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  • Lostman

    “What are you afraid of?” Alison honey um… you do realize that you just floated there for a second?

    • Kid Chaos

      He was afraid of something, and that was *before* Alison blew her stack. Now we’ll see if he’s afraid of it more than he’s afraid of *her*.

  • Gryphonic


    Well, we heard Carver’s biodynamism is becoming even more extreme over time.
    The movement of the objects around her lends credence to the theory that her strength is in fact touch-based telekinesis. Looks like it is now an area effect.

  • Jack Lostthenames Warren

    Yes. Yes? Yesssssssssss.

  • Zac Caslar

    Heh. There she goes.
    Never forget: the lady’s hardcore.
    My guess?
    Allison, you’re his conscience and the strongest tie to his dismissed and derided “humanity.”
    He’s got a big plan that involves dirty deeds and terrible compromises and he needs to push you away so that he can walk the low road without distraction -that seems like the most probable outcome, anyway.
    It could be that he intends to antagonize you to the point of making you an enemy who’ll intervene mercilessly later. To me that fourth panel communicates an odd mix of terror and triumph like he’s seeing you as angry as he’s ever hoped and he’s also scared shitless by his “success.”
    I think that’s a long shot though; martyrdom and self-immolation isn’t Patrick’s style.

    There’s also a useful truth present here: he’s fucked and he knows it.
    Whatever plan he’s got in motion there’s no confusion about the truth that he’s no match for her when words fail. There is no Ottercreekite to bail him out and an angry Mega Girl can one-punch him into liquid in a heartbeat if she decides to do so.

    As for before and why does Moonshadow’s killing matter?
    Because it’s bad for Moonshadow.
    Because it’s utterly toxic and whatever the hell it means to her she deserves a reprieve.
    The useful thing about Justice is that it’s collective; the burden of punishment is distributed among the millions of law-abiding citizens who bend their natural human impulses of revenge to the letter of the law.
    By comparison vengeance is a toll paid alone.
    Moonshadow should be stopped for her own damn good; never mind the dime-store prescience of her eventually deciding to off someone either of them considers the world better for the presence of.
    Seems likely to me that she’s acting out in compensation for some other personal trauma; deal with that and if she decides she’s just into the whole “murdering rapists thing” then alright! She can roll on or not as whoever decides.

    • Lostman

      Agreed, not only that but as seen with Flame (is that his name?) is that this can snowball out of control, with 35% of population having super powers any idiot can matter in their own hands meaning. This is not adding the fact how much sway empowered people have over society it wouldn’t be hard to form oh let’s say… a army *I’m look at you Patrick* and start playing at politics.

      • Mystery girl

        I believe his name is Inferno.

        • MisterTeatime


          • Zac Caslar

            I’ll admit I use a shortcut to help me remember: “asshole.”

          • Lostman

            I on the other hand will call him Jim

    • Seraph4377

      There’s also a useful truth present here: he’s fucked and he knows it.
      plan he’s got in motion there’s no confusion about the truth that he’s
      no match for her when words fail. There is no Ottercreekite to bail him
      out and an angry Mega Girl can one-punch him into liquid in a heartbeat
      if she decides to do so.

      I suspect that at this moment, Patrick is really, reeeeally envying fictional (do they have the same comics in this world that they do in ours?) telepaths like Professor X, who have alternate ways of dealing with rampaging physical powerhouses.

      • All Patrick can do is reason withy people. He can do it very well, but he’s helpless against foes that can’t be reasoned with.
        Fortunately for him, Alison saw through his infuriating snideness.

  • dbmag9


    She can fly, she can fly, she can fly, she can fly, she can flyyyyy!

  • Adrienne Herbst



    • Lysiuj

      My first thought was “Ava’s Demon crossover?!”

  • fredhicks


    Flawless victory!

  • I knew it! He’s playing her and she knows it. He hasn’t said a trustworthy word since she came in. He wants her far away…because he’s afraid of relationships? Afraid she’ll discover what he’s up to? Afraid she’ll get hurt if she shares his crusade?

    Also HOLY CRAP new powers!!!!

    • masterofbones

      Im thinking someone is watching them right now, and he wants her to leave. Or he wants to put on a nice show about how they are now estranged, but the box contains a full explanation of what is going on.

  • Kelvandil
  • habeasdorkus

    She’s gone super saiyan!

  • Harlequin

    Hah! Called it.

  • comiclover

    if her hair is one of the strongest matters in the world, how does she keep it so short? Unless it grows super slowly, how does she keep it like that!? sooooooo jelous!

