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Molly and Brennan

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  • Zac Caslar

    You can’t resist the lure of the pre-series forever -we both know it!

  • Keith

    Noting the cane, wouldn’t Paladin make a prosthetic that works better than the C-leg?

    • Caravelle

      I know nothing about this, but it occurs to me that in a full leg the weight is borne by the foot and leg bones and joints in a fairly optimized-by-evolution manner, but if you’ve lost part of your leg and are wearing a prosthesis the weight would be borne by the stump, which 1) doesn’t sound super-comfortable and 2) if it’s a problem, is it a problem for which there can even be a prosthesis-based solution ? Short of a StarWars-style seamlessly-connected bionic limb I’m not sure how there could be.

      Hence maybe the cane, regardless of how well the actual prosthetic leg works (I do find it interesting how… stylized it is, without a foot and all, but I have no idea what that signifies).

      • Keith

        Above-the-knee amputees who are properly fitted with a C-leg very often don’t need a cane. My thinking is that a super-normal-intelligence gadget-maker in a fantasy universe would make a prosthesis that functions better than what a high-normal intelligence in the real world would make.
        On the other hand, I rather imagine that someone with a C-leg might be glad to have a cane handy on a long tour of a university, so there is that

        • Caravelle

          Thanks for the information ! Would how long you’re wearing it/putting your weight on it be a factor ? (hence the “long tour” thing ?)

          • Keith

            Google, my imagination, but notably not personal experience say yes. It’s somewhat analogous to wearing shoes: if you walk around long enough, your feet will hurt and you’ll be glad for some relief. Some shoes fit better than others, and the better the fit the longer you can walk around before your feet really start hurting.

        • KatherineMW

          However, she’s also a technological genius who made military-grade weaponry at 15, so I’d put heavy odds on that cane being/containing a weapon of some kind. Possible the same is true of the prosthetic leg.

          • Keith

            It’s a cane-sword. Hey, not every idea can be a winner 😉

  • Alex Churchill

    Heh, I’m amused by the Google Glass-alike that she’s wearing 🙂