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  • Kid Chaos

    So much for taking it easy.

  • Rod

    Aaaand now we discover that the independent illusions can be active (“Mary” is lying down now instead of sitting.)

    This is getting worse and worse.

    • I have a feeling that this will make the confrontation very difficult. For example, Furnace get thrown off the dam by Moonshadow. Alison reluctantly swoops down to save the asshole, superman style, because that’s what heroes do.
      BUT IT’S AN ILLUSION! The twist!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Aaah, flying is so pratical !

  • Good job Alison has a sat-nav on her phone. Before they were invented, I guess flying heroes would have to whip out a map and a compass and a long piece of string from their utility belts, and work out how many degrees from north to fly in, and hope that they don’t miss it.

  • KatherineMW

    Nice touch for the search results to include a headline showing Furnace has done some actual sperheroic things (rescuing the marines).

    Photo in the bottom right of the big panel shows Moonshadow has some issues with Allison.

    FYI, the Tyson Dam is in southwestern Idaho.

  • Markus

    I’m gonna make a series of called shots so people can make fun of me when I’m wrong:

    Moonshadow is going to try and firebomb the dam apart, while using a Furnace illusion to make it look like he did it. She’s doing this to defame him, because in spite of being a shitburglar he’s squeaky clean in the eyes of the law.

    Moonshadows knife has some way of getting past Alison’s invulnerability. She also tries some sort of psychological torture on Alison because she spent sixty bucks on a bulk container of illusions at costco and god dammit if she isn’t getting her monies worth.

    Alison’s going to successfully stop Moonshadow in a way that makes it very public and very obvious that she’s the slasher. MS is going to be publicly tried and the case is either going to end with her getting a Martha Stewart sentence or with her getting the book thrown at her. Either way, her reputation is shot and her cause is publicly sullied, to the detriment of victims of sexual assault everywhere.

    Assuming the bridge isn’t destroyed in the confrontation, Alison and Furnace are both going to receive a pretty positive PR bump from the whole thing, but the news spin on the situation is going to lead to one of them having their opinions overwritten by the other in the public eye.

    Pat never turns himself in, and if need be vanishes back into the underworld, both because he’s a very psychoemotionally weak person and because Alison heaped verbal and physical abuse on him. Shockingly, a man who has lived the majority of life with extreme disparity in his relationships doesn’t believe in quid pro quo.

    Hector isn’t seen or heard from again for at least another chapter and a half, because he has the narrative complexity of moldy wood.

    • I object to the last point… mouldy wood is quite complex, if disgusting.

    • Lostman

      Never understatement crazy or stupid.

    • Walter

      First guess: I don’t feel like Moonshadow would destroy a dam to defame Furnace. She has been pretty precise about who she targets in the past.

      Second guess: I don’t think that will happen. Moonshadow doesn’t want to fight Alison, she wants to murder dudes. If confronted by Alison I think she’ll go invisible and walk away.

      Third guess: Maybe? Several subguesses in this one. I’d say Yes, Alison will successfully stop Moonshadow. I’d say No, the way she’s stopped doesn’t make it obvious that she’s the slasher. I’m thinking No to Moonshadow being publicly tried. If she goes to jail the guards will murder her. Yes to her reputation being shot, mass murder will do that. Yes to it being to the detriment of those she’s trying to help, no one is ever happy when someone else commits mass murder on their behalf.

      Fourth guess: I doubt Alison and Furance receive positive PR from this. I think Alison stops Moonshadow, either killing her or turning her in (whereupon she’d be killed), Furnace is probably dead before she shows up.

      Fifth guess: I don’t think Pat turns himself in, but I think events overtake the situation before Alison can get angry with him about it. My guess is that the remainder of the story takes place in the time before his time limit.

      Sixth guess: I don’t know if we’ll see Hector again for a while.

  • chaosvii

    Well I hope Alison kept her phone charged this time around, she’s got quite a ways to fly!

  • sammybaby

    When Alison logs into Google Navigation, she has icons for Car, Walk, Bike, Public Transport, and Flying like a Damn Eagle.

    • Markus

      Alison is probably the only person who actually gets use out of the compass app.

  • Camerch

    I put the numbers into Google Maps. Not entirely sure what the significance of it is, though.


  • Rod

    Furnace’s mother’s grave, perhaps?

    • Matthew Dowd

      That’s where the safehouse that Mary jumped Furnace is at…

  • masterofbones

    Also, she kinda has a good relationship with gov higher-ups. She could probably get some sort of exemption.

  • elysdir

    I like the various predictions here, but I feel like they’re not entirely in keeping with Moonshadow’s usual approach. Doesn’t she tend to just move in invisibly and kill people quickly? Rather than trying to ruin their reputations?

    • Mechwarrior

      Yes, but most of the people we know she’s killed have had tarnished reputations already. Here, she’s apparently taking on someone who’s still widely viewed as a hero and we know she took him alive so naturally there’s speculation about what her motive must be.