    • David

      You should really read through the previous pages of this comic…it’s very good.

    • Zac Caslar

      With a power saw. =]

      • don’t forget the liquid nitrogen!

        • Zac Caslar

          and my brain just went “ohgodwhataboutaBrazillian!?”
          brrrr. stupid brain!

          • legitimately snort-laughed at that–and involuntarily clenched my legs together. thank you.

          • MrSokar

            I assumed she just doesn’t bother with pubic hair, but she clearly does shave her armpits and most likely leg hair somehow, and been wondering about that since the haircut page.

  • “Can I just say ‘the scary lady with superpowers’ and get out of saying anything more?”

    • Rod

      *Alison glares at him.*

      “Don’t even try.”

  • We’ve seen her do the “jump hella high” thing before (during the big fight with Cleaver, IIRC) but I don’t know if they’ve ever really defined whether she was just feather-falling or actually has some sort of flight thing and hasn’t done it on-screen due to the way she’s been playing at no-capes, and it just hasn’t come up in flashbacks up to this point.

    • ampg

      No, it’s established that she can’t fly – she tries when her anomaly first appears (flashback in issue 3, maybe?), but only succeeds in jumping really high.

      • StClair

        Basically, she’s just made the jump (heh) from original Superman (“Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound”) to Silver Age and later (“It’s a bird!” “It’s a plane!”).

        • Kid Chaos

          “It’s Mega-Girl!”

    • MisterTeatime

      In Issue 4 she wants to get home from school as fast as possible, and accomplishes this via super jumping. If she (knew she) could fly at that point, she would have- it would be quicker *and* less conspicuous; fewer random landings.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Oh Alison, you clever girl. <3

    And I guess the mystery of how Patrick got thrown about is solved. It didn't look like a result of physical action Al took because it wasn't! Curiouser and curiouser.

  • Gus Snarp

    Yeah, I can’t dismiss the idea that Patrick is trying to push her away, but I can also imagine he’s testing her, trying to find her limits, or to get her to realize the full extent of her powers, which if they include not just flight, but telekinesis, are going way beyond just taking and delivering blows.

  • Gustav Snarp

    My guess for the next dialog bubble in this comic: (Patrick): “The question, Alison, is what are YOU afraid of?”


      • Classtoise

        “What are YOU afraid of, Alison? Is it perhaps that yoOkay yes turning that wall clock into a perfect sphere no bigger than a marble is in fact a good display of what I am afraid of, yes.”

    • Johan

      And then she’ll be like “No, what are YOU afraid of?” And then he’ll be like “NO! What are you afraid of?” And it’ll go on for 10 pages XD

  • Rod

    While it’s a good, plausible theory… if it DOES turn out he was just “trying to push her to be better,” I’m going to lose what (very) little sympathy I have for the jerk.

  • Rod

    Definitely appears that that power-up has been acquired.

  • Rod

    Well, they did foreshadow the possibility. Even her barber dropped a hint or two.

  • Rod

    I’d wager it’s totally new. It would make the shock value of seeing it (both for readers and in-story, for Patrick) much greater.

  • Rod

    Whatever it is that he’s afraid of… survey says that it’s a clear and present danger (possibly observing them right now.)

  • Alex Hollins

    The look in his face as he hears her thoughts and goes, SHIT, she figured it out.

  • Skylar Green

    What Patrick is afraid of (in no particular order):

    1) That he doesn’t deserve Alison, but she doesn’t know that.
    2) That he does deserve Alison, and he doesn’t know how to handle that.

    3) They’re secretly related and he’s avoiding any potential incest issues where the Westermarck Effect has been neutralized due to a lifetime of living apart.
    4) Templar Industries actually has pretty strict guidelines concerning fraternization and romances inside the building. He’s just a good company man, leading by example.
    5) Patrick? You think that’s Patrick?

    • Ms. Brightside

      That 3rd option sent me into a spiral of nope.

    • Zac Caslar

      Good eye on #5.
      He’s been gathering other Biodynamics; that might be a coached imposter working towards some other ends.

    • masterofbones

      Alternatively, there is kind of a major possibility you missed: THEY ARE BEING WATCHED

    • Mujaki

      6) Clowns.

  • Mystery girl

    Oh, she is one sharp cracker. She sees right through his facade and gets to the heart of it. What is he so afraid of?

    • Silva



      • Mystery girl


  • David

    So…arguably the most powerful biodynamic in the SFP universe now has telekinesis too? Making your characters overpowered is always a bad idea.

