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  • Sabriel

    Moonshadow is vindicated. Or at least, she is consistant. How do people feel about that?

    I am feeling ambivalent about the whole thing. I think it’s a worthwhile subject to explore (rape culture) but I’d kind of like to get back to reading about Menace and the biodynamic conspiracy.

    • Ryan Thompson

      Is she? Did she know about his history before she killed him? Was she able to dig all that up in the hour or two after the video went viral? Was she coincidentally on to him already, and hence had more time to do her research?

      Or did she sneak in, slit his throat, and only then open up his email account to find out she was right? She’s playing judge, jury, and executioner, but is she even doing it in order?

      • Sabriel

        She had most of a day, and she might have contacts who speed up the research process somehow. I am assuming that she knew and that she opened those files on purpose.

        It’s still murder either way. What if she had killed Clevin? One of these days she is going to get her information wrong or kill a bystander.

        (“What do you mean there are two men named Jack Hooper?! Oh. Shit.”)

        • allium

          “What do you mean there are two men named Jack Hooper?! Oh…well.”

        • Ryan Thompson

          In a way, having Moonshadow get it wrong would be taking the easy way out narrative-wise. It would allow us to unambiguously put her in the “bad guy” column and sidestep the real issue of whether someone who does bad things to only bad people is good or not.

      • Some guy

        I wouldn’t say she was vindicated, just less bad.

        I kind of want to say she’s reckless and just killed the guy just based on the YouTube video. She did know about the PMC guys, but their wrongdoings were on the news, as were the group of kids at the beginning of the chapter.

        Also, Take THAT, Violet!

      • motorfirebox

        Well, of her kills we’ve seen, she’s been on the money every time. We saw during the PMC kill that she’s capable of doing detailed research on her targets. It’s reasonable to assume that research is the reason why she hasn’t (that we’ve seen) select a target that wasn’t guilty.

        • Insanenoodlyguy

          I’d say Clevin counts though. Yeah, Allison was there, but it still could have gone bad. And no emergent details where he was culpable too so far…

      • GaryFarber

        The blood hadn’t yet dripped down to the floor, so Mary had to have accessed the computer considerably before killing him.

        • Ryan Thompson

          I’m glad to say I can’t personally claim to know how long it takes blood from a slit throat to reach the floor. But it’s probably long enough to open up his email application and type “rape” in the search box. She might have done it after the kill.

          • Sabriel

            I’ve been thinking about this. Since the evidence was in his email, finding it could have been quick and easy. His password might have been guessable or she could just go invisible at watch him type it. Then, as you say, she could do a search for “rape,” and boom.

            Alternatively, it wouldn’t be hard to find out where Miles went to high school (facebook) and she could start by looking for information about his graduating class. Since Miles targeted multiple girls, it might not be much of a secret.

          • Some guy

            It takes literally a few seconds, unless the heart was stopped first, in which case it takes several seconds. Fresh blood likes to get everywhere. The lack of blood on the floor was probably more due to the art style of this comic rather than evidence to establish a timeline.

            Miles probably is just using Outlook or some equivalent with the password saved, and it was probably open to begin with. He also seemed like the kind of dumbass that would save easily searchable, non-privleged incriminating emails either in his inbox or in an Old Stuff folder.

            Or maybe he was looking at the details of his past, realized what a piece of shit he is, and was just about to turn his life around and begin making amends when his neck started hurting and he got lightheaded. Probably not, but I find horrible ironies like that amusing.

      • Perlite

        Maybe Moonshadow was looking through Miles’ stuff while waiting for him to come back or something.

    • Kid Chaos

      Here’s my take: vigilante murder is still plain old murder. You can’t just go around killing people because you don’t like them. Maybe Moonshadow could switch to a vigilante Twitter campaign?

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Losing the idea of someone can, at times, be just as painful as losing them I suppose.

  • motorfirebox

    Dammit. Now I’m shifting back over to rooting for Moonshadow.

    • partgal

      a murderer of rapist is still a murderer.