  • Arthur Frayn

    The wiki article says above 60,000 feet, so I think she’s okay.

  • Liz

    Nah, Mary’s gone way off the deep end. What we have here is a Chekov’s dam – its purpose is to collapse. Unless Allison can stop it, of course.

  • Perlite

    Allison did take pictures before jetting off into the distance, yeah? Would illusions even show up on cameras?

    • Mechwarrior

      Given that Mary has apparently fooled the government surveillance on her apartment, it seems that they do.

  • Sabriel

    Especially since her handler ordered her not to fly until the risks were better understood.

    • Nightsbridge

      More of a suggestion, but I take your meaning.

  • Sabriel

    Thank you! I’m surprised more people haven’t pointed that out.

    It almost makes me wonder if we haven’t misread this situation. Assuming Moonshadow isn’t trying to kill Furnace, she could be trying to save him. A Google search for “Furnace missing” makes more sense in the context of a rescue.

    It would be an interesting twist.

    • Mechwarrior

      The alt text of the page where Furnace got captured said “Mary’s taser only works in moments of dramatic irony.” Not much chance that he was kidnapped by someone other than her.

      • Sabriel

        Ah, makes sense. I didn’t see that.

  • Kid Chaos

    Now, wait just a dam minute!

  • Gryphonic

    She’s already decided ‘justice’ is a failure in at least some areas. That’s the whole point of her one-woman crusade. I believe any authorities that try to stop her will be proving themselves to be part of the problem in her eyes.

  • Gryphonic

    The contours of his face make it look like adult Furnace. I assumed that was him and his ex. Who may have done the usual gripe-about-the-guy-you-just-broke-up-with on Facebook or wherever, and Mary took that as more validation for targeting him.

  • fairportfan

    Oh, c’mon – the hole in the cloud isn’t Alison-shape?

  • Mechwarrior

    The article makes it sound like some new entertainment complex or gaming convention.

    As for his reasons

  • motorfirebox

    Could be the barn where she took out the mercs?

  • Of course not. She is JUSTICE! Not those oppressive government thugs!

  • Arthur Frayn

    The house looks like the home of the judge. The gas station may be the mini-mart where she killed the four young rapists. Her display is partly planning and partly trophies.

    • Kittenbot Doomypants

      Absolutely. There’s also the college. She’s definitely sentimental if nothing else. “Ah.. memories. These were the good times. First, I simply toyed with them. Just a nick to the brachial artery, then a gash on the popliteal artery; that one took some practice to learn how without just slicing the leg off. I just love a good reminisce, don’t you? “

  • ampg

    He pretty explicitly threatened any women who would make public rape accusations while the vigilante is going after the accused men.
    EDIT: Oh, wait, I just got what you were saying. I think if they had a history we’d have heard about it, though. Wouldn’t Allison have tried him before turning to Patrick?

  • Ian Osmond

    I would bet that, for many of them, you wouldn’t even have to actively disable them: I bet a lot of consumer grade ones just can’t get fixes fast enough to work at 120 mph. Not sure how much of a physical problem the 60k feet thing would be; I don’t know enough about how GPS works to know if that makes anything trickier.

  • masterofbones

    You asked what *made* her turn to this. Her own choices made her turn to this. She probably has a very sad backstory that we will get eventually, but that doesn’t change this fact.

    So first of all, we have no idea if he ever did anything to her personally. So you are making stuff up to create your idea of furnace being at fault for Moonshadow’s own choices.

    And actually, victim blaming can still occur when the victim did something to the offender. If the reaction is out of proportion to the original action, it is not the victim’s fault. Thus, “What did he do to cause her to act this way” is blatantly victim blaming. There is nothing he could have done that merited murdering every accused rapist she can get her hands on. You MIGHT be able to argue that murdering him alone might be warranted if he raped her, though even that is excessive action and unacceptable in any functioning society. Even blaming that much on him is a tad excessive. She made her choices, and you are blaming them on someone AT MOST *slightly* related.

    Moonshadow is perfectly capable of making her own choices. She doesn’t need a man to force her to do things.

    • Kittenbot Doomypants

      Do I think that him raping her warrants murder? No, absolutely not. Do I think that something he may have done to her would cause her to make the choice to do something like this? Yes. Do I think you’re making the choice to take my words and try to make them fit what you want them to? Yup. 🙂

      I wasn’t specifically saying that he FORCED her to make the decision to kill those men. My point was more along the lines of what happened between them to make Moonshadow go from having an apparent relationship with Furnace to deciding that all men who assault women must die.

      Just to clarify: by using the word “make,” in nearly every context that I’ve used it in reference to the Moonshadow/Furnace issue, both here and previously, I’ll assume you think I mean forced. I do not. I mean make as in mold.

  • Daniel Martin

    Right, sorry. Yes, something that stopped working at 120mph wouldn’t be much use even in a fast-moving train.