Hey guys, we had a blast at MoCCA, huge thanks if you came by! We’re still recovering from the con and are planning our Kickstarter, so instead of a new page today here’s the free newspaper we were handing out all weekend. It hearkens back to events shown in Chapter Two. SFP will resume regular updates this Friday!

SFP newspaper

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  • Zac Caslar

    Superheroes are Random Gods.
    Also world’s largest Periogi? Nom.

  • Noah MacGillivray

    I love how real this series is

  • Arthur Frayn

    I like how Molly and Brennan snuck their real names in as “authors” of New York Times stories about unmasking. Kinda Meta.

  • Matthew_Hindpaw

    Newspaper supplements for building on plot-points? Someone’s been reading Watchmen…..And I honestly can’t blame them. 😀