      • Axel_Celosar

        But thousands of soldiers fighting and dying in a war is perfectly ok?

        • Mechwarrior

          When discussing something that’s morally wrong, holding up an unrelated event, regardless of whether it’s actually worse or not, does not actually somehow make the original point better.

        • partgal

          NO! God, no! War is a sick, horrible invention why’d you think it is ok?!

      • motorfirebox

        Sure. But I don’t accept the premise that all instances of a bad thing—murder, for instance—are equally bad regardless of circumstance.

        I think that there’s a pretty large hole in our system of law and order, into which many victims of sexual assault fall. I don’t think murdering rapists—even murdering rapists without accidentally murdering non-rapists, as Moonshadow seems to be doing—is a good answer to this. But I feel a lot less bad about it than I’d feel about someone who went around murdering at random.

        • partgal

          I can agree with how you think. I’d still feel kinda awkward rooting for someone who acts as a judge, jury, executioner, but i understand.

          • Shino

            Loosely related, but DAMN how much cooler it’d be if Moonshadow had full Judge uniform and a Lawgiver gun, and called rapists ‘creep’ before offing them.

      • TheGonzoMD .

        A murderer of flamethrower wielding anti-mutant fanatics is still a murderer :D

        • partgal

          it’s not the same acting in self-defense. Besides that, i think the comic makes a great point in how they didn’t give Alison any shit about that. Perpetuating how most of society (college, government) just give her a pass on anything, because they are terrified of her.

          • Shino

            What self defense? Doctors were already dead, and Feral was always safe due to her healing factor. Noone was threatened anymore, it’d be just revenge if Allisson gone through and killed the dude.
            (also I nearly wrote ‘feeling factor’ which sounds like, uh, interesting superpower)

          • Liz

            We didn’t know Feral was alive until after she crawled out of the building. I think Allison thought she was either dead, or that flamethrower-man was killing her/everyone else in the room and she had to stop him. It’s also possible some of the docs got away with their lives (and severe burns) thanks to Allison’s intervention.

            It’s also possible that everyone was dead and Allison just wanted to kill someone. It fits with the message of this comic of, “Allison’s not a good guy, she’s just the best guy we’ve got.”

        • Maka556

          Killing somebody who is armed with a lethal weapon and has just finished with murdering a bunch of people (those doctors and nurses are not going to regenerate) is much different from killing somebody who is not actively posing a threat to anybody.

          You might have an argument if Alison had snapped and massacred that crowd of protesters (and for sure, part of me wanted her to do that) but she didn’t.

          • Guru

            I don’t really agree with what Moonshadow’s doing? Killing people is wrong. But in her defense, a person who has committed sexual assault, particularly repeated sexual assault, IS a threat to those around them. If you’re okay with killing someone who just committed murder and is about to go kill someone else, the question is, “are you willing to kill someone who just committed rape and is about to go rape someone else?”

            The guys she’s killing here strike me as being at very high risk of being repeat offenders. The jocks in the beginning don’t seem to have learned any lessons, based on the snippet of conversation we got. The military guys she killed apparently consciously imprisoned a woman and raped her repeatedly with zero repercussions, and there’s no reason to believe they won’t do so again. The judge she killed was obviously going to continue to be a danger to his wife, and Miles here is apparently a repeat offender looking to keep offending. They’ve all been a threat to others, subtler than a jerk with a flamethrower…but frankly a lot more likely to survive a confrontation with non-biodynamic authorities and keep on hurting people.

            If you take it as a given that the justice system has not and will not protect people from these individuals, what alternative do you propose to Moonshadow’s behavior? Should she castrate ‘em and let ‘em live? Cripple them? She can’t just gather evidence and present it to the authorities, the law says they can’t be tried twice for the same crime once they’ve been found guilty, and anyway a staggering percentage of rape cases end without a guilty verdict.

