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  • EgilGB

    I wonder if Feral’s organs retain their regenerative properties after being transplanted. And what about the blood transfusions, or bone marrow? Will all the people getting organs get superpowers?

  • Zac Caslar

    The feels. T_T
    Also, probably not or there’d basically be a planet of Ferals from all the skins cells growing into Ferals who then shed skin cells…
    There’s also the issue of her body containing the regenerative organs themselves; ie her heart grows into her chest cavity -it doesn’t grow into itself some how. Now maybe a bone marrow transplant might do something like that, but for kidneys, heart, etc? Naw. The organs might still be unusually durable and heal quickly, but that’s probably about it…..

    • D. Schwartz

      So you might never suffer from heart disease ever again with one of these transplants but Melanoma could still get you.

  • Khlovia

    On page 39 of this chapter, it was stipulated that “initial tests” indicated that the anomaly was not transplanted along with the organs. But “initial tests” don’t mean diddly-squat, scientifically speaking. I’d want to wait a couple-few decades, myself, to observe long-term results.

    Unless I needed a transplant.