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  • Lostman

    wait… CHRIS IS DEAD! damn, I thought he was going to live.

    • Pol Subanajouy

      Yeah, he was floating face down in the water back on page 150 of this issue. Kinda an ironic death all things considered.

    • Caravelle

      Is Chris Furnace ? Because as far as I know all we know is that Alison and Moonshadow think he’s dead, for presumably good reason (they didn’t see him leave the exploding dam). I don’t think it’s confirmed beyond that.

  • Dafydd Carmichael

    Oof. That’s bad times.

  • blashimov


  • Tauls

    The thing about Alison is that she has been treated something like a god, and to a certain extent believed it. During her entire carreer as a hero she was the one sent in first, if someone needed backup she was who they would send. Megagirl was the solution. The reason she was the one to confront Menace they had enough time to talk, and for him to get out was because she never needed backup, or if she did there was no one to provide it.

    When it comes to a situation that can be resolved with force, Alison was the solution.

    She isn’t very useful for anything else, powerwise at least. Menace however was her polar opposite, physically he was no better than any other human. However his powers allowed him to be everything she wasn’t. If the two of them fight one of them will loose, no middle ground. No one will go to prison and then break out, one of them will be totally broken.

    So the only black mark as a superhero Alison has is Menace her polar opposite. That’s actually pretty acceptable for a god. Now however she’s dealing with human shit, which isn’t nearly so balck and white.

    Now she’s getting hit with all of her weaknesses from sources that aren’t gods made of flesh like Patrick. Instead she’s getting it from disease, and someone who was inferior to her. She already knew it, but now she’s feeling emotionally that she isn’t as superior as she once was. She isn’t the solution anymore, and that’s what is killing her.

    P.s. Also her roommate is an ass, never share a room if you can help it.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    Alison’s inner monologue: “Oh jeez, I totally didn’t pay attention to what she was saying back there. Again! Totally the old habits kicking back. Man, that girl is so boring, no wonder she started killing people to get noticed. Quick, what do I answer Lisa to keep face? I know, let’s make it all about meeeeeeeeeeeee

    I jest. But really, what with Alison realizing that unrequited friendship is something that is depressingly common, and that all her goodwill will never translate into tangible, visible, satisfying change (only slow and non-validating one), I just want to say to her: welcome among us.

  • Lostman

    we all want a places at the table.

    we all want a places to be safe.

    we all want the freedom to be ourselves.

    Why is this so hard to do?

  • zarawesome

    Welcome to adulthood, it sucks in here.

    • Pol Subanajouy

      Feels bad, yo.

  • Red Admiral

    Yikes. That’s the lowest feeling, right there, the feeling that there is no point in you, no reason for you to exist. Hopefully this will, in the long run, help her move on, but right now she needs a hug and some reassurance.

  • Steele

    Aaaand there we have it. Alison’s first TRUE moment of vulnerability. I’m half surprised she managed to keep from mentioning Patrick (at least more directly) during her breakdown. I also wonder if her feelings of meaninglessness are going to translate to an awareness of her own mortality (even if a bullet can’t hurt her, I’m sure she’ll still get old and pass away naturally at some point). Man, she won’t like THAT one bit!

    On a slightly brighter note, I love that her speech balloons get progressively more wobbly. You can hear her breaking apart. Poor girl!

  • JohnTomato

    The adventure is over time to build your life.

  • The_Rippy_One

    ah, this is a problem. there are very few ways that she can go about explaining what she means that doesn’t result in her explaining why she let the Menace go…and the Menace is the one thing she does not want to talk to her new friend about.

  • Roman Snow

    She’s not invulnerable to internalizing the negative aspects of other peoples’ perceptions of her invulnerability.

  • http://www.fencon.org Ed D.

    …and Moonshadow claims her final victim, finally finding a way to hurt the invulnerable Megagirl.

  • http://www.apl2bits.net/ Ken Gagne

    Damn. I want to give Alison a hug. :(

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Unfortunately, that is a fair assessment of what Mary said to her. Actually, both of her former teammates put that charge on Al of being too ineffective in her new life to matter. (Pintsize/Hector saying, “Almost halfway though college, and we’re all still waiting to see your version of what could be a better superhero!”) Both of them were dissatisfied with changing the world through normal means mind you and they view Al’s methods as inferior and “not mattering.” Hector obviously said his part in the midst of an argument with Al and did not mean to as nearly malicious and contemptuously as Mary but I can’t help but wonder if it threw more wood on the fire.

    Of course I don’t agree with either of them, but that doesn’t change how emotionally beaten up Al is right now. And could we get our girl some heavy duty hugs and reassurance already? I would do it, but there’s this pesky 4th wall in the way.

  • Catherine Kehl

    I just want to say that I’ve been increasingly blown away by the art. Especially its expressive range.

    Keep on kicking ass.

  • Rod

    Her choice of wording in panel 5 is interesting. “I tried to stop her, she confronted me.” That’s not how I would have put that at all; it’s another sign that Al is empathizing with Mary waaaaay too much.

    Oh, and Mary’s “reasons” basically boiled down to “I’m trying to be a superhero! Plus, you’ll never get it because you’re so powerful, nyah!” So I guess it’s kind of understandable that Alison fumbled around trying to answer that question.

  • Walter

    It sucks to see Alison sad, but at the same time I’m sort of glad this is happening? That sounds jerkish, hear me out.

    The pressures of the last day or so have really been a lot. I was sort of worried that she was going to flip out. Talking to someone about it is a delightfully reasonable way to work through the pressures she is under.

  • Joshua Taylor

    Having an existential crisis meltdown is never fun. I know those feels.