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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    I’m kinda surprised she knew how to put it back.

    • StClair

      She’s probably studied first aid for the sake of others.

      • David Nuttall

        She works for the fire department part-time. An extensive part of the training is first-aid at the paramedic level, which is pretty much anything short of surgery.

        • Taulsn

          That pipe doesn’t seem to be attached to anything, I’d guess it’s a light pole. Also since her powers seem to be mental at this point I’d say she is currently weak enough that it is just strong enough. Also going to 2nd your comment about her training, no way she hasn’t seen a dislocated shoulder before. I am impressed how she’s handling the pain however. Pain isn’t something she should have much experience with.

        • Anomimo

          High pressure pipes are very heavy material.
          I don’t know if is a pipe, but isn’t important. Other steel structural pieces can do the work.

        • Nathaniel

          Pipe nothing, that’s a lamp post.

          • Margot

            So it is! I like how the light moves around when she bends it.

          • David Nuttall

            Ah, so it is. Good catch.

    • Daniel Vogelsong

      She’s probably watched “Lethal Weapon”. Or that one episode of Farscape. I’m sure they still would make decent non-news television shows & movies even when there are superhumans in the world…

  • Simeon

    Molly is killing it with the sound effects.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    1) Flight over the dam at Mach speeds
    2) Catastrophic air failure resulting in shoulder damage and LFH (Lethal For Humans) crash in water
    2) Swim to the the shore resulting in waves a few meters high
    3) Property damage inflicted on a nearby pole
    4) Loud scream during self aid
    5) Property damage inflicted on a steel door, unhinged and thrown on the grounds

    “Sneaky” is not your thing, Alison.

    • allium

      “Now for my battle-song…

      ♫ When SFP-Girl breaks the strap on her satchel…
      Her super-strength keeps her from being gazpacho! ♫”

    • Pol Subanajouy

      Not by a long shot!

    • Mechwarrior

      Okay, let’s do this thing!!!!


      • Darkoneko Hellsing


        • Mechwarrior

          Hey, it’s been her MO this whole time.

        • Rumble in the Tumble

          Hey, at least she’s got chicken.

      • Ganurath


  • Daniel Vogelsong

    I know this isn’t going to happen… but it would be absolute GOLD if the next panel was Feral standing by the wall saying “… The door was open”

    • Taylor

      Or me, with a lecture on how to force a door open without just tearing it off its hinges!

      It’s not that hard, Alison. In fact, it’s easier than what you’ve been doing!

    • MisterTeatime

      I had to check, but- Moonshadow was with the Guardians when they took on the Zenith Initiative alongside the Wild Ones. And there’s been plenty of time for her to figure out who’s making all that racket outside by now.
      I wouldn’t rule anything out for certain, is what I’m saying. 😛

  • Sage Catharsis

    I’m still going to kick your ass.
    Also, dam.

  • Some guy

    Why did you reset your shoulder, Alison? It was shooting lightning!

    • Ryan Thompson

      She can only handle one new power per day.

  • Anna

    The downside to this healing scene is that with all the splashing, bending of metal and yelling, Moonshadow is almost definitely aware Allison’s presence and gas been given amole time to prepare…

  • ampg

    The alt-text explains one of my own lingering questions about Alison – why she has such poor fashion sense. 🙂

  • ampg

    I was thinking about that – she’s constantly talked about as if she’s invulnerable, but being able to be suffocated is a pretty real weakness.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Yep. Heroic willpower. As someone else said, she’s definitely giving off Lethal Weapon vibes here. It’s also nice to show that Al knows how to handle pain despite how few things can actually hurt her out there. Our girl’s got grit.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    I’m just commenting because I like your cosplay profile pic.

  • Markus

    On the subject of clothes, I only just noticed on my umpteenth rereading that Alison was dressed up when she last went to meet Patrick. I am not a smart man.

  • Mechwarrior

    Or it’s just a matter of leverage.

  • Mystery girl

    Woah girl… Going in to an unknown fight already injured? Hope she knows what she’s doing…

    • Mechwarrior

      If she knew what she was doing, we wouldn’t have much of a story.

      • Mystery girl

        Running into things blindly: the hallmark of a hero.

  • motorfirebox

    “I can beat you with one hand tied in front of my back!”

    • Mechwarrior

      And a raging case of emo-hair!

      • motorfirebox

        It’s a sad rage, though.

  • MisterTeatime

    I hope Alison was thoughtful enough to give someone the details about Moonshadow and Furnace in the past couple of hours, just in case this goes poorly. Nothing in the comic so far has indicated that anyone else knows what Alison knows about this situation.

    (Between “nobody knows where you are right now” and her bag (and phone!) getting wrecked/lost/abandoned somewhere in the past couple of pages, this is hitting two different (mild) anxiety buttons for me so far. Luckily Alison is much tougher than I am.)

  • dbmag9

    Actually I think it was said somewhere (maybe not in the comic but by Molly on the internet somewhere?) that Allison had low-level invulnerability before the full powers kicked in, so I think she’d never been seriously injured or ill as a child.

    • thebombzen

      It’s possible to be a normal person and never be seriously injured or ill as a child. I, for one, have never broken a bone, never had the flu, have no allergies, etc. and am not by any definition a superhero

  • fairportfan


  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    “what do you mean, my posterior dislocated ?”

  • Johan

    So badass 😀

  • Rumble in the Tumble

    I guess busting down steel doors off their hinges without a sound is a new superpower! ;p

  • hard

  • Kid Chaos

    I hear “firehouse”, and this comes to mind… 🙂

  • Ok, she’s walking into the dark… to fight an illusionist.

    This is gonna be a quick fight.

  • Like, for instance, were you on that Acela train that wrecked in Philly a few months ago? I wondered where Sam Jackson had been at the time of that incident…

  • deebles

    – Her new power (flight) came on quite some time after her previous fight against a super-powered bruiser, giant robot, or similar test of her invulnerability.
    – Her invulnerability was not able to protect her shoulder from the Gs felt after extended, high-intensity use of said flight power.
    – Could this suggest that both her flight and invulnerability draw from a single power source, and that draining it too much denies her either power?

    Possible counters to said theory:
    – Having her hair cut might have drained said power source somewhat, by giving her invulnerability something to push back against.
    – Surely they must have run tests about whether her invulnerability runs low after a while.

  • Ian Osmond

    She did. That’s what happens when Alison knocks on doors. When she was a kid, EMTs were called every time she told a knock-knock joke.

  • MisterTeatime

    At best her tip to Rosenblum implied “Mary has developed powers that can fool observers into thinking she’s somewhere she’s not”.
    It doesn’t convey anything about what we’re seeing now- not “I found Mary’s murder-plotting room”, not “Mary appears to have been researching Furnace, who is currently MIA”, not “Mary appears to have gone to Tyson Dam in Idaho”, not anything that would enable anyone to show up and help with Alison’s current situation.

    Unless we missed some significant stuff, Alison is now walking into a situation where, if worst comes to worst, the cops will have to subpoena her phone’s GPS data if they want to find her body.
    Thus my concern about her sharing the details.