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  • Markus

    What’s unnerving is that she’ll never know if he was telling her a truth she’s convinced herself was false or lying to himself because the one thing he and all his minions are good at is hating their powers.

    • S.I. Rosenbaum

      how is this relationship different from all other relationships

      • Ryan

        Because the reverse is not also true.

    • StClair

      Do you think he knows?

  • Ryan

    Defenestration threshold has been achieved.

    • Pol Subanajouy

      Well I didn’t think he’d go an trip it on purpose. 😛

      • Gryphonic

        Oh, I think he’s been trying to find it for the last 10 minutes.

        The way he kept changing the line of conversation was him playing hot-and-cold to see if he was getting close.

        • ampg

          Absolutely. In fact, I think that was behind the look he gave her a couple of pages ago when she asked if Moonshadow would have reason to kill him. He was realizing that he had hit on the right path – she would accept that he was a murderer, but not a rapist or other “villain.”

    • I sincerely hope that the opportunity is taken to use DEFENSTRATE as a sound effect. it’s my favorite.

  • David Nuttall

    He sure knows how to push her buttons, which makes sense when you think about it, but you would think he would have anticipated her reaction.

    • fredhicks

      This might be the reaction he was going for. Either for her own safety (I’m getting too close to a dangerous truth, she needs to be kept distant from me) or because he’s got a somebody’s-gotta-stop-me-I’d-rather-it-be-her notion or something else.

      • Kelvandil

        Yeah. I don’t know why, but this is definitely what he wanted to happen.

  • Classtoise

    Yeah, that poor megalomaniacal sociopath who sees killing people as some sort of “inevitability” and thus it’s totally okay. Poor sweet horrible murderous bastard.

    • Elaine Lee

      If he were simply a sociopath, he would accept Alison’s good opinion, not try to push her away.

  • Classtoise

    Let’s be fair, here. Alison is so strong she sometimes has trouble telling if something is locked since the resistance is so minimal. Something like simply puffing out her chest could likely send him flying.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    And boom goes the dynamite. I am convinced now more than ever that Patrick isn’t as smart as he thinks and that he and Alison will both suffer for it. Maybe it will be revealed later that he had a reason to push her away, but right now in this context this reads as downright adolescent behavior.

    Also, did Patrick get knocked back simply by Al putting her hand back down vigorously? Or did she stomp and cause a small shock wave? It doesn’t matter, really, I was just curious as to what others were seeing.

    • S.I. Rosenbaum

      Agree, I think her arms should be out straight if she pushed him. Not sure if this is mistake in visual language or if something else happened.

    • Sabriel

      It kind of looks like they teleported or something. They were in his office, and now it looks like they’re outdoors on a roof.

      … doesn’t it? I’m surprised that nobody else seems confused about where they are.

      Are you all just figuring that she knocked him into a window, and we’re not “seeing” the glass?

    • my obvious thought is that she shoved him or pushed him.
      but the way his fist is at his head like he just got the worst migraine EVER makes me think that she somehow THOUGHT him into pain. might be a trick she picked up when they were actually foes. or something to do with the sleeping scientists.
      my bet is on it being something on a mental or psychic level rather than a physical one, if only because that’s more intriguing.

      • Pol Subanajouy

        You got a point there. That is pretty interesting if it’s something like psychic feedback or what not. We will have to see.

  • Mechwarrior

    She had her arm up in panel seven, while it’s down it panel eight. It looks as though she may have shoved him.

  • KatherineMW

    With that last line, I now have zero doubt that he was deliberately trying to provoke her.

  • S.I. Rosenbaum

    UGH Patrick stop it with the 50 Shades of Supervillain thing

  • S.I. Rosenbaum

    This is an amazing page. I think panel 6 would be more effective if the tears were still there though.

  • Mystery girl

    Oh, he crossed a line there.

  • StClair

    Is he capable of being otherwise?

    • Kid Chaos

      Alison sure hopes so.

  • Lex Hammer

    He’s definitely trying to push her away. The question is “why”?

    • Elaine Lee

      Great power, low self-esteem.

  • Rich McGee

    Nope, I still hate Antimony’s dad over at Gunnerkrigg Court more than Patrick, but he’s getting closer.

    • Out of all the manipulative bastards I’ve seen, Carver Sr. is still the douchiest.

    • motorfirebox

      Carver the Elder hasn’t show any redeeming qualities of yet.

      • I don’t know. He seems to at least feel that he has a duty to protect his daughter, even if he hates her, and has no care for her mental well-being.
        As has been pointed out on that site. She’s still in her mid-teens, and yet she’s negotiating with powerful, amoral entities of nature with histories of violence. Not to mention that it’s his duty as a teacher to punish her for her rampant cheating.

