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  • http://mistressdizzy.deviantart.com/ Mistress Dizzy

    He is kind of a jerk…

    Also, I love your comic. I have laughed, cried, and got real scared… and a bit pissed, especially now.

    • 3-I

      Yeah, Pintsize is NOT being nice at all right now. Just… Manipulative. Lashing out wildly because he’s hurting.

      That is not very superheroic, Hector. Nor is implying that Alison is somehow OBLIGATED to be Mega Girl so you can live out your fantasy life.

  • Stephanie Gertsch

    A comment section! Yay! I really want to see what other fans have to say about each panel. ^_^

    It must be hard to convey someone growing in size in a still medium like comics…

    • 3-I

      ‘s probably why the Atom has that wibbly effect around him when he grows. I think Hank Pym used to have it too, but I can’t recall.

      Also, come to think of it, the Atom and Hank Pym have their issues, but both of THEM still have found other uses for shrinking powers. Hector’s kind of unique; he has the same powers, but no desire to, y’know, make use of ‘em to do anything REALLY helpful.

      Just an odd parallel.

  • motorfirebox

    Oh man, comments. I have waited SO LONG.

  • PrintHead1436

    “to see…what could be better than a superhero.” Fantastic question, this comic just gets better & better.

    What could be better? Well, for me it’s the power of collective mass action. When people are brave together, take risks together, and win. Like the “I am Spartacus” scene in the Kirk Douglas movie. The Flint Sit-Down strike. Desegregating lunch counters. Fast-food workers in upper Manhattan walking off the job when the AC breaks down & still isn’t fixed the next day. (And when, as a result, the AC gets fixed that afternoon.)

    That’s my short list– looking forward to seeing how you folks answer this in the weeks ahead.

    • Ryan

      Strongly agree. Collective action is the only real way that change is made, and it’s something I’ve always wished to see more of in comics. Especially with Alison’s interest in social justice, I wouldn’t be surprised if she got into organizing.

      • PrintHead1436

        One of the strengths of this comic is that it’s already grappling with this question in different ways. Not just giving one simple answer, either.

  • Moldawgz

    At first I was kinda hoping they’d kiss,
    But now I really want Alison to beat the shiz outta him.

  • motorfirebox

    I think looking for what’s better than a superhero misses a huge chunk of the point. Like, if Alison just went and got a degree and became a super-strong elementary school teacher, that would be fine. Superheros are a specific solution to a specific problem. Pintsize, on top of being a complete jerkface, is ignoring the part where his team, if it were still together, would be reduced to busting non-violent drug offenders.

    Though honestly, the way policing in this country is going (and I assume it’s going the same in SFPworld), it seems like the hot new thing for biodynamics would be serving in SWAT entries for no-knock warrants and the like. The legal trend so far has been to maintain officer immunity for any deaths and damages resulting from such tactics, regardless of factors such as the victims being unarmed or not resisting.

    • Warmachine42

      Flip back to the first chapter. Furnace is pretty much this — Police Brutality: The Biodynamic. We don’t see it happen because Alison was there as a nuclear deterrent (which Violet exploited like an asshole), but it was clear he would be more than happy to go SWAT no-knock on the protesters.

  • Nom De Plume

    Love this comic. Love the dialogue. Love the art. Never disappoints.

    Also, Hector seems to really know how to pick the really hurtful stuff for effective psychological torment. I guess a leader of any team has to have something of a manipulative streak.

  • Mr. After Dark

    I get his point, but too bad he doesn’t know how to relay it without being a jerk.

    Being a superhero was his dream and then it happened…and it was GREAT! He had a team, they were heroic, everything fit. And then she split, the team fizzled and now he is dreamless.

    Not her fault the world changed. Not her fault the need for super powered beings dwindled. He is a man in a child’s coat, trying to relive snow days and recess. It cannot be. Sad for him that being able to shrink small has never helped him grow up.

    • Samara2Q13

      I’m with you on this one, but I definitely feel that this isn’t an indication of him as a whole. It feels like he’s hurt and lashing out… I hope it ends well. As I am forever fearful whenever I visit SFP.

      Oh, yeah… Comments are on! WOOOH, SO EXCITED <3

      • Jack Lostthenames Warren

        Yeah. When Menace was at large and the Guardians were saving the world 8 or 9 times, Hector’s comicbook idealism is what allowed them to triumph. Now things are different, and he’s lost and hurt and confused and, yeah, lashing out. I JUST WANT THEM TO MAKE FRIENDS AND BE HAPPY

        • Samara2Q13

          OMG, Menace… I forgot about him… Fffuuu, things are going to hit more than one fan.

  • fredhicks

    Yaaay comments! (Sorry, I just want to celebrate *that*. And weep quietly over their friendship.)

  • 8balls

    You know he could be a doctor. Put some laser cannons on the nucleus, go inside someone and blow up all the viruses. He could single handedly destroy cancer that way AND live out his fantasy.

  • Sabriel N7

    YESSS! Comments!!

    It is so funny reading this as an old (28) because the idea of being “left behind” as a Sophomore in college is hilarious. That’s so young. She has barely started.

  • Axel_Celosar

    I can see where Hector is coming with this. I mean Alison does come off a bit like a snob like He implied earlier, thinking she knows better then everyone.

  • DoodTheMan

    Well Pintsize she’s decreased the amount of people she’s killed on accident by 100% since she retired so…yeah screw you Hector.

  • mysterious handsome commenter

    I love this because neither of them are really right. I felt like she was in the wrong when she stormed out because he said he didn’t want to be a scientist. He doesn’t have to do what she thinks is the best use of his talents. He also has absolutely no business expecting anything from her as far as making her dreams happen all of a sudden. It’s a sign of great writing that that’s the case and a sign of great art that every panel communicates their emotions about it perfectly.