    Granted, this comic has never been about the struggle of physically fighting supervillains.

    • Ryan

      It’s possible that short-range telekinesis is her only power. Take a look at the comments on this page: http://strongfemaleprotagonist.com/issue-5/page-58-2/

      In any case, the point of most of this comic is that Alison is underpowered to fight the problems that really matter.

      • Liz

        Well, short-range telekinesis, bullet-proof skin and diamond bones.

        • Ryan

          The point is that her other powers could all be explained by short-range TK (i.e. TK that, until just now, has only affected objects she is physically touching).

          • Balthazar

            Still though, the argument still stands that by expanding the range of her powers could make her a little too powerful regardless of her initial power was telekinetic to begin with.

            Though, really I never thought this comic was about the superpowers than the interactions of the people with said superpowers, so I think, in this case, there is not much to worry about. Even if Alison gains an incredibly OP power like the ability to destroy the planet, my guess is the comic will focus more on the fear she is feeling of her possible danger to humanity than on her beating people to a pulp with her planet crushing punches.

    • motorfirebox

      Eh, physical conflict wasn’t much of a concern to begin with. The closest she’s ever come to getting hurt was in the fight against Cleaver, and even then she took a bigger hit emotionally than she did physically. Gaining telekinesis (or, possibly more likely, expanding the range of her telekinesis to beyond touch-range) doesn’t equip her any better to solve the problems she’s trying to solve.

      • Zac Caslar

        SFP is about impotent heroes in a genre about characters sometimes called “young gods.”
        That’s one of it’s most brilliant concepts, and that it explores it so well brings me back.
        This is kind of the anti-Watchmen which had the same idea but expressed it in far more cynical terms.

      • Johan

        Also, super-strength and durability are better than telekinesis. The latter can be impaired by a lack of focus, even if she has always used her powers instinctively. I’m curious though, did she hide this part of her powers from everyone? Man this comic is keeping me on the edge of my seat 🙂

        • motorfirebox

          Well, remember, the first time Alison tried to fly, she couldn’t.

          I think she simply didn’t know about, or possibly even didn’t have, these powers until now. Everyone’s powers have been “getting worse”, in Alison’s words—Cleaver’s blades are getting sharper and his skin tougher, Moonshadow’s “ignore me” aura has turned into full-fledged invisibility and illusions, and so on. Alison’s super-strength and invulnerability, which we can now probably assume were actually zero-range telekinesis, have expanded into TK in a larger area.

  • Allison just levelled up to telekinesis. [grabs popcorn] This is gonna get interesting

    • Balthazar

      does her pupils turn to stars whenever she uses her telekinesis or did I just never notice it before?

  • Ryan

    “Sorry Patrick, unlike me, your bullshit isn’t gonna fly.”

    • motorfirebox


    • Johan

      That is so cool, nice job man XD

  • ampg

    I’m really glad she figured him out.

  • Andrew Joseph Crow

    Allison Green? More like Allison Grey.

  • Balthazar

    Most of us including Patrick.

  • Balthazar

    Telekinetic barriers put up by her subconsciously to prevent harm to her body maybe?

  • Oakreef

    I think one of the alt-texts before explained that carver’s strength and toughness are physical but allison’s are more psychic/magic (I think the actual word used was somadynamic or something?)

    • Ryan

      Everyone’s powers are somadynamic/biodynamic.

  • Iarei

    “Well since I just called you a shallow ho and/or insinuated I’ve been misrepresenting myself to you this entire time, I’m most imminently afraid you’ll pop my brain inside my skull with your wicked new telekinetic powers.”

  • Charles Dickson

    Dang, there goes my pet theory. But this is so much better anyhow.

  • motorfirebox

    Man, so many answers on this page. Starting, I guess, with why Alison’s pose on the last page—why it didn’t look like she’d struck Patrick.

    More importantly it explains… basically everything about Patrick’s behavior. Why he’s bragging about kidnapping scientists and having biodynamics on guard when Alison showed up. Why he took her request for information on Moonshadow as an opportunity to deliver a full-on supervillain monologue. He has been manipulating Alison (or, at least, trying to), but not for the reasons some had put forth.

    Also interesting to note that full-on TK isn’t the most impressive ability she displays on this page. Reading the mindreader’s mind is a pretty neat trick. Biodynamism < intelligence and compassion.

  • dbillian4

    Can Alison fly now!?