        While we see that she’s mostly capable now, I can see any sane parent being terrified upon seeing their child in this sort of situation.

        • Liz

          Yes, but when your kid hasn’t seen you in… what, 5 years?… you lead with “Antimony, it’s so good to see you. Tell me about your life these past 5 years.” And then get into the changes that you think need to happen in her life. Also, shaming your teenage daughter for wearing MAKEUP? For real? Grow up, Tony.

          Patrick obviously has some serious mental disorders going on. Anthony’s mad that his wife died to give her life to her daughter, and probably mad at magic in general for having rules like that, and he’s taking it out on Antimony. They’re both dickbags, but Tony Carver’s bag is way dicker.

          • I think the opposite. Not that Anthony isn’t a giant bag of dicks too.

  • Sabriel

    Um, what? Why does it look like they’re on a roof? When did they go outside?

  • rpenner

    “If this is “winning” the argument, then why do I feel so sad?”

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    This is both adorable and heart-wrenching.

  • masterofbones

    Ugh. So they are gonna be in a romantic relationship after all. Oh well.

    In other news, this is so far into “has to be an act” territory.

  • Guilherme Carvalho

    I know this is completely off the mark, but I did think for a second that the last panel was future Patrick butting in – or some sort of time-travel effect coming from their future.

    Yes, I know it’s not that. But it was a cool idea for a sec.

    • motorfirebox

      “Dude! Take it from my full-body cast—you do NOT want to tick her off.”

  • Has Billy Joel taught you nothing? Leave a tender moment alone.

  • Pat

    It looks that way to me, as well.

  • Ryan .

    maybe he got lost in the moment and repeated her thoughts?

  • kalmia

    Ouch, right in the sexual insecurity. And getting thrown across the room looks like it hurts, too, I guess, whatever.

    So, when I was a 21-year-old feminist virgin like Allison here, somebody accused me of being “desperate” for a boyfriend. It wasn’t a huge insult in the grand scheme of things and had nothing to do with world-saving career choices, but it was still the most humiliating argument I ever had with that person. It hurt way more than it should have, for a couple of reasons. First, there’s the ingrained sense that a woman should be the pursued, not the pursuer, and that she shouldn’t have an unseemly level of sexual desire. On the other hand, if you’re a young, self-conscious feminist, it feels embarrassingly prudish to be postponing sex for a relationship and pathetic to care so much about finding a man. Patrick seems to be hitting Allison more from the feminist angle. What a gentleman.

    I really want to yell through the fourth wall at her that it is okay to want sex and okay to want love and okay to want both at the same time. But Allison is in a really tough spot when it comes to her sex life. Her doctor may think she can have sex safely, but that’s an untested theory right now. She must feel morally obligated to avoid anonymous hookups–the person she gets busy with should know who she is and be willing to accept some physical risks. Since she’s self-identified as straight, her prospects right now are either Patrick or some kind of FWB thing with Hector, whom she’s known since she was 14. Poor woman. No wonder Patrick knew this would make her snap if the murder confessions didn’t–it’s a pretty fundamental human problem.

    • Lostman

      Hit her in metaphor sore spot, ooooohhhhh.

      This show that Alison maybe physical invincible but isn’t burnproof.

  • Charles Dickson

    Dudes, moonshadow or whoever the invisible girl is has been in the room the whole time. He could tell because of mind reading. The evil villain thing was to draw her out. Which just happened. /pet_theory

    • Whoa. Awesome.theory. Which would definitely make us (or at least me) relieved about Patrick.But…I doubt things will go down simply, even then?

    • Zixinus

      Patrick has very tight security. He is familiar with invisible people and I would bet that he has special defenses just for spotting and stopping them.
      Even then, he is telepathic: he knows precisely where an invisible person if he can tell that there is one in the room. This elaborate charade would be pointless and unnecessarily dangerous to him. He merely would have needed to whisper into Allison’s ear the location of the invisible person who would then take care of it while he escapes. Or just leave the room and call for security.

  • KJHargan

    I think you’ve all forgotten that Furnace has clearly stated he was coming for Templar Industries. His blast would probably knock Patrick down, but not MegaGirl.

    • Mechwarrior

      While the comic has switched to a “no background” format, it looks more like Patrick is falling toward where the window was rather than away.

      Also, there’s less burning and flames than would be expected from an attack by Pyro Pants.

      • Elaine Lee

        I think there is less background, as the focus is on the emotional states of these two characters, not on their surroundings.

