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  • Keith

    Violet uses the fact that she has Gay Friend as an excuse to make homphobic jokes, doesn’t she?

    • S.I. Rosenbaum

      my impression was that Violet is queer and uses that as an excuse to be a bitch to straight girls. But I might be wrong. Whatever, Violet is The Worst.

      • Keith

        Eh. Change it to “Black Friend” and “racist jokes” and you’ll still get what I’m going for.

  • Keith

    Also, I love how everybody is in a costume except the actual superhero

  • Meghan

    I love seeing the “Thinking of you” graffiti everywhere. So here’s my question: Did Menace/Patrick use his telepathy on graffiti artists to get them to put that there? Or has it become a thing in and of itself that taggers put up?

    • Mystery girl

      Oh my god, it’s THERE AGAIN!