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  • editor

    Testing out the commenting system!

  • Elizabeth Certa

    Dollars to donuts those water balloons are full of ink to make Moonshadow visible.

    • flame821

      Considering the gas mask, I’m guessing it’s more than just ink.

      • Liz

        Maybe they’ll try to gas her if the ink balloons fail?

    • Markus

      Doesn’t Moonshadow’s invisibility just make her really hard to notice? Or were they just saying that she faded into the background because she’s a mousy, quiet person.

      • Insanenoodlyguy

        it might be a bit of both.
        That would explain why they are looking for her though. Maybe she was invisible just fine when she killed those shitty boys before, but showed up just fine on the security cameras?
        I’m thinking not though, because if that was so I Imagine we’d see these guys setting up some electronic surveillance. I think Hector was using a somewhat obvious metaphor.

      • Liz

        Maybe her power’s similar to the Invisible Woman in later Fantastic 4 canon – she can manipulate light around her body. If that’s the case then ink balloons will do zero good and those scary-looking army guys are in for a surprise (although she might not think to check for inky footprints behind her).

        Also, my impression is she’s mousy and quiet, AND invisible on top of it. Powers both here and in most superhero canon everywhere have an uncanny way of mimicking the personalities of those who wield them.

        • Vedikur

          Actually, it’s probably the other way around. I don’t know that there’s any real evidence of it, but it is at least a common trope that personalities tend to adapt to their hosts, so to speak. So someone with the ability to become invisible will tend to have a personality that supports that. Similarly, powers that are, of necessity, attention-drawing (say, ones that make fire) will create attention-seeking personalities, or invulnerability will create stubborn, stand your ground personalities.

          Of course, being a trope, it gets violated a lot, too. And there are obvious cases where characters get the powers they get because their personalities are just so (say, Captain America in his recent origin movie, or the Green Lantern being chosen for bravery, etc.). But on the whole, it seems psychologically reasonable to think that a major defining characteristic of a person will be or become reflected in their personality.

  • Nonsensicles

    Watch out for those red arrows! They’re pointy.

  • Jack Lostthenames Warren
  • Matt Lopez

    Dang. I love this comic so much. Now I can let you amazing creators know. I’ve shared it with at least 5 of my friends. Keep up the good work.

  • Adam McKinney Souza

    Because when going after a girl who can turn invisible, the only way to win is to take the invisibility out of the equation. I wonder if they’ll actually manage to take her down, or if Moonshadow will meet her demise/defeat without Alison ever realizing what her actions set in motion.

    • But you have to know where she is to hit her with a balloon! Why not just throw a grenade instead? I mean, those guns don’t suggest they want to take her alive…

  • Sabriel N7

    Those are some ominous water balloons…

    • Sabriel N7

      Something I really appreciate about this page is the juxtaposition between silliness and dread. I mean, you have the cute little cars bopping up the hill, the loony-toons arrows, the brightly colored water balloons…

      And the weapons, the scars, and the fact that police brutality is all over the news right now, and those guys look ready to kill someone.

  • OMG you guys! Plz plz plz post more pages of this story per day. I need more of SFP in my life.

  • Moldawgz

    I check SFP every day. Just in case new things have been posted.
    I absolutely adore this comic and can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • RedTouch

      Comic updates on Tuesday and Friday. Twice a week.

      • Moldawgz

        I know. I’m just always checking. Just in case haha.

  • Metichi

    Hello! I just binged through all the archives and I must say that Im loving the comic. But I have a silly question that perhaps has already been answered. If she is invincible, how did she cut her hair when it didnt even burn?

    • cmad

      wow, that is a really good question. super strong, government-issued scissors? or maybe her hair is only fire-retardant?

      • wr4ith0

        perhaps she’s been stealing blades off old spiky in the jail cell.

    • Insanenoodlyguy

      Plenty of brittle things are flame-retardant. It’s probably toughter then normal hair, but not necessarily so much so that there’s nothing out there that can cut it.
      We know her bones are tougher then her flesh. It stands to reason it’s the other way around with her hair.

    • Laurent Guillemard

      Early on in the comics, her doctor mentions that her strength is not physical, and indeed she’s not a super muscular girl. It’s hinted that her strength his psychokinetic, and probably so is her invincibility, ie some form of skin deep force field. The field might be absent or weaker around her hair.

      • JulietteF

        Good idea/theory, but how then the wound from Daniel/cleaver? She’s bulletproof, but there’s two layers of force field, one on top of hair and skin, and a stronger one on the bones? Are her internal organs even more powerful? Her white blood cells impervious to any known force? If she’s psychokinetic, perhaps she’ll figure out how to extend her shielding to make her hair just as impervious as her innards. Or extend it to others…. ? Hmm

    • JulietteF

      Scissors with 2-micron blade edges.
      Or she just bites it off. Or pulls it apart / breaks the strands with her fingers. Or she just FORCES the scissors to cut with her super strength & ruins 20 pairs of scissors each time. Or she uses bolt cutters + strength. Superstrong fingers vs superstrong hair; Newtonian physics & mass still exist, and the strength of arms will still trump teeny little hair strands. It’s not as if her hair’s been replaced by trusses/I-beams of carbon nanotubes.
      Classic though: ‘How does Superman shave, or clip his nails?? ‘ – it is a great question….

  • Atmus

    I am seriously going to love it if this is just a bunch of guys wanting to play paintball and has nothing to do with the hilarious killings.

    • Classtoise

      “DAMMIT Johnson, no smoking on the range! We’re gonna lose our Saturday reservations if you don’t follow the rules!”

  • OOOOOH! Comments! Now, I can declare my firstness whenever possible (and when completely inapplicable), troll and belittle the authors and traumatise you all with depraved and profane rantings! NOTHING CAN STOP ME!
    Actually, don’t worry, I’m not that evil. I will use the comments like the mature and sensible adult that I very nearly am.

  • EricJStover

    Yay for comments!!!

  • Zac Caslar

    Not just Cool, TactiCool. ™