        • Mechwarrior

          Yes. I was responding to the idea that this could be an attack from an outside force- the directions seem wrong (and presumably we’d get backgrounds for that, too).

  • spriteless

    I begin to wonder if he never really liked the Looney Tunes, and instead was just saying the right thing to get her happy… but stopped himself when it worked, too well.

  • Alex Hollins

    And now she’s going to psychoanalyze herself over and over, decided that he played her on purpose because hes afraid of huring her, and is going to have it even worse. My god, he’s good.

  • Ryan

    He doesn’t necessarily know in advance what someone’s reaction will be (he reads what’s in someone mind now, not what they will think in the future), but if he’s known someone for a long time, he will likely know them well enough to make a very good prediction.

    • ampg

      Actually, he told her in an earlier chapter that he was able to predict what someone would do based on reading their thoughts and desires, and that he did this so well that most people thought he had mind control powers.

  • motorfirebox

    …Huh. When I first read it, I assumed Alison knocked him silly. But now that you bring it up, it does look like maybe he’s punching himself.

  • Am I the only one who wants to see a human version of a migraine for Patrick? Like, when that person is in the area all he can hear is really loud, high pitched static. Person would be normal otherwise and only telepaths can hear them.

  • Johan

    I … I’m not sure I understand what’s going on. DId she just yell “woomph” at him very loud?
    Kinda get the feeling he’s trying to commit suicide by ex super-hero now … damnit Pat, I have no idea what you’re doing !!!

  • Sabriel

    It’s possible (probable, even) that her hymen was broken during childhood. A rough fall can do it, such as falling off a bike.

    • Kid Chaos

      Or getting smacked around by a Templar robot.

    • Kid Chaos

      But seriously, you’ve brought up the whole “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex” thing. It could be a serious problem…

      • Sabriel

        Bleh. Sorry, but I absolutely hate “man of steel, woman of keenex.”

        Why are we so fascinated with the ways superheroes could kill women during sex?!

        What is the appeal in thinking of superman that way?! I had a crush on Christopher Reeve. I really don’t want to think about him killing women by having sex with them. Also, when I was a kid, boys just LOVED to bring that topic up and it always felt like they wanted to watch me squirm.

        Also, he doesn’t destroy buildings by peeing into a toilet. There is no good reason to think that Superman would ejaculate with deadly force.

        Gross. Blech. Eww. Can we not?! This topic is the worst. >:(

        ((Nothing personal Kid Chaos; you’re cool.))

        • Kid Chaos

          I’m just saying, she could have overpowered vaginal muscles or something; you never know.

        • Markus

          Peeing isn’t an involuntary action. Superman destroyed a solar system when he sneezed.

          • Sabriel

            From Niven’s original essay:

            “Superman would literally crush Louis Lane’s body in his arms, while simultaneously ripping her open from crotch to sternum, gutting her like a trout. Lastly, he’d blow off the top of her head.”

            What a lovely image. I am glad that so many comic book nerds enjoy this delightful train of thought about an entirely fictional character.

  • MrSing

    Some superheroes have laser eyes and can fly, Alison can fart out flashbangs.

  • Arthur Frayn

    A lot of folks don’t understand what physically happened at the end there. In the 7th panel she has her left arm up across her chest; in the 8th it is at her side, so it seems she backhanded him across the room ( but probably not out the window -not yet). So yes, he provoked a reaction from her.

    Now what happened situationally back there is up for debate. I don’t think getting hurt or killed was his goal. I think he wanted to break her false image and admiration of him cathartically, with the accepted risk of being pushed hard and possible property damage. He wants her to stop crushing on him (but not crush him).

  • Oren Leifer

    That’s… a very good point. Perhaps that’s either from some outside effect (that’s manipulating either Patrick or only non-biodynamics), or maybe that’s Patrick’s doing (not wanting anyone who could be badly hurt by Alison by accident, or wanting to have goons around, or something similar).
    Patrick’s doing something significant. I can’t tell if it’s that the shadowy conspiracy is holding him and/or his people hostage (he wants Alison to break him out/stop him) or if he has some larger plan he needs Alison to play a part in (the shadow conspiracy has other telepaths and he wants her to go to them without know that he’s prompting her). Either way, Patrick’s taking advantage of being able to push her buttons perfectly.

  • *passes the tissues*

  • Kid Chaos

    You can edit it to say “Post deleted” or “Nevermind…”

  • Kid Chaos
  • Jace

    I forget. At one point didn’t he say he couldn’t read her mind? Or am I mistaking it for something else he couldn’t read?

