be the cover of Issue 6.

    We might also get an artistic “zoom out” shot of Moonshadow standing over a bunch of corpses, followed by the Issue 6 cover next Friday, and the new point of view a week from next Tuesday.

  • flame821

    Referring back to the previous page’s comments regarding the increase in powers many biodynamics are experiencing. What are the chances that her power is increasing to the point that she can’t control it anymore (the last panel) and she’s either losing her mind or is afraid she’ll be erased (she’s hard to concentrate on) and wants/needs to make a mark on the world that can’t be overlooked?

    • Guilherme Carvalho

      Very, very good point. And absolutely coherent with the depth and complexity we’ve come to expect from the characters in this comic.

      Once more, both visually and in writing, this comic is *really* good. I’m so glad I read it.

  • flame821

    Meh, she might consider it more honorable to do it her way. Choose the victims based on their actions instead of indiscriminately killing just because someone paid you to do it. After all, to our knowledge every one of her kills has been a nasty piece of work. I’d say that puts her more in ‘anti-hero’ territory rather than ‘super villain’. Although I do wonder what might happen if she took out someone who was later proven beyond all doubt to be innocent.

    • armen

      >to our knowledge every one of her kills has been a nasty piece of work

      I think that’s a wild affirmation, based on the little information we had about the people she killed.

      • flame821

        The boys who gang raped a teen. The judge who let them walk and it was strongly suggested that he beat the women in his family. A band of mercenaries who she called out for killing a family of 5. Are there others that I am forgetting?

    • Mr. After Dark

      We don’t judge heroes/villains on their moral intent alone. Murder is murder, even when it feels justified. The relativistic pov is definitely the road to villainy.

  • Zixinus

    That’s an odd answer. It should have been “I don’t do it for money.”

  • asdf

    >she does it for free

  • Stephanie Gertsch

    “Yeah, but I do it for free.” Definitely goes on my list of favorite zingers. The implication is that the mercenaries are prostituting themselves, at least in her view. Because you can never have enough gender commentary in one volume.

  • Ross Van Loan

    If murder is your go-to solution for the ills of the world, congratulations you’re a villain ; your nemesis will be around shortly to attempt to put a stop to your insane crusade.

    • Mechwarrior

      Either that or you’re an anti-hero and will be obligated to add skulls, spikes, and tattoos to your appearance.

      • Ross Van Loan

        Paging Mr. Plissken! Well Mr. Snake Plissken please report to the front desk : there’s an Apocalypse waiting for you outside the lobby.

  • Matt Trinh

    Her last lines were chilling, she still sees herself as a superhero, but that line actually hammered the nail in that she’s lost her mind. I don’t see her as thinking that killing for free is a bad thing, that others would take from it that she enjoys it so much that she doesn’t charge, but that she’s doing it for a righteous cause. Which, as someone mentioned earlier, will likely take her to killing politicians who are either dirty, or she doesn’t agree with.
    I actually feel for Allison right now, I know she’ll have to eventually take on Moonshadow, and based on her record, she’s going to take Moonshadow’s fall as her responsibility.

  • Karen Turnbull

    Im looking forward to being able to buy buy sfp in physical form, its really good 🙂

  • Tsapki

    But three rights make a left!

  • Timothy Craig

    I think that’s the point, though. She’s flipping it on its head.

  • Ben

    Why is that usually worse? Monetary compensation doesn’t reflect intent, and given that in general society’s moral outlook is generally focused on intent (see mitigating circumstances, ends versus means, attempted murder, and punishment versus restitution.rehabilitation), it’s hard to judge those who do it for free.

    On the one hand, she may be interested in Justice and Right, regardless of how misguided that may be, in which case, most would likely judge her as better. On the other, she may be doing it for pleasure, out of vengeance, or for no reason, in which case you’re correct and it’s likely judged worse. At the same time, doing it for money would indicate either greed as a motivating factor or sociopathic tendencies (perhaps both), which almost universally would sit on the worse end of the spectrum.

    As an odd corollary, were she crazy and sociopathic, the legal system would treat her more lightly than if she were a sane vigilante logically pushed to seek justice. Mitigating circumstances are such a strange construction.

    • Jun X

      I was more trying to comment on how willing and proud she is of the fact she’s willing to kill, but you’re right–it could only be worse if we’d be able to prove that without monetary compensation, the person wouldn’t be willing to kill. Which we can’t. And even then, it suggests other things about the person’s character. Using the excuse “I was paid to do it” might relieve them a bit psychologically, but it doesn’t change the fact that they still committed the act.

  • Mystery girl

    Doing it for free is even worse…