Guys! Our Kickstarter is in its final hours. The next time this comic updates, it’ll be over, so: once more, you can get books (printed at highest quality now that we passed our 50k stretch goal), prints, postcards, t-shirts, and even fun things like dinner with us. It’s been truly wonderful to see people come together behind this, and we’re so excited to get cracking making these books a reality! Thanks you so much for all the pledging, tweeting, tumbling, and facebooking that you all have done to help us out!

-Molly & Brennan

p.s. We’ll be adding four pages of bonus content to the book. People who have backed the kickstarter can vote in a survey to decide what topic we’ll cover, check it out here.

p.p.s.: gorgeous Feral portrait from Faith Erin Hicks, colored by Molly:


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  • D. Schwartz

    Just to say this: Thoughtlessness and hewing to ideology over people knows no political affiliation.

  • bigas

    But that was hewing to people over ideology: the guy she knows in person’s “pretty chill” – if she really lived feminism, she’d need only the shortest argument to share the suspicion.