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  • Mr. After Dark

    Whaaaat is thiiiiis….?

  • Rob

    When you guys step up your merch to an extreme level, please make action figures of that ladder.

  • Jonas

    So, Moonshadow seems to be the client, and the armed men are freelancers, while Templar offers a similar service? I’m not quite sure I understand that sentence correctly (not a native speaker).

  • Donald Simmons

    It sounds like it was Moonshadow who hired these guys, she must be working on upgrading her battle skills for when the authorities inevitably catch up with her. Let’s hope she’s not using “live rounds” either.

  • flame821

    War games? Battle simulation? Real life version of the X-men danger room? Sounds like someone wants to up their training and tactical game.

    • TBeckett

      Yep, but to what end? Maybe she’s got beef with Templar? Or she really might just be taking every bit of training she can get.

      • flame821

        My best guess is either 1] she has something to prove either to herself or two everyone else. or 2] she has an endgame in mind and needs to check her skill level to see if she’s up to it. Or, going by what Brad hinted at 3] years of being the ‘also ran’ only to be forced front and center by the star (mega girl) abrupt departure has left her with a lot of anger issues and possibly the need for vengeance for what she believes was done to her due to Allison’s sudden change of heart.

        • Markus

          My money says we’ve found another foil for Allison.

  • Danielle Church

    I am a native speaker and I had a bit of trouble with the sentence too. I think you have it right, though — I think the speaker used to work for Templar doing “security” work, and now he’s taking on freelance contracts. And it seems like in the contract she put out (if I’m understanding it correctly) Moonshadow didn’t say what kind of powers she HAS, just that she isn’t psychic.

    In any case I’m sure we’ll find out more later!

  • R

    Man, I would be all over SFP action figures. It’s a shame that getting action figures made is horrendously unreasonable without stupidly high sales volumes.

    • DG

      Perhaps with the magic of 3D printing…

  • Bryn Schut

    I’ll bet the balloons are filled with paint so they can reveal any potential invisible biodynamic people. And I guess now we might find out who the vigilante slicing throats could be.

    • Moldawgz

      I’m pretty sure that was revealed to be Moonshadow who’s slicing the throats up. Never know though.

      • Bryn Schut

        I’m pretty sure you’re right, but I’m also wondering if someone else has Moonshadow’s abilities and is just making it look like her. (I’m waiting for a twist, basically).

      • Bryn Schut

        Pretty sure you’re right, but I’m always suspicious when a reveal goes too neatly. I’m waiting to see if it’s another person imitating Moonshadow, or if she really has upped the ante. Basically, I’m expecting a twist.

  • S.I. Rosenbaum

    Guys, pretty sure “client” here is a euphemism for “target.”

    • Sabriel

      Agreed. I’m perplexed by the balloons, though. I can’t imagine what good they would do tied to their chests. If they are full of ink, what then? Are they hoping she will try to wrestle somebody?

    • motorfirebox

      I dunno. The balloons are what makes me think the client is a client. The way they’re tied to the guys’ chests, it seems to me like the guys are using them sort of the way strips of cloth are used in flag football: if the client manages to pop your balloon, you’re dead. I can’t imagine another reason for the balloons to be used the way they’re being used.

      • Mr. After Dark

        Seems legit.

  • Fansibubbles

    Moonshadow is training herself, she’s hired these guys to give her a good run. I think.

  • John Smith

    I thought the Templars were those giant robots that Menace used back in the day. SEE: http://strongfemaleprotagonist.com/issue-1/page-11/, and also http://strongfemaleprotagonist.com/issue-1/page-17/.

  • jumble

    This is gonna go so great for these dudes, I can tell

  • yodecat

    Great story! And what a value: free. Thank you all.

  • flame821

    Is that Moonshadow standing there? Is that what her power does? Distort light so it reflects around her?

  • DragonHawk

    Just found this comic today. Binged the whole thing. It’s damn good. Really, really apt deconstruction of superhero tropes, well drawn, and great characterization. The bit with Feral’s choice of “new career” was scary and moving, and some of the other scenes have really made me think, too. I’m actually annoyed I missed the Kickstarter and can’t contribute to the book. You can bet I’ll be buying a copy as soon as I can.

  • Jackson

    If these guys are former Templar employees, I’ve got dollars to donuts says Moonshadow’s going to kill them outright.

    • motorfirebox

      Yeah, I’m wondering about that myself.