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  • KatherineMW

    “Different safety reasons”. I like that. Allison doesn’t avoid drinking to protect herself, she avoids it to protect other people. Drunk person with super-strength would be scary.

    • Classtoise

      Right. Especially since she’s been this way her entire adult life and much of her teenage life. She might not be affected by alcohol! But the last thing the city needs is someone with superstrength getting in a bar fight and breaking the city in half before realizing “lol whoops guess my livers not invincible”

  • danny in canada

    Actually, that raises an interesting point. Is Allison physically *capable* of getting drunk? Since ethanol is technically a poison.

    • Classtoise

      Better safe than sorry!

  • Mishyana

    Again, I know I’m a bit behind the curve on this one, but the girl in the pink top is right. It *is* a lot easier to live by those principles when you’re invincible. We on the left go in endless circles about ‘rape culture’ and ‘needing to teach men to respect women’ and so on, and while those things are very true and need talking about, there are still going to be rapists out there who aren’t going to not-rape no matter how hard Alison believes in living your life how you want. That is why self-defense courses, and being aware of your environment, and keeping track of your drink, and not getting drunk alone are real things that should be done. Not because rape is ever at all in any way justified, but because there’s a lot of people in the world who really, fundamentally don’t give a shit about how ’empowered’ you are.

    • Markus

      Exactly. The girl in pink isn’t saying that it’s Daphne’s fault that this happened, she’s saying that she thinks Daphne is putting herself into situations where this is a legitimate danger, and that it would be in her best interests to take some actions to reduce that risk.

      I know if I go through parts of Denver in the middle of the night there’s the danger of me getting shot. I don’t go in those places because I don’t want that to happen. Does that mean that if I get shot there it’s my fault some sociopath decided to shoot me? Of course not.

  • Matt Lopez

    It is the distinction between prudence and idealism. I know what I think OUGHT to be, but I also know how things are right now, I need to work towards making ideals real while living in the present. A hard road to walk.