Oh my god only FIVE days left in our Kickstarter campaign! We’re already WAY past our goal so we’re over the moon no matter what happens, but I’d love to break 50k and print the book on the nicest paper and at top quality (because print is dying, but at least it can make a beautiful corpse?). Anyway, if you’ve been meaning to donate or tell your friends, today is your day! 

As part of the campaign I’m working on redrawing all the chapter covers. Here’s one for chapter two!

sfp ch 2


Molly and Brennan

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  • Zac Caslar

    “Does being chill mean I have to pretend bad things aren’t happening around me?”
    Fierce. That’s damn good.

  • ampg

    I really wanted Alison to tell Miles, “Listen, if I had been trying to kill you, you’d be dead now. I was very deliberately trying NOT to kill you.” But I suppose Violet wouldn’t react well to that, either.

  • Alison has some rage issues. She’s dealing with them admirably, but they are there.