            Moonshadow is trying to answer a very difficult question, one which I do not think anyone in history has ever answered with success. Frankly, “an invisible person who can uncover your deepest secrets with uncanny skill and will straight up horribly murder you if you do X” is probably about as effective a disincentive for a crime as I’ve heard of. I’m not sure, given her skills and power set, that I could come up with a better solution to the problem. She’s not exactly cut out for public awareness campaigns and political campaigning to change the system-she’s hard to notice, remember?

  • Non of the above

    The envy in moonshadow’s eyes

    • Markus

      I honestly don’t see it.

      • Some Guy

        So you are susceptible to her powers then.

  • Luke Blackwood

    Am I the only one who got severely confused with the the three cursors on the screen until I realized two were part of the comic?

  • Mechwarrior

    Moonshadow might be precise. Or she just might have gotten lucky. Either way, she really isn’t showing a great deal of concern for collateral damage. I strongly suspect that she’s got a hatred of men in general and she might start to broaden her target selection in the near future.

    • Insanenoodlyguy

      I’m betting actually that this is exactly the sort of thing Moonshadow is precise with. She probably trained a lot in hitting the right spots quickly and while moving, as that’d be exactly the sort of thing it’d make sense for her to train in.

  • TheGonzoMD .

    Oh, come on. Close the finder, I want to judge Alison’s desktop.

  • Shino

    Tbh the idea behind comics like Judge Dredd or Punisher is that protags aren’t GOOD – they’re morally ambiguous, grey. And considering so far no thing anyone did was explicitly condemned – everyone’s solution to world’s bad stuff, from Pintsize’s to Feral’s was shown as valid, and even Cleaver got some backstory and character development?
    I think it’s gonna be in the same ‘grey area’ as with Punisher, honestly.

  • Francisco

    i’m treating it as the actions of a disillusioned child soldier (i.e. wrong and she should be punished but that should be tempered with a lot of psychological help).

  • scottfree

    Setting aside the ethics of murdering rapists for a moment, how does Allison get her hair cut? If her hair’s not invulnerable, does it sometimes get burned off?

    • thomas0comer

      I’m guessing it either isn’t invulnerable due to being nonliving cells, or that her powers (which I recall being theorized to basically be touch-range force fields) don’t affect it if she doesn’t want them to.

  • John

    The interesting connection for me between this killing and the other rapists killing was that both Miles and the other guys got off scott free from their crimes thanks to the legal system. Which raises a question: if the legal system is still broken, even with biodynamic lawyers and superhumans for bondsmen, is it even possible to fix?

    • Sabriel

      I don’t think superheroes make any difference. The problem isn’t that we lack the power to enforce the law; it’s that the people in charge don’t want to. It’s a social problem.

      Poor Alison. I know she wishes she could solve this with brute force.

  • Elver

    That’s a pretty tired trope. I hope that the authors decide to go with something a little more nuanced than that.

  • Guancyto

    Ah, Moonshadow. I love her so much.

    I’m not rooting for her, but I love her so much.

    She’s been a child soldier for both the War on Drugs and the War on Terror. Since both drug use and terrorism are fundamentally social problems, Moonshadow’s life has been dominated by conflicts whose gameplan can be summed up as follows:
    1. Kill or imprison an enormous number of people with very little regard for collateral damage
    2. ?????
    3. Social change!

    Her one-woman crusade against the social problem of sexual assault is just the logical extension of that kind of problem-solving.

  • http://www.apl2bits.net/ Ken Gagne

    Is that a Triforce pendant?! :D

  • S.I. Rosenbaum

    that IS the question, isn’t it

  • Jack Lostthenames Warren

    I’m glad Allison’s doctor is back! The relationship those two have is so great to watch.

  • Insanenoodlyguy

    Yeah, her aim is starting to blur. What happens to the next inconvenient witness? Sure, she can rationalize Allison was there, and I’m pretty sure that was the point, but the fact of the matter is that Clevin did not fit her criteria at all and Clevin still got sliced with a potentially lethal wound. That’s probably cleared up any doubt Allison might have had if she had any to begin with that Moonshadow needs to be stopped.