If you live near Bethesda, Maryland, you should definitely come check out the Small Press Expo this weekend, September 13 and 14 at the Bethesday Marriott Hotel! I will be at table B14ย with minicomics, t-shirts, buttons, postcards, and a sample copy of the graphic novel for people to check out and pre-order. There are also a TON of other amazing artists tabling and speaking, it’s gonna be a great convention. Come by and say hi!


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  • Noni

    Here wins the “just a training” side ! And not a single spot of paint on Moonshadow.
    The invisible… cannot… be… seen. *THUNDER*
    (Also, it’s my first comment here, the comic’s awesome and I’m considering buying the issues, and I speak “baby talk” because I’m french. Bye !)

    • Sabriel

      You don’t speak baby talk. I would never have guessed. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Noni

        Oww, thank you :3
        I do my best.

  • Liz

    Welp, I was half-right.

  • motorfirebox


  • Sabriel

    She’s got some serious skill.

  • flame821

    Woot! But I notice she seems quite tired, sweaty (and very pleased with herself). Do we know how much of a strain it is on Moonshadow to stay invisible? Is there an upper limit as to how long she can hide herself? Or is it dependent upon physical exertion, ie if she’s just walking about she can stay invisible much longer than if she’s running or actively fighting?

    • Donald Simmons

      No to all questions. In fact, it was only recently that we even learned that her power was invisibility.

    • JulietteF

      HHHHHmmmmmm….. Who was it with the blue spikes on their legs/body, working with SONAR in that one flashback? I had thought moonshadow. Does she has more than one ability (as does Allison) ?

  • motorfirebox

    I’m really glad to see Moonshadow isn’t completely kill-crazy. You figure that if these guys worked for Templar, they’ve probably done some stuff. Moonshadow’s focus seems tighter than that.

    Of course, watch next page she wastes them all ๐Ÿ™

  • Katrika

    Aha, I get it! What a good training plan.

  • Axel_Celosar

    I know this was 2 issues ago, but I just thought of an obvious solution for Feral’s plan:

    Why don’t they just sever her spinal cord, and then keep a knife implanted in between the cut to prevent it from growing back so she feels no pain during the entire ordeal?