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  • Zac Caslar

    This. This is effin’ brilliant, terrifying, and beautiful.

  • Observer

    Normally, in a moment like this where the comic makes you actually think about high end regeneration, you would wonder why the parts of a creature who can regenerate from practically nothing wouldn’t just clone the parent creature. Or maybe something more exotic like when placed in the wrong host would go crazy like super fast acting cancer killing them (then maybe forming the parent creature). And then you forget about it cause most things that make a power undesirable are often missing from regular comic characters or controlled by some handwavium or secondary power. But then you have a comic like this that has gone a bit deeper and a bit darker like with Cleaver’s cancerous nature eventually killing him (maybe) and you have to wonder a bit longer.

    Universal donor huh? Kind of suggests that the flesh is just a tiny part of it and the primary control power stays with the main host till it is destroyed entirely and then primacy can switch to say that bit of fingernail cuticle that was attached to the claw that was stuck in a piece of rubble some where earlier in the fight. Like the cells are ants in a colony and the queen is with the brain until it is entirely lost and then the next largest group of surviving cells (having lost signal) mutate into queens/controls themselves?

    Regenerators spawn the craziest possibilities but at least one of them was considered here. Kudos to you dear creators. 🙂

    • Mystery girl

      Your comment makes me think of Nimona. She had a thing kind of like that going on.
      (If you haven’t read the comic, you should. It’s fantastic! Just google Nimona and it should come up.)

    • Lobo regenerated many thousands of versions of himself from every drop of blood that was she when he was blown apart…

  • Mystery girl

    Oh, what a thing she is doing. So good, but not for her.

  • Eee-e-e-w-w-www