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Mentioned in an article about Chris Claremont, pretty exciting! Thanks Comics Alliance – read here.

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  • fireweaver

    i just recently found you guys, and you are amazing. instead of some flashy BOOM POW stuff, this is a fascinating exploration of what it would actually mean to be profoundly different. you guys rock.

  • Mystery girl

    How do you not identify as being a person?

  • LookielouE1707

    Panel 3: that would make you a supervillain.

  • Mystery girl

    Technically, I guess.

    • fairportfan

      Actually, a dog is sort-of a wolf, but they’re generally distinguishable if you get a close look.

      But if you asked a wolf if it was a dog, it would say it wasn’t

      • Mystery girl

        I meant in a scientific sense, that they are very similar and in the same family. But I guess you’re talking about personal thinking, so I’m not sure.

        • fairportfan

          They can tell the difference, and they react to it, generally hostilely.