  • Mindsword

    I agree, but I also distrust my instincts on the matter.

  • Classtoise

    Right. There’s a huge gulf between “Not a super genius” and “idiot”. Sometimes the smarter folks forget that!

    • StClair

      In The Lion in Winter, Prince John is considered a bit thick because – despite knowing a few languages, and having constructed at least one rather cunning little clockwork toy – he’s not a Machiavellian genius like the rest of his (awful, awful) family. And oh, how he resents that.

  • StClair

    One of my very favorite aspects of the version seen in the DCAU, particularly his own series, is that you can catch Superman off-guard… once, maybe twice. Try that same trick on him again, and you’ll find that he’s come up with a hard counter for it.

  • Gryphonic

    Edit: meant to type Cleaver, not Carver. I was trying to figure out what you were talking about when I haven’t read GC in a year or so.

  • Perlite

    And finally Allison gets down to the nitty gritty. We all know he had some sort of ulterior motive for being a colossal Pat-prick for the last dozen pages. Her words seem to indicate that she’s familiar with her “new” powers.
    Some many questions though! Is her suddenly being telekinetic a sign of things to come? Are all the other supers gonna mutate too? Is Allison gonna read Patty’s mind? Was he trying to trigger her powers to test another theory, but the response was far stronger than he anticipated? Is she gonna flatten him into a Pat-cake in the next couple of pages?

  • KJHargan

    Excellent. Didn’t see it coming, should have seen it coming. Cleaver’s enhancement was the clue that should have been remembered. Ok. so… logical extension: what is Patrick afraid of? If he’s ‘leveling up’, too? Maybe he’s afraid of being so telepathic he connects to the whole world like some kind of post-modern Buddha? What a terrifying fate for someone as narcissistic and vain as Patrick. Then one must ask, is he trying to get her to kill him?
    Postscript- what is Furnace going to be like ‘leveled up’? sheesh.

  • Kid Chaos

    “Well, you’re pretty scary right now…”

    • Pol Subanajouy

      And then Patrick makes a sad face. 🙁

  • RobNiner

    “Patrick… Patrick”
    “What is it Nap- Er, Alison?”
    “…I can flyyyyyy..”

  • Arthur Frayn

    Wow. I was wrong, but nobody could have seen this coming. I thought she backhanded him with her left arm as a reflexive reaction to his baiting. This is something people guessed at the edges of in the comments, that her strength and invulnerability are really telekinetic in nature, but floating transfiguration- wow. And simultaneously calling Patrick’s manipulative BS- awesome.

  • I don’t know that it does still have an effect. her doctor said that her somadynamism extends into her dead tissue enough to make haircuts a pain, but that once they cut it, it burned just fine, implying that once it wasn’t a part of her, it behaved like normal hair. in that case, they stored it because it is tissue belonging to a tier-one biodynamic, and incinerated it for the same reasons–they want to be the only ones in possession of that kind of material, inasmuch as they can control it. *shrug* just another way of looking at it.

  • this is what Patrick was going for the whole time. he wanted her mad, and gorramit, is she ever. and look at what happened—she’s all floaty and powerful and ready to kick ass. I think that’s exactly what Patrick intended but I don’t know if he realized how far he’d have to go to get it. the ramping up of the powered people–Cleaver was pointed out, for sure, and I don’t know about any of the others–mightn’t it be tied to heightened emotions, or the neurological/hormonal/chemical responses thereof? especially since the powers came on around puberty. and Cleaver is probably the most volatile of the lot. Patrick wanted to see what Alison could REALLY do, and he had to set her off (with the intention of explaining it later, obviously, though it may be too little, too late–unless it’s a prelude to helping her catch Mary.)

    or he’s just horrid scum, and I can’t accept it, which is entirely possible. but I like to think under all that cold, impenetrable logic and manipulation and selfishness are actual feelings for others and a sense of morality, skewed as it may be.

  • Mechwarrior

    Good, I can feel your anger. I am defenseless. Take your weapon.
    Strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the dark
    side will be complete!

  • Verdant_Samuel

    Looks like Patrick finally managed to get a rise out of her. Not sure if this is going in the direction he wants, though. Hopefully something will provide a grounding influence next panel.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Holy shit she can fly !

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      (I realy like the lamp lighting effect in the 2nd panel)

  • Wait? She can fly?