  • Snow Monet

    At this point I honestly have no clue what Patrick is doing. Is he so bored that he’s just messing with her for fun?Is this how scheming telepathy get there chuckles when looney toon reruns aren’t on?

  • Yeah, I was actually a little confused as to what actually physically happened in this page. It kind of looks line he just stumbled back or that an outside force stepped in? Allison has her arm up defensively, but I didn’t see enough to quite imply actual motion.
    Same went for the first panels. I guess I was taken aback by the switch of tactics, but the physical progression from hand holding to the hug was a little stilted this time.

    Also. Is Patrick crying manipulatively, or irl? I guess it’s a question of whether or not we believe him aaaaaah no way to tell
    (I love how horrifying this scene is. Great writing & art as usual <3)

  • What are you talking about? The Spinnerette comment section is a safe place. The Giantitp forums are a safe place. This place brings up too many sensitive scary topics to be safe.

    Interesting, yes. Fun, depends on your definition. Necessary and visionary, most definitely. But safe? Never.

    • Sabriel

      Safe from Gunnerkrigg Court. 🙂

  • Did she just pull a Superboy trick there? Upgrading her tactile-telekinesis-based powers to full-on telekinesis?

  • So he has a big evil villain rant. Standard nihilistic crap (sure, everything’s meaningless. Get over it and get on with your life).
    Then he calms down, and there’s going to be a tender mushy bit.
    Then he’s a dick again.
    I find myself liking him more and more.

  • Markus

    Someday I’m going to open up a safe making company and call it The Safe Space.

  • Markus

    Still, given her super durability, it’s actually entirely possible that her hymen could be a danger to anyone trying to have penetrative sex with her. We still don’t know how malleable her cells are, so it could be true that a thin membrane like that would functionally be razor-sharp.

    • Martine Votvik

      sigh, there is no thin membrane dude 🙂 and if she is soft to the touch when you stroke her arm or cheek, I doubt that any soft tissue in her vagina is going to hurt anybody. If it doesn’t wear away, it would only add some aditional thightness. Nothing a good warm up and forplay couldn’t get around.

      • Markus

        We still don’t actually know if she’s soft to the touch. Also, it’s not a solid wall covering the vaginal canal, but the hymen definitely is a membrane.

  • fairportfan

    What did she bounce him with? Her hands are at her sides.

  • Johan

    Pffffhahahahah Awesome XD
    Man, now I want to see Alison in a Skyrim armor. I wonder what weapon she would use.

  • bookslinki

    Going back and reading through this conversation, he’s very intentionally made it a rollercoaster; up and down, sweet and cruel, love and hate. One theory we haven’t heard yet is that he’s simply experimenting with her emotional range; he’s a scientifically curious telepath, and what’s going on in Alison’s brain throughout this conversation isn’t something he’d just overhear by listening in on people’s everyday thoughts at the supermarket. *Why* he’d be doing that– name any scheme, good or evil, that requires him to understand how Alison’s mind works under more extreme conditions than he’s had occasion to observe so far. Or, simple curiosity plus the arrogant certainty that he knows exactly what to say to make it all better anyway once he’s done and the willingness to get smacked a few times in the pursuit of science.

    Here’s another. Throughout this conversation, Patrick talks about the inherent value, or lack thereof, of people and how to determine it. Everyone else’s mind is an open book to him, so he always knows exactly what to say to have people do what he wants them to, perceive what he intends them to, and so on. He can fool anyone he wants to; what does anyone’s opinion, good or bad, mean to him, when he can change it so easily? But that also means that he can’t trust the opinion of anyone except himself regarding himself; whether he’s a good person, whether he’s lovable, whether anyone values *him* without being deceived by means of his powers, knowledge, intelligence, or simply being attracted by his appearance. Can you imagine any way to be lonelier? Throughout this conversation we see him challenge Alison’s judgment of him and try to debunk it and get her to second-guess it, intellectually and emotionally, trying to prove that he’s deceived her too, that she only likes or values him because she believes in abstract fantasies about all people having value, because doesn’t really actually know him, and if she did, she’d hate his guts. But what he truly wants is to break out of the solipsism, to use his own word from a few pages ago, such that someone else is truly real for him; he wants to have her value him such that he can believe it. Just another interpretation.

    Incidentally, I can’t imagine what’s in that box, but it must be *some* birthday present, considering he started this conversation with it. I can’t wait.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    I kinda get that feeling too. From what we’ve seen, I think it entirely possible that she could cause a shockwave strong enough to knock a grown man down just by correcting her posture.

  • Jack Lostthenames Warren

    get whoomph’d!!