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  • motorfirebox

    If it’s any consolation, Pintsize, I wanted to smack you BEFORE Alison started crying.

  • Khlovia

    Dang, she just water-damaged that comic book!

  • Classtoise

    Question is, is he falling back because he’s surprised, because a normal sized person yelling is like a mini gust for him, or because Alison is doing her patented “get pissed off and forget you have superstrong vocal chords”

    • good question


  • Sabrina Paquette

    I can’t recall the Feral thing… who was it again?

    • Mindsword2

      Chapter 3. Feral is the regenerator that is currently undergoing constant painful surgery to save lives at the expense of her own.

      • Sabrina Paquette

        Oh yeah thanks!