    And I can guess she could be right. He has been slightly out-of-character in this conversation, but it wasn’t by much. I thought we were just getting a closer look at a real him. Maybe he’s having a hard time keeping up walls while he’s assimilating the knowledge of all those physicists

  • Pol Subanajouy

    In a weird way, it adds to this already impressive display because it means she not only is she calling Patrick on his BS she did so with the emotional/mental equivalent of -turning on a dime, faster than even Patrick could react despite monitoring her closely.-

  • masterofbones

    There might have been no paths open for a quick turnaround. Mindreading is best as a long-term manipulation tool on targets that are unaware of manipulation. In this case he has neither of those, and is therefore working with a major disadvantage. Couple that with how Alison is fairly clever, and Patrick has a tough time.

    On the other hand, he might be distracted at the moment, unable to fully target Alison’s weak points because of other stress.

  • Iarei

    He’s learned by proxy that her somadynamicism intensifies in reaction to damage. What do you want to bet he’d hurt her emotionally just to see if that had a similar effect?

  • StClair


    Shows up a few times in the various comics, too. Like when he’s just about to completely shut a bad guy down by using what he’s observed, and comments that he is a reporter – someone whose job is to notice things and interpret their meaning – and the son of a scientist. Not Batman, but not just a hick farmboy, either.

  • motorfirebox

    Could be some kind of (ugh) midichlorian type effect.

  • motorfirebox

    She was figuring it out, and it still almost worked.

  • Snow Monet

    What would Patrick be afraid? Earlier his statements suggested a “we’re all gonna die someday, does anything really matter?” Kind of philosophy, Patrick doesn’t seem particularly afraid of death, he seems more afraid of pain or discomfort.

    So what could Patrick be afraid of? Is he afraid of entering a romantic relationship with Allison possibly ruining the closest thing he has to a connection? Does actually care about whatever scheme he has going on failing? Is he afraid of losing his powers? Maybe that’s why he couldn’t read her figuring out his little game. If it’s possible for powers to increase over time it’s possible for them to decrease or vanish altogether.

  • MrSokar

    It seems to me that he was aiming at some kind of reaction from the start, but would not have been able to guess it would manifest in this way, especially if Allison doesn’t know she is capable of doing this.

  • motorfirebox

    I think what it might come down to, for Patrick, is that he doesn’t see that Alison could be of any use in hunting down and exposing the organization he’s pursuing. And, I mean… he’s got a point. This isn’t an enemy that can be physically fought, at least not at this juncture. Maybe once Patrick digs up some names, Alison can pick them up (literally). But until then, Alison may be more of a liability than an asset. In addition to not having applicable resources, education, or power set, Alison drags around with her a sphere of media attention. Having her around exposes Patrick, which makes it harder for him to do the secret skullduggery he’d trying to do.

    And more than that, I think he’s afraid that if Alison draws attention to what he’s doing, the organization he’s hunting will strike out at Alison (himself as well, though given the way he’s winding Alison up it’s not clear that he places a high relative value on his own physical safety). And while she can’t be physically harmed that we know of, she’s got a great abundance of eminently-squishable family and friends.

    I’m not certain Patrick is correct, or that there isn’t a counterargument to be made. But I think that’s why he’s trying to drive Alison away.

    • Douglas Muir

      I’m inclined to agree. See his distress three strips back? The tear might have been fake, but… I’m guessing not.

      Doug M.

  • Douglas Muir


    15 mph is a full flat-out run, fast as you can, straight into a wall. That could produce a range of different injuries, from light bruising to broken bones.

    Doug M.

  • Douglas Muir

    …I note that Alison and Patrick now have both suffered facial injuries from a throwdown with an enraged super-strong opponent.

    Doug M.

  • Moppy

    While it’s reasonable to think that they implied a period of time for the powers to expire, it was left ambiguous. Now we have confirmation that the cut hair loses its invulnerability due to leaving the superpower “aura” enveloping her body, which has now grown larger. Whether or not this is a temporary rage-fueled boost or not is still to be revealed.!

    also raises the question of whether the regular/old area of effect was of uneven distance from her skin, considering how her hair is super-tough but her clothes aren’t (eh? plot holes?? I don’t know what you’re talking about…).

  • I thought the mask and aprons and gloves were just like, standard gear when working with liquid nitrogen and a saw, especially if you’re a super important doctor/therapist/hairstylist to superheroes? you may be right, though.

  • Kid Chaos

    She Took A Level In Badass.

  • Kid Chaos

    Tarantulas can shoot their body hair out as a defense mechanism. It’s not fast, but the hairs are small and sharp. Get that stuff in your eyes, and you’re in for a